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  1. I am really digging AS. No nonsense Xs and Os coach. Also shout out to Scott Bair who has done a real nice job as of late on these recaps.
  2. Yes. As the main guy in a RBBC he will be fine. He proved last year, when given a shot he is a capable back. Now we just need Ollison, Hawkins, Patterson or whoever to contribute with some productive carries and catches as well.
  3. Yes sir, I would love to see that. Also for him to find his voice and lead the team. But at this point he is more of a leader by his play. Hopefully Debo gets reinvigorated playing in a new system and plays up to his ability.
  4. I personally enjoy fishing and travelling with the family. Other than that I really enjoy cooking for family and just chilling.
  5. That's what I am talking about. Props and congrats to you sir.
  6. Don't worry. If Kayvon Thibodeaux balls out we grab him or Stingley from LSU.
  7. Unfourtunately thats what being heavy and gray hair wil do to you. Or in my case no hair. Unfourtunately I am rocking the cul de sac hairline.
  8. Don't forget about Walker. He is coming up as well.
  9. Facts. It's a run based, create mismatches, players in motion, moving offensive line, and throw to the open man on offense. AS hasn't reinvented the wheel on offense, but more or less likes to play smart football. The way it should be played. Run the ball and throw to the open man when you throw.
  10. I sure hope so. Will hopefully point towards a more dedicated approach to a sound run game. With no true bell cow this will be a RBBC approach. And if it produces, I'm here for it.
  11. You mean the Houston area weather isn't nice in September?! 😂
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