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  1. For me it’s the punt after the Julio catch. The second the ball left his foot I knew the game was over.
  2. To me, 98 still hurts more. I really believe they were the best team that year, and it was a fluky bad night in the Super Bowl. Between Eugene, Morten missing from 26 and Denver hitting an 80 yard TD on the next play, tipped interceptions, or such a good red zone team not being able to produce in the red zone, it was so out of the ordinary for that team. Because of that game, history doesn’t remember that team correctly. They are seen as a fluke, ignoring their second half of 97 when they were healthy, and the team being completely different in 99. Between Jamal going down, Chandler missing time, and Martin and Bennett being gone, it wasn’t the same team. ******, I want that one back more than 16!!
  3. I will never understand how Quinn wasn’t fired before they got back to the locker room.
  4. That’s a great clip 🤣 But I do like Wilson, and if they go QB at 4 he’s the guy I want assuming Lawrence is gone (he will be). I’m not totally out on taking a QB to sit behind Ryan for a year if he’s the BPA.
  5. I’m not familiar with him, but I liked what I saw in that clip. He was hitting everyone in stride. I’d be really interested in the later rounds
  6. No need to turn off the cap. Just change their position to Punter, and when they drop to a 12 overall sign them to a long minimum contract 😆
  7. I can’t believe this guy is still around. I stopped listening when he said Vick was 1A or 1B in Falcons QB history. He’s the worst multi-year starter I can remember, going back to Miller. Unless Hebert counts, he was brutal. Im sick of pretending Vick was anything more than average and the Falcons getting rid of him early wasn’t the best thing to ever happen to this franchise. I’m guessing from the comments that he eventually talks about Watson. I would love to get him, but that isn’t even remotely plausible.
  8. Why would any Falcons fan want to live in the past? It has not been kind to us! 😆
  9. That’s awesome! I have a white Mitchell and Ness Nobis. It’s beautiful, but so heavy.
  10. I have to respect the legend and go with Andrews, but he was before my time. Of the ones I’ve seen (first I remember is Erric Pegram) I would say Turner. I wish I could say Jamal Anderson, and I think peak Jamal is as good as any we’ve ever had, but the injuries got the best of him. I still love going back and watching vintage Jamal.
  11. I think that’s what I would have too. I would really like to trade back and fill multiple holes on D, but like you said, assuming we can’t trade back... If we go QB Wilson is my choice, but I’m willing to risk letting him go (if he’s available) to try to get players who will help now.
  12. No big reaction at all from me. One reason is because I know Bryant is money and didn't doubt that he would drill the kick. The main reason though was it was more of a relief. Winning on a last second FG at home against a garbage team like that isn't as much of a victory as it is survival. It's a win they should have had all along and it would have been a huge step back had they lost it.
  13. If we are just going by our 5 favorite players on the team mine are: The USS Babineaux Moore Spoon Roddy Schiller (do PS guys count?)
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