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  1. AP has more yards rushing than CJ has receiving. But my opinion still stands as such. As does yours.
  2. I pick the following over Calvin. Joe Thomas Patrick Willis Adrian Peterson 11th is way too **** low. 4th pick at the lowest.
  3. If Kazee doesn't start somewhere this year it would be a shame. He is a baller. Period. Just get this man on the field.
  4. Nothing wrong with a little early morning delight.....
  5. As of 2017 the rule changed. Comp picks can now be traded.
  6. I can dig the confidence. I like it. I understood the concept and what they were trying to do...just was a curious move with the players who they took. But again, Quinn is going to have to pull some magic out of his *** to turn this defensive group around. And I for one hope he does.
  7. Yeah I bet they are. Hoping they too find a sucker like the Seahawks did with the Chiefs.
  8. Exactly this. Took my exact thoughts and put them into words.
  9. Bro...I was super salty as well. I knew Clay would be good...but didn't realize he would have been that good. Babs and Abraham would have had some major help on the backend. Matthews beside Lofton would have been **** solid.
  10. That was ugly. Dig the concept....but it was ugly.
  11. Playing between Matthews and Mack will elevate Carpenter further. He will be more than okay. I like his nastiness too. Won't be many folks hitting Ryan late and not feeling it.
  12. So for a fact we are gonna run the ball now.
  13. If Falcons sign an OT then a DT like Lawrence or Wilkins becomes inevitable
  14. Hello Jawan Taylor or Cody Ford!!!
  15. Cut Schraeder and Fusco. Save Schweitzer. Draft Ford or Taylor. Call Gono up as a back up. Let him develop more. Or if we go DT/DE in 1st grab Jenkins in 2nd for G/C duties to learn from Mack.
  16. I drafted Mayfield last year at 1.05. Got Barkley with the 1.01.
  17. Guess by nasty the Falcons meant garbage. Because Sweezy is hot gahbitch.
  18. Had fun with this. Thanks. First go round was beef heavy. Draft looked like this 1. Ed Oliver 2. Dexter Lawrence 3. Elgton Jenkins 4. Rock Ya Sin 5. Hunter Renfrow 6. Benny Snell 7. Johnathan Ledbetter Not realistic but I can dig it. Didn't worry about too many team needs or FA stuff. Just went with it.
  19. Boom brother. Exactly this. Rather have Fitz then Schaub. Get some fresh eyes and voice for Ryan. A different perspective.
  20. Wow

    If Quinn isn't gone this year but next, I hope McDaniels becomes available.
  21. My man. Too bad we don't live closer. We could sip together. Thanks for the recommendations. I will try them. That Evan Williams 1783 is good on ice or as a mixer with coke or (my favorite) ginger ale. Happy sipping and be safe.
  22. I will try it. I too have a recommendation. Evan Williams 1783 as an everyday sipper. Not The black label Evan. This one is a black label with a gold 1783. Great value. Usually $25 or less a handle. On holidays I sip Elijah Craig 12 year old. $28 for a fifth. Smooth and sweet for a 94 proof bourbon. I don't like mixing bourbon, but Elijah Craig is awesome in coke. I highly recommend this one.
  23. I like Rye whiskey pretty good. I'm a bourbon man myself. Never had that one. If I drink Rye I usually go with Bulleitt.
  24. Yes sir. Me too. Love it. Especially after finding out the history behind the show and how much Red helped all of his friends.
  25. Dbl post