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  1. The house seems modest enough for a new millionaire. Congrats to him. Glad he is enjoying some fruits of his labor.
  2. Spoon is from Jasper Texas ( a stones throw from where the legendary Ernie Holmes grew up ) no big surprise he ended up shirtless at his wedding....he is country as ****. Congrats to him and his beautiful wife. Much love and happiness.
  3. So why don't you renounce your rights as a citizen of the USA? Move somewhere else and pay taxes elsewhere. The fact is, these "murderers" you speak of allow you the freedom to peck away your petulant thoughts on a keyboard from the safe confines of your home. If you are so opposed to everything war, then you shouldn't reap any benefits that come from those paying a price.
  4. It is time. Regardless of my personal feelings or anyone else's it is time. Time to step back and accept it. Vick has paid his dues, lost everything, came back and helped mend his past relationships that faltered due to his transgressions. Vick was responsible for some of the highest highs and lowest lows of this franchise. And in a crazy circle of life way, he had a hand in getting this franchise to where it is today. If Vick never slipped up, the Falcons never get Ryan and we aren't where we are today. He owes not one person on this board anything more than the apologies he has already given to the entire city and fanbase. He was a young man who made mistakes and has owned up to them as a grown man. I personally forgave him a long time ago and will always root for him as a man in all his endeavors. He is a great example for young kids in urban areas that not only can you escape your circumstances, you must maintain or you can find yourself in a worse situation. Money can't solve everything. So, here's to Vick. Here's to hoping he can retire a Falcon and we can all move on.
  5. Define TOP 5.....Because I believe there is Watt, Aaron Donald, Short, Suh, then McCoy. After that I think Poe is somewhere in the TOP 10. He isn't a beast of a pass rusher, but a h3ll of a run blocker and gap filler. Here he will have the perfect chance to get up field. He doesn't need to be a TOP 5 or 10 DT. He will be the perfect compliment to Grady Jarrett. The Thunder to Jarretts lightning if you will.
  6. Quinns vision is being realized. Slowly his blueprint is being manifested. I love it and hope he sticks around for a long time....
  7. Yeah because Brady never talks trash. Hahahaha. Asante Samuel? Rodney Harrison? Willie McGinnest? Junior Seau? Randy Moss? I even remember a NFL films where Bill got on to a player for not celebrating enough when he made a big hit. Said it got the other guys juiced. Good and great players that are competitive and will go to war for each other is what breeds winning. Plus coaches that know how to utilize them.
  8. That made me laugh. Seriously.
  9. Good! Glad he is not a Saint and Fournette is not a Panther.
  10. The kid is a **** good player. A great piece to.use on the other side of Vic. Watch some of his tape.
  11. Good. Open the Benz with a beatdown. F the Vikes!
  12. Just going to copy n paste what I posted in another topic on whether Rico will still be here. Yes he will be, but Budda Baker will be the starter. Playing like a scavenging beast cleaning up the remains that Keanu has laid waste to.
  13. Yes he will be, but Budda Baker will be the starter. Playing like a scavenging beast cleaning up the remains that Keanu has laid waste to.
  14. Health of the oline and ignoring the run by the OC who is no longer here, is what led to the demise. Not the personel or lack thereof. You beat up on defenses with the run game. The oline gets stronger in the run game because they are on the offensive vs pass protection where they are on the defensive. Plus it's a morale booster for the offensive big uglies to see the dline will break when you lean on them with the run game. The Falcons failed to do that. Therefore it cost them all around. Complete the work that has begun on constructing a devastating defense and snag a guard later. Mack by himself almost eliminates the need for an elite guard. He compensates for a ton. This is not the draft to get cute. Grab some defensive studs and leave the oline duds to others who want to reach.