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  1. Rico mentioned a 3rd down play and's looking at you Grady. These guys need to get over whatever is bothering them aND start playing together.
  2. Remember Shanahan and his 1st year play calling? It was questionable at best. Give Sarkisian aND the team some time to.gel and get over the injury bug. To play as poorly as they have and be 3-1 is amazing. It's going to get better. Watch and see.
  3. I also like that he stood up for Ryan. Said you need to apologize. Hahaha.
  4. I knew as soon as I heard McNabb and Cowherd say that Roddy would be on it. Roddy is a Falcons for life. Definitely one of the greatest Falcons to ever lace them up.
  5. Here are some numbers also: Falcons have a 100% win rate when stepping on the field this year. 2 road wins and a home win. First place in the NFC South and North.
  6. Tony Gonzalez. With these weapons now. 3rd down would never be the same.
  7. Correction. Kazee will need to step up. We will be fine. Quinn and TD have built this squad for this exact reason. They are playing chess while we are thinking checkers.
  8. You know what I meant but I will humor you. We now live in a day and age where not only do people get offended about everything, they feel the need to elaborate to others how it offended them. We have far bigger issues to be repulsed by than a TD celebration in a game meant for entertainment.
  9. It must be winter...because I see snowflakes everywhere.
  10. Bottom line is at the end of the day, the defense picked up when the offense was slacking. It takes all 3 phases. This is a brotherhood. When your brother is down you elevate them to where they need to be. Today, the defense picked up the offense. It was a beautiful thing to watch. It was close, the season is young, and the Falcons will learn from this. Buffalo better be ready.
  11. Yes sir he does. Just like Vic in that 44. Didn't think I would like it but it has grown on me.
  12. Takk.... This kid is explosive, violent, tuned in, and contributing already. His motor is relentless and he is hungry. I think in a year or 2 he will extremely dangerous under Quinn and staff. Every game ( I know it's only 2) he has jumped out in more than one play. When he hits guys they feel it He will be making players make business deconstruction for years to come. Between Neal and Takk , the league may soon find themselves plagued with alligator arms and skittish tendencies. And I love it.
  13. Replied. Count me in. Very awesome gesture by the way.
  14. Schrader didn't look good cussing as he left field. Dammit