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  1. Playing between Matthews and Mack will elevate Carpenter further. He will be more than okay. I like his nastiness too. Won't be many folks hitting Ryan late and not feeling it.
  2. So for a fact we are gonna run the ball now.
  3. If Falcons sign an OT then a DT like Lawrence or Wilkins becomes inevitable
  4. Hello Jawan Taylor or Cody Ford!!!
  5. Cut Schraeder and Fusco. Save Schweitzer. Draft Ford or Taylor. Call Gono up as a back up. Let him develop more. Or if we go DT/DE in 1st grab Jenkins in 2nd for G/C duties to learn from Mack.
  6. I drafted Mayfield last year at 1.05. Got Barkley with the 1.01.
  7. Guess by nasty the Falcons meant garbage. Because Sweezy is hot gahbitch.
  8. Had fun with this. Thanks. First go round was beef heavy. Draft looked like this 1. Ed Oliver 2. Dexter Lawrence 3. Elgton Jenkins 4. Rock Ya Sin 5. Hunter Renfrow 6. Benny Snell 7. Johnathan Ledbetter Not realistic but I can dig it. Didn't worry about too many team needs or FA stuff. Just went with it.
  9. Boom brother. Exactly this. Rather have Fitz then Schaub. Get some fresh eyes and voice for Ryan. A different perspective.
  10. @g-dawg +1 for effort brother. Very well put together. Love the 2 offensive linemen picks 1 and 2. Hunter Renfrow....yes please. Others I,need to,look up. If we can grab a dlineman in FA I am,in. If not...then the draft changes. Oline and Dline picks 1 and 2.
  11. I know,he was just one guy, but sometimes one guy is a huge difference. 2015 Falcons Oline without Mack Vs 2016 Falcons Oline with Mack. 2nd year in system,for other guys but Mack helped pull that group together and helped the offense as a whole. But I digress. The Colts were in worse shape and have done a masterful job with personel and scheme
  12. Not gonna disagree there. But Nelson was widely regarded as a can't miss, generational type, plug n play guy from day one. Zero guys being touted as such in this draft. But I still hope the Falcons sign a G in FA and draft Cody Ford. By the way...the Colts had a **** of a draft last year. Another one like that and they will be tough.
  13. Johnston will be a player.
  14. I think folks forget just how good Turner was in his prime. 08: 1699 yds...17 tds.....16 games. Over 100yds a game and countless broken tackles. Explosive and powerful.
  15. I can understand that. But Blount was never close to what Jackson was in his prime. Blount is a big bodied back that can get the tough yards and grind a defense. Jackson in his prime was a dual threat RB that could carry a team. Sadly he was no longer that by the time the Falcons got him. Where as Blount is still a big body grinder for cheap. So,if he carries the rock a few times and converts short 1st down or goalline carries we can live with that.