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  1. Well said. I am in wait and see mode now. But I fully expect the team to be hitting their stride in time for a late season push.
  2. Exactly. Basically his first NFL start and against Thielen. And Theilen is no bum. He torches even vet corners. Dude is a beast. Just need to let him develop and take his lumps. I,was more alarmed about the lack of contain on the edges of the run defense then Oliver getting schooled.
  3. Looked like the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants yesterday.
  4. For me? Still burning..... Not gonna judge the team on one sloppy game at a difficult stadium, against a great defensive unit thats been together for a while.
  5. Yes sir. Absolutely. He will have help at times on the back end and the front. The front coming in the form of pressure thru the A gap which Zimmer loves to do.
  6. One of my absolute favorites to dress for the Falcons in a while. Is he the best, no. But he lays it all out there 100% of the time and is absolutely ferocious. I love that other teams get alligator arms and heads on a swivel when he is roaming around.
  7. Benkhert is a keeper bro.....
  8. I think Ollison offers a ton more than Coleman can if Free goes down.
  9. This x1000. I tell folks all the time...some Falcon fans and football fans in general will not truly appreciate what Ryan has done for this franchise until he is gone. And that is a **** shame. This man has done nothing but ball and lead since he has donned the red and black.
  10. Congrats brother. This is what its all about. All glory to the Man Above for a healthy delivery. Hope Momma and Daddy are all good as well. Enjoy my friend. Life is precious. Stay blessed.
  11. Vic is no where near Cam Jordan. I hate the Saints as much as the next fan, but that guy is a complete end. The type I want the Falcons to hopefully find.
  12. Those that say that are lazy in assesment. Takes the whole team. Oline, RB, coordinator, and a team,dedicated to the run. Lets also not forget a defense that makes running the ball all the more potent. A bad *** defense...usually leads to a tough bad *** run game.
  13. One great year at 1800 yds. One year at 1100. Rest were mediocre to poor. Give you a decent year at Titans.
  14. Dallas Cowboys before Zeke showed up
  15. When he retires and hangs em up..... Football fans and media alike will then understand how good he was. His numbers will speak for themselves.