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  1. people know I was being sarcastic? Right? Right? As you were too.
  2. While we are at it...lets talk about these red zone issues. Terrible. Ito Smith is trash. That Hooper guy is a bum. Trade Ryan. And my personal fave Quinn=Mike Smith 2.0
  3. So do you think Ridley is a WR1 as well? A WR 1b to Julio 1a?
  4. Bethel is here to improve our special teams. Period. Outside of Slater for the Pat's I can't think of a better guy to help the Falcons do that. I love the part of the interview where he said I am here to make plays on special teams to change the outime come of games. Special teams is a lot like Oline play. Not flashy, but vital to the outcome of games. One thing about this regime that I like so far is when they see a weakness , they address it as it comes up or as they perceive it. Ready to see this newly formed unit.
  5. Got to look at QB as well. They don't throw the balls to themselves.
  6. Not really sure why but this made me laugh.
  7. He should get attacked. He will be a rookie. He will take his lumps and will improve. CB is one of the hardest positions to transition to the NFL.
  8. Humorous. So much negativity and the team hasn't even played a down. The draft is barely over and some want to shut off the lights on the whole season already.
  9. I think for where the Falcons picked and the strategy they are using they are killing it. I like the press conference when TD said there is your DT folks. AND he smirked. I'm sure they have been hearing the mumbling swirling. They have a plan. And over the past 3 years they have earned my trust. They usually shine during the draft.
  10. Curious to know if you studied anything on him or what you think,
  11. Props brother. I like this guy. A guy at 6 ft and 315 with a spin move is going to be sick playing next to Grady. Not sure I have ever seen many 1 gap guys and NT use a spin move. Gonna be great to see what happens once Q gets his hands on him.
  12. Yep. But help lead the Saints to one of the worst defenses in NFL history.
  13. Yes sir. I wish I could find the thread about TE. I mentioned him before he became popular and got laughed at by a few. Admittedly I am a Penn state homer though.
  14. No. BPA at position. Any position outside of kicker.
  15. As a Penn STATE fan they have really been putting out some quality WR as of late. I am digging it. I like Hamilton and think he will be a good WR2 or slot guy and compliment to whoever he plays opposite of. Hines I have as a bigger want over Hamilton. He is in the mold of Tyreek Hill, Alvin Kamara. Fast, do it all player that you want to get the ball to by any means neccesary. Not saying he will have the impact or be the player they are but the potential is there.