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  1. Probably the simplicity and lack of nuances. It's a see and hit type system. Your OL gets off the line and hits a body in front of them. Almost every play is met with a "running" style of blocking. Get thrown into a passing system and it could be bad. Take a few years to pick up the nuances. Just my 2 cents. ***EDIT**** Sorry KOG. Saw you responded.
  2. Takk is ready to be a full time pass rusher and all around player. Reed is more important to the overall scheme and run stopping ability. If the Falcons get Bennett then I could see Clay born not being resigned. A 3rd down pass rush of Bennet, Jarrett, and Takk with Beasley rushing standing up from either side is a great thought
  3. The Falcons have the coach and locker room for him. He loves and respects Quinn. Regardless of his antics the dude is a straight baller. He would be eating folks alive and making Beasley and Takks job way easier.
  4. This I am aware of. I was talking about their past few season were they went 7-9.
  5. Barret is a winner. He has taken his lumps and over came some things. He has the competitive makeup. Just needs some NFL guidance. The Falcons have the coaches and players in place to do just that.
  6. Wouldn't be upset about any of this. I really am liking Settle. His speed and pursuit of the ball jump out every time I watch a video of him. He and Grady would eat for sure together. Guards and Centers would be on high alert. He may drop some due to his shorter stature much like Grady did. I also really liked the addition of Barret. It's time to start grooming someone to be a viable backup or possible future starter/trade bait. Ryan has the system down and no longer needs Schaub as a tutor. Waste of cap space and a spot on roster.
  7. He looks good on tape. His speed looks to be insane. But what jumps out more to me than anything, is the fact that he is a dog. Straight dog. This kid oozes confidence. The kind that makes a good player great. If given a shot he will give T. Ward a run for his money. Great find! His on field character is what Quinn wants. Fast and physical.
  8. No idea. But it won't matter because one of them is coming on a stunt. No doubt once the opposing OC sees a stunt with Takk, Ansah, or Vic coming up the gut it will give way to fear.
  9. Now I am dreaming. Ziggy at RE, Takk at LE, and Vic rushing the QB standing up while standing behind Takk or vice versa. And we haven't even mentioned Jarret and company in the middle. That's a fierce pass rush on 3rd downs.
  10. Going to be honest, the struggled in the AFC East part is a bad arguement. Ryan went 1-3 against the AFC East last year. Just saying.
  11. They may have been 7-9 but they won the same amount of Super Bowls as the Falcons. I was merely talking about a cap standpoint. The Saints also managed to sprinkle in some FA that contributed. If anything, the Jags are a terrible example as they had a pile of money to spend.
  12. And to that point all I have heard is how the Saints would be in cap h3ll forever and have to eventually pay the piper. Well, they signed plenty of folks, had some mediocre years, and still fielded one of the better teams in the NFL last year. Great drafting, a bit of luck, and some FA can do that for you. The cap is merely a number that simply gives GM and the like an idea of a target to manipulate. It's not the end all be all of building a great team or signing some much needed help. If Quinn wants him, they will get him. The Falcons have some highly paid minds to manipulate figures to make it work. Cap amount should not be used to deem ones wishes or ideas as irrational. I think cap should be left out altogether when discussing a players fit or contribution to the team. I thought the OP had a fair and valid point. Ansah could beast here in Atlanta.
  13. Houston won a World Series. Oh wait...New Orleans isn't big enough to support a pro baseball team. Plus Houston recovered on their own and didn't have to hope the country bailed them out. The Saints players raised how much for Katrina victims? Check the Walter Payton MOY for Houston total. Meanwhile Payton is prematurely celebrating and making choke signs like a pain killer addict with no water to swallow pills.
  14. All of those guys deserved it. About d@MN time for TO. Dude was one of the few greats. Happy for Dawk too. That guy was a beast. Loved the story where his wife was telling the interviewer that the day before game day he would stay somewhere else because his whole temperament and mindset would change before a game. He was a beast.
  15. Both will be Falcons and are vital to their success. Ryan was a no Brainerd, but it made me feel even better that Bryant wants to stay 2 to 3 more years. He is a crucial part of the team.