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  1. He shouldn't have been in the pro bowl any ways. It's a popularity contest.
  2. Consider the talent he had to work with then as well.
  3. They did compete. They went to the playoffs and won a game. Way better than the dumpster fire some predicted.
  4. These are the types of DOGS we need on defense. Roddy was that on offense , but it just sets a different tone for the franchise when the defense is the heart of a team. Love it. Need ato least one more like him. And another Harvey Dahl type olineman to go with Schraeder.
  5. This is awesome. Sucks the Falcons lost but this makes me feel better! Go Vikings!!!!
  6. The difference is Julio plays for Atlanta and some folks won't let their Homerism take a backseat to logic.
  7. Me too. He is the most technically sound WR in the league and has incredible hands.
  8. Antonio Brown is by far and away the best WR in the league. One handed TD catch with Bouye Draped all over him.
  9. Last year. Not even close. I'm not even angry or sad.
  10. It's been a fun season. NOT over, but regardless of what happens it's been fun If it ends then it was fun while it lasted and time to.regroup. If no it keeps going it will be another week of cardiac arrest.
  11. Ryan has had 2 sacks. We are winning. Quit whining
  12. And Deion JONES has become the TE arch nemesis.
  13. Plus he has a 340lb DT in front of him now to help keep him clean. Not to mention his experience has grown and teams have to double Jarret at times. This defense will remember that game. They were tired and wore down from a long road trip. Now they show up hungry. The Eagles will come out swinging no doubt, but if the Falcons can weather the storm they will be fine.
  14. Trade me some picks youngster.