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  1. Sent a small amount as well. Like @PokerSteve said. Keep the momentum and positive vibes going. Cheers brother!
  2. The kid can play. Thats a fact. He now has Julio and Ridley that will draw a ton of attention. I think he will flourish more with a traditional QB. Time will tell though. But he has talent, just hope Koetter recognizes it andcan scheme him in. #quitwiththelongdevelopingplays
  3. Charles Woodson esque! I like it.
  4. Nothing. I didn't say there was anything wrong with that.
  5. They secured a decent edge player in FA. The Falcons better not stop there and keep progressing this defense. LB, Edge,DT, and S as well. I personally see LB and S as huge needs for this group.
  6. The only other DB that I like more is Winfield Jr. Diggs looks nice. I cannot help but imagine what it would be like with him roaming the middle of the field as a safety. But more than likely he will be drafted as a CB. Still he is an intriguing prospect.
  7. You been on it today. What about Clowney?
  8. NFL leader had 6 ints. 4 isn't bad. That's a decent year. He should be happy with his improvement. As a Falcon "fan", you should as well.
  9. Kelce and Kittle I would take over Hoop. Nobody else on that list. Ertz is close. Higbee has been trash until recently. Andrews is Jackson primary read. Fant...what did he do with rhe Broncos? Ertz is primary target in Philly and getting older. If he was younger than yes. Considering Hoops age, ability, and he is not the main guy he has been good. With all that being said, I do not pay him if defense can be improved and a viable TE option can be had.
  10. That defense in Baltimore has little to do with Harbaugh. Most of those players were in place already. Credit the GM and DC for those.
  11. Crackstreams
  12. No way Murray falls to second. Dude will blow up the combine. I hope Falcons can snag him or Moses if DE prospects are weak.
  13. Potted meat. Terrible. When made fresh... Meaning ground down skillet cooked in bacon grease... Refried beans are delicious.
  14. I can agree with this. Again, I am not for firing or keeping Quinn. I just no that either way is not a guarantee. He has had his ups and downs like every other coach.
  15. No W is meaningless. Unless you are not a fan of the team or are not in the locker room.