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  1. No actually I'm not. You are praising Pete Carroll for making the playoffs this year and making it like he,always makes the playoffs and Quinn is a failure. Every team..sans Pats..have up and down years. Period.
  2. You are funny. They have plenty on,defense including the best MLB in the game. Bobby Wagner
  3. Humurous. Where was Carrolls masterful defense when,the Falcons beat them in the playoffs on the way to the Superbowl...exactly.
  4. And again. I point you,to,when Carroll got run off from his first job. They fired him and all his defensive knowledge. Seattle has been,okay this year. Not great on,defense. Their rushing attack is nice though. Lead the league. Carroll hasnt had the defense he had,since Quinn left.
  5. Okay...if you say so.
  6. Sam Mills was the man. A total bad *** at his position and wasn't very big either height or weight wise. But nobody that stepped on the field had more heart or fight in them. One of my all time fave players.
  7. You do,remeber that this is Carroll's second stint as an HC. The first one he was garbage and got fired. Not an accurate comparison at this juncture.
  8. I honestly could care less what he gets as long as he is retained.
  9. What league? The XFL? Didn't know Alford did stand up on the side.
  10. Now this is a post I can get behind. Draft position be d@mned. Always...always...always play for the W. The best player on our Dline was drafted in the 5th round.
  11. Kubiak. That is all.
  12. Then he cant take blame for the amount of points Green Bay put up on the sorry *** defense either. Can't have it both ways.
  13. Matt Ryan is on pace with Mahomes and Brees who are having MVP seasons. This season may be a tad better for Ryan statistically than his MVP season...difference? Team around him is garbage. OL trash. DL trash.Secondary hot garbage. Ryan has left plays on the field, but he has been sacked a stupid amount of times. You have to be a blind dummy to pin this seasons failures on Ryan alone. The Falcons have a ton of issues, but Ryan is not one of them.
  14. Should have been gone last year.
  15. Sark sucks. But Ryan is prone to those pick 6s
  16. Lol....dont worry tanker boys....the Falcons have heard your cries. They look like they want a good draft pick too. Sad thing is...these mofos are actually trying!
  17. No to Oliver.
  18. @FalconFanSince1970you are right bro....not a popular opinion but I believe a decision that needs to be made. No Julio could mean better line players, which is really what this team needs.
  19. Well, when you put it like that.......
  20. Wow

    If Quinn isn't gone this year but next, I hope McDaniels becomes available.
  21. Knowing Quinn he will keep him. Blame the loss of Neal and Allen as the reason why Sark calls bad plays.
  22. The lines are pathetic. Falcons may be fast...but not even close to physical.
  23. Have you seen the oline in short yardage situations? Garbage