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  1. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/blog/rob-rang/22385745/finding-the-fits-toilolo-could-provide-big-impact-in-small-role-for-falcons This article is one of a series called Finding the Fits in which NFLDraftScout.com will review some of the more intriguing picks made during the 2013 NFL Draft. The goal of the series is to identify one relatively unheralded player per team who appears to be a good schematic fit and, therefore, more likely to be a surprise contributor early in his pro career. Atlanta Falcons' best fit: TE Levine Toilolo, Stanford, fourth round, No. 107 overall With all due respect to running back Steven Jackson and defensive end Osi Umenyiora, the key free agent the Atlanta Falcons convinced to sign in 2013 was their own -- future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez. While Gonzalez certainly isn't the deep threat down the seam he was when coming out of Cal in 1997, his savvy route-running and soft hands continue to make him one of the league's toughest matchups, especially in the red zone. With Gonzalez almost surely retiring after the 2013 season, however, the Falcons were wise to look to this position in the draft. The player they selected -- Stanford's Levine Toilolo -- won't be confused with Gonzalez anytime soon, but that doesn't mean that general manager Thomas Dimitroff doesn't have big plans for the 6-8, 265-pound junior. Currently the tallest tight end on an NFL roster, Toilolo's great size gives the Falcons a second matchup nightmare for defenses to contend with in the red zone. In this way, the Stanford rookie won't be asked to replace Gonzalez as much as complement the 16-year veteran. It isn't just Toilolo's physical traits that intrigue, however. He also appears to have the mindset needed to handle what is likely to be a limited role. After playing next to Coby Fleener and Zach Ertz at Stanford, Toilolo is used to playing second fiddle. He's also used to blocking in a power-based running scheme with limited opportunities to catch the ball (50 career receptions). Most important (considering Atlanta's "other" pass-catching stars Julio Jones and Roddy White), Toilolo's value lies in the physicality and size he offers as a blocker. Even with Matt Ryan alternately picking apart defenses through Jones, White and Gonzalez, coach Mike Smith and offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter fancy their club as one that can run with power. A season ago, the Falcons featured undrafted free-agent rookie Tommy Gallarda (Boise State) as their primary blocking tight end. Gallarda played well in nine games before a shoulder injury ended his season early. Gallarda is back healthy and the Falcons signed former Cincinnati Bengals' second-rounder Chase Coffman, but the primary backup job behind Gonzalez appears to be Toilolo's for the taking. It will tough for any rookie to earn a starting role on a team as talented as the Falcons (though cornerbacks Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford have a shot), but if Toilolo can match Gallarda's grit and consistency, the fourth-round pick could play a critical role in Atlanta this year as a blocking specialist ... with perhaps a much larger role in 2014 and beyond. Athleticism, attitude key with Atlanta's rookies (other thoughts on the Falcons' 2013 draft class): While Toilolo could play an important niche for the Falcons as a rookie, the team is banking on either Trufant or Alford to emerge as a quality starter opposite big play veteran Asante Samuel. Each boasts spectacular overall athleticism, and concerns about Alford's level of competition were largely put to rest after a strong performance at the Senior Bowl. Trufant was even better in Mobile, however, and took most of the first-team snaps at right cornerback during the team's rookie mini-camp. Neither he nor Toilolo were able to participate in Atlanta's recent OTAs per NFL rules, however, as their classes at the University of Washington and Stanford, respectively, hadn't yet graduated. Smith didn't sound too worried that the absence would impact his rookies, especially Trufant, who is communicating via Skype with Falcons' secondary coach Tim Lewis. "Obviously, you'd like for them to be here, but [Trufant is] going to be graduating and walking with his class, which is an important milestone in his life," Smith said. "I think it's a good rule. He's going to miss some opportunities on the field, but we've got a plan in place that we've been executing. There are a lot of ways that you can communicate with technology now in terms of having meetings." Trufant played well in his first action with the club, but so did Alford, who was operating as Samuel's top backup at left cornerback. Each possesses the straight-line speed, fluidity and confidence to handle playing early -- which is good, considering the Falcons elected to allow three of their top five cornerbacks from a year ago to leave. The Falcons are confident that Umenyiora is going to give them the pass-rushing presence that John Abraham had provided since 2006, but the club drafted two very intriguing defenders to help, as well. Malliciah Goodman, 6-3, 276, boasts many of the physical traits scouts are looking for and may finally live up to his potential now that his livelihood is depending on it. Stansly Maponga, 6-2, 256, likely would have been selected at least a round earlier had he enjoyed the same success during an injury-plagued junior season that he enjoyed earlier in his career.
  2. Find us a quality linebacker. Who else is out there??, Also some depth on WR/KR
  3. http://www.thefalcoholic.com/2013/5/31/4377368/how-good-is-julio?ref=yahoo Barring any discussion of the blockbuster trade that landed him here, there's no denying that Julio Jones has been an amazing addition to the Falconsoffense in just his first two years. And at a position that is known for it's growing pains, no less. He has almost single handedly turned the Falcons into an explosive pass first offense, and his speed, size and ability have already garnered him league wide recognition and a pro-bowl berth in just his second year.But just how good is Julio? How does he compare to some other great receivers in their first few years? Let's take a look at some big name receivers and how Julio stacks up. It may give us an idea of what we can expect to see out of him in year 3.For our purposes, we're going to compare his stats in his first two years with those ofRandy Moss, Terrell Owens, Calvin Johnson and for contrast, his draft mate AJ Green. Year 1 PlayerYardsReceptionsYPCTD Julio Jones959 yds 54 rec 17.8 ypc 8 td Randy Moss1313 yds 69 rec 19 ypc 17 td Terrell Owens520 yds 35 rec 14.9 ypc 4 td Calvin Johnson756 yds 48 rec 15.8 ypc 4 td AJ Green1057 yds 65 rec 16.3 ypc 7 td As you can see here, Julio had a very solid rookie season, comparing favorably with everyone on this list, with the exception of Moss - who probably had the greatest rookie season of any WR ever. It was clear from the start that Julio was going to be explosive, and his 17.8 YPC puts him behind only Moss on this list - and well above the 15 YPC that is considered the "explosive" number for a receiver. Year 2 PlayerYardsReceptionsYPCTD Julio Jones1195 yds 79 rec 15.2 ypc 10td Randy Moss1413 yds 80 rec 17.7 ypc 11 td Terrell Owens936 yds 60 rec 15.6 ypc 8 td Calvin Johnson1331yds 78 rec 17.1 ypc 12 td AJ Green1350yds 97 rec 13.9 ypc 11 td Julio continued to improve in his second year, again comparing favorably with the receivers on this list (remembering he missed some time due to injury). While his YPC dipped slightly, he was still in the "explosive" range and brought in double-digit TDs, en route to earning his first pro-bowl bid. Again, Randy Moss was an absolute beast from day 1 and Calvin Johnson emerged significantly as well. AJ Green also had an amazing year, proving that he and Julio were certainly worthy of being picked in the top 10 of their draft class. Year 3 PlayerYardsReceptionsYPCTD Randy Moss1437yds 77 rec 18.7 ypc 15td Terell Owens1097yds 67 rec 16.4 ypc 14td Calvin Johnson984yds 67 rec 14.7 ypc 5 td When looking at the three receivers above, it becomes clear that year 3 does tend to be an even better year (note: C. Johnson missed 2 games that year). Moss continued his complete domination in year 3, while Owens put up 14 TDs and over 1000 yards receiving.So what can we expect out of Julio in year 3? Well, he is still flanked by Tony Gonzalez on one side and Roddy White on the other, so I don't think we'll see 1500 yards from our star receiver. Even more so now that we have a versatile back in Steven Jackson who will likely take some receptions as well. That said, I don't think it's unreasonable to think we might see a stat line like this:1360 Yards, 80 receptions, 17 YPC, 12TDIt's not a huge jump over year 2, but it follows the pattern of continual improvement by the other receivers on this list. However, let's not understate the stats either - if Julio puts up those kinds of numbers, he'll be making a return trip to the pro-bowl.I'm excited about the potential for Julio in year 3, especially considering it will be on an even more balanced - and harder to defend - offensive system. How about you - is Julio set for another big year or will he fall back to earth?
  4. I don't understand how fans can mock a great player who helped turn around this franchise. Now Ray Edwards is another story.
  5. Exactly. He is ahead of the game. Facing Panthers twice plus Seahawks n 49ers is a lot of read offense for one season. That's one quarter of our schedule versus this offense. It will go away but I love the fact Smitty is not wasting time to be prepared for it.
  6. Posted: 11:31 p.m. Monday, March 25, 2013 Falcons turn to Clemson for read-option help By D. Orlando Ledbetter In their quest to get a better grip on the read-option offenses sweeping the NFL, the Falcons’ defensive staff recently spent a day at Clemson, according to the Tigers head coach Dabo Swinney. "[The Falcons] are trying to learn more about what we do and how we defend what we do,” Swinney told the media on Monday. “Yet, we were able to take a lot from them as well. I’d be surprised if there's an NFL team that hasn’t gone and spent time with college coaches this offseason." At the NFL scouting combine in February, Falcons coach Mike Smith said the defensive staff would spend a lot of time this offseason coming up with a better plan to stop read-option offenses. In the playoffs against Seattle and San Francisco, defensive coordinator Mike Nolan didn’t adjust from his scheme that left a void that was exploited by tight ends Zach Millier, Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker. “I know that our coaching staff is going to spend a whole lot of time on it because it could be the wave of the future,” Smith said. “I’m not saying that it will be, but that it could be.” The Falcons will face San Francisco and Seattle during the 2013 regular season and will see Carolina’s version of the read-option in NFC South play. “It’s something that we want to make sure that we have a very good understanding of,” Smith said. Clemson’s offense set 101 school records on an individual and team basis last season. Among the team records were most points (533), most total offense (6,665), most plays (1,062) and most passing yards (4181). The Tigers also set an Atlantic Coast Conference record for consecutive games scoring at least 37 points (10).
  7. I still think we should of resigned Vance Walker. The draft has some solid space eating DT that we could use. I like Kwame Geathers. Grady Jackson jr
  8. You do have a point but I have seen mocks where Cooper is picked at 28th and Carradine at 54th. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. FA Resign John Abraham 1 yr 2 million with 1 million signing bonus. Draft 1- Jonathan Cooper OG North Carolina: challenges Reynolds for RG position 2-Cornelius Carradine- Can never have enough of pass rushers and like Bowers last year with injury concerns drops in our lap. 3- Jamar Taylor CB Boise State: Battles McClain for Starting job 4-Keith Pough OLB Howard: Can replace Peterson 4- B.W.Webb CB William & Mary: Replaces Owens departure 5-Kwame Geathers DT Georgia: Mammoth Run Stuffer 6-Ace Sanders WR/KS South Carolina: Lethal returner 7- Daimion Stafford FS Nebraska : Schillinger or Hope replacement 7- Michael Williams TE Alabama: Great blocker with nice size 7- Braden Brown OT Brigham Young: Svitek replacement
  10. Ryan has accomplished the most 4th quarter comebacks since entering the league since 2008. Ryan has broken Franchise records. He has taken his team to the Playoffs 4 out of 5 . He hasn't won it all yet but he is an accomplished Quarterback.
  11. Ryan really improved in his accuracy. Funny how it goes up with taking more chances. Usually it goes down unless you have great accuracy and awesome receivers.
  12. Turner arrested for DUI is bad no doubts but Abraham story seems strange. Either way its no big deal and I am sure Smitty will say some things to the team..
  13. That doesn't mean he likes it. He just has to live with it..
  14. WOW..Talk about changing your identity on both sides..Kudos to Nolan and Koetter...Big shout out to this team..They are playing on a high level..
  15. This defense was missing confidence no doubt but it also was missing that knock you in the mouth attitude. I don't know what changed but Decoud/Moore/Robinson/Samuel have been laying the wood. Kudos to Nolan in briging this attitude to our team. Every game, we have jarred a ball loose by a big hit..Still remember the Broncos game where Samuel crushed Decker and ball came flying out...Love the way these guys are not giving up and delivering blows..
  16. Van Gorder, how do you like me now? Huh?
  17. I agree! Thank you Smitty for always preparing this team for success. Playoff wins will come your way soon! Also thanks for playing not to lose but playing to win...
  18. I vote Mike Nolan for best acquisition this year!
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