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  1. Should have been gone last year.
  2. Sark sucks. But Ryan is prone to those pick 6s
  3. Lol....dont worry tanker boys....the Falcons have heard your cries. They look like they want a good draft pick too. Sad thing is...these mofos are actually trying!
  4. No to Oliver.
  5. @FalconFanSince1970you are right bro....not a popular opinion but I believe a decision that needs to be made. No Julio could mean better line players, which is really what this team needs.
  6. Well, when you put it like that.......
  7. Wow

    If Quinn isn't gone this year but next, I hope McDaniels becomes available.
  8. Knowing Quinn he will keep him. Blame the loss of Neal and Allen as the reason why Sark calls bad plays.
  9. The lines are pathetic. Falcons may be fast...but not even close to physical.
  10. Have you seen the oline in short yardage situations? Garbage
  11. O line looks putrid. Matt Ryan out there throwing lame ducks. This team is not built to compete, even when fully healthy.
  12. Looks like Kirby took notes from Quinn. Blown cute with game on the line.
  13. Should have been 100 wins and 2 rings. But you know.....Falcons football.
  14. Laughing at ones own self is a sign of complete self awareness....or you are going crazy. I think Quinn is going crazy..