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  1. That's what I want...I wonder if they can choose more than one song... Would be tough to predict unless the Clown knows we're coming...
  2. Rich Eisen ✔ @richeisen Follow For the first time ever, draftees have chosen the music that plays over speakers as they walk to the stage in Radio City Music Hall. 11:24 AM - 7 May 2014 This is turning from a great NFL day to a side show.What's next. Each prospect will wear endorsement companies... Clowney wears a Pepsi endorsed suit up to the stage. Anyways what songs would you choose? This actually is a BIG decision to make for the players. As the Houston Texans select Clowney, "I am number one." From Nelly plays. For the 4th pick in the draft the Browns select Manziel.. "The show must go on."--Queen If possible, (joking) Michael Sam comes up and the music plays "It's raining men."--The weather girls
  3. Gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up. I assume he gets some type of compensation for the loss of a home game.
  4. The schedule has a "home" game at London. I know that is also not a home game for the Lions so no disadvantage compared to the Lions. However, the Lions get 8 home games vs 8 away games. Fair or not, it would of been nice to have that game scheduled away. The schedule makers always find a way to dupe us.
  5. I really like Ealy. He and Clowney could wreck havoc for years. Te is a need, but I believe Dimitroff thinks we will incorporate a three WR set more to overcompensate the options at TE.
  6. Great feedback guys. I could switch Ealy with Zach Martin...I was debating bewteen those two... Jerry and Peters are not sure to be ready or even make the team. Thats why I wanted to get more depth in DLine. Also Ealy could replace Umenyiora next year...
  7. Trade 1)1st rnd (2nd pick) and 2014 6th rnd pick from Rams for 2014 1st, 3rd, 6th and 2015 2nd rnd pick. Jadaveon Clowney DE Trade 2)32nd pick from Seahawks for 37th pick and 2014 4th round pick. Zack Martin OT/G 4th rnd pick Deon Buchannon S 5th rnd pick Billy Turner OT 6th rnd(Rams) Crockett Gilmore TE 7th rnd Jeff Janis WR 7th rnd Antoine Exum CB 7th rnd Kasim Edibali DE/OLB
  8. Everyone who hates this move or any move that is going to help this team is a troll.
  9. Lmao. I am so glad I started this thread. Man, it's like I should change the title from "Why are you upset" to Why Are Trolls so unsuccessful?
  10. Peria just had his best year. Had over 30 tackles to go along with 3.5 sacks. He is better than Matthews and any other back up we have. Depth is important, if you all watched last year, having unknown depth usually never works out.
  11. FA OG Asamoah DT Solai DE Michael Bennett. 6th pick. Draft OT Greg Robinson 31st pick. Trade with Denver 2015 1st round pick and 2014 fourth round pick. Draft FS Calvin Pryor. 2nd rd: DT Rashede Hageman 2nd rd: Trade with Patriots 3rd round pick and 6th round pick. TE Troy Niklas 4th rd comp OL Brandon Thomas 7th rd ILB James Morris 7th rd CB Bennett Jackson
  12. Which still can be addressed with the cap we have. We could have Shields For 5-6 mil a year. Great secondary makes the lines jobs easier. See Seattle.
  13. Don't resign McClain and pick up this guy. Remember when we had Asante, Dunta, and Grimes...? We always wanted 3 quality corners. Alford can be our nickel. He is hitting the market. Only 26 and just came off a great year. What do you say?
  14. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24448042/atlanta-falcons-nfl-offseason-preview 2013 was a down year for Matt Ryan and the Falcons. (USATSI) The NFC version of the Texans, the 2013 Atlanta Falcons were a would-be contender that saw the bottom fall out en route to a miserable season. In the case of Atlanta, injuries and a lack of depth are to primarily to blame for the 4-12 nightmare last season. 2013 started off innocuously enough for Atlanta. The Falcons were a Steven Jackson catch away from beating the Saints in Week 1 and took care of business against the Rams in Week 2. Then a three-game skid started, with Atlanta limping into the bye fresh off a 30-28 primetime loss to the Jets and rookie Geno Smith. During that game Julio Jones made this ridiculous catch: Which was all the more impressive since he did it on what would become a season-ending foot injury just a few days later, hinting at an impending spiral for Atlanta. The Falcons would beat the Buccaneers out of the bye but wouldn't win again but wouldn't win again until December when they improved to 3-9 with an overtime victory over the Bills. That sums up the Falcons best: they were pesky down the stretch for just about everyone they played. Over their final six games Atlanta had a point differential of -12, meaning if things had broken better for them, the season could've ended differently. Some people want to put Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff on the hot seat. Another bad season could get them there but it's premature to get worked up about leadership in Atlanta when 2013 given their track record: That's like grounding your honor student kid because he got a speeding ticket. Stuff's going to happen. What Went Right Man. Not a whole lot, honestly. One significant bright spot was Harry Douglas, who topped 1,000 receiving yards for the season thanks to Jones going down and Roddy White dealing with injuries most of the year. Most people would tell you Matt Ryan had a bad year. There are complaints he doesn't "elevate those around him." But without his top two receivers -- admittedly two very good receivers -- Ryan still managed to throw for 4,515 yards and completed 67.4 percent of his passes. He did that behind a banged-up offensive line that ranked 24th in Adjusted Sack Rate at Football Outsiders. Ryan didn't push the ball down the field but that's a lot harder without Jones and, you know, time to operate in the pocket. Ryan didn't take a step "to the next level" or whatever, but lesser quarterbacks would've fallen completely apart in similar circumstances. The youth movement in Atlanta's an underrated factor for this team, particularly in the secondary. Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford both saw extensive action in the secondary. That made for rough sledding in 2013 but getting them extensive reps could pay serious dividends in 2014. Trufant, in particular, was better than most people realize. He ended up with two picks, 17 passes defensed and some unofficial hardware courtesy of Pro Football Focus. He could be special going forward. What Went Wrong The biggest thing that stands out was Steven Jackson. Acquired in the offseason to replace Michael Turner and rejuvenate the Falcons running game, Jackson played in 12 games and averaged just 3.5 yards per carry. The offensive line didn't help him either but he fell woefully short of expectations. Osi Umenyiora totaled 7.5 sacks and flashed at times but he didn't have as good a season as John Abraham, who put up 11.5 sacks in Arizona after the Falcons let him walk. Osi's 32 now and he's still the best pass-rushing option Atlanta has. Kroy Biermann played in just two games last season. Fixing the pass rush is paramount going forward; the only thing Atlanta did worse than protect the quarterback was get after opposing quarterbacks. Jones went down for the year early, which was a shame because he was starting off like hotcakes, averaging 116 yards per game. White struggled out of the gate and eventually put up some nice games down the stretch. 2013 was a tough year for him though. It was a tougher year for Tony Gonzalez, who wrapped up a Hall of Fame career on a four-win team. There's some weird stuff about whether or not Gonzalez wanted to be traded or if Atlanta was willing to trade him ... the reality is he stayed put and finished as the Falcons second-leading receiver. The offensive line was a full-blown nightmare. Left tackle Sam Baker signed a new contract in the offseason but only played in four games. Peter Konz, the team's top draft pick in 2012, moved over to center this year but couldn't live up to billing and was eventually benched. At least his bossman still has his back: The right guard Dimitroff's referring to, Garrett Reynolds, lost his job on Tuesday when he was released by the Falcons. In case you couldn't see that coming. MVP Ryan? It has to be Ryan, I think. And it's not like anyone is "winning" this award when you're talking about poorly-ranked units across the board. You could argue Trufant as well but Ryan stuck in the pocket and took shot after shot without his skill-position guys healthy and still managed to put up good numbers. LVP Peter Konz. This feels mean but he was healthy, got moved around a bunch and couldn't help protect Ryan. Maybe it was more Reynolds fault and it didn't help that Baker was out for most of the year. Whatever. Someone has to take the fall on the offensive line. What Has Happened Since the End of the Season The Falcons fired their offensive and defensive line coaches. Pretty clear where the blame for 2013 gets put and it's not too unreasonable to put said blame where Dimitroff did. The lines stunk, the Falcons couldn't prevent pressure and they couldn't get pressure. Atlanta hired Mike Tice, last season as the Bears offensive coordinator in 2012. He'll go to work on improving the offensive line and brought in one of his old pupils, Gabe Carimi, to try and boost the depth. Carimi's on his third team now and Google has a pretty good idea about his career so far ... But he does have upside as a former first-round pick. And he did play alongside Konz at Wisconsin, not to mention teaming with Falcons fullback Bradie Ewing. Recreating Wisconsin's offensive attack wouldn't be bad but good luck pulling it off. Bryan Cox, who worked for the Buccaneers the past two years, takes over on the defensive end of things. Personnel wise, the Falcons released cornerback Asante Samuel and linebacker Stephen Nicholas early in February. One of the more notable moves they've made is bringing in former Chiefs GM Scott Pioli -- a good friend of Dimitroff's -- to serve as a personnel guy. He's been lambasted for his work in Kansas City but he left the cupboard stocked with pass rushers for Andy Reid and John Dorsey. That should help while they fix their biggest need. Impending Free Agents Samuel, Nicholas and Reynolds, obviously. A trio of defensive tackles in Jonathan Babineaux, Corey Peters and Peria Jerry, a 2009 first-round pick, are all slated to hit the market. Mike Johnson, who was supposed to start at right tackle in 2013 before going down for the year in August, is also heading to the market. Also: Chase Coffman, Kevin Cone, Dominique Franks, Omar Gaither, Joe Hawley, Sean Locklear, Robert McClain and Jeremy Trueblood. Free Agency Game Plan Per Spotrac.com, the Falcons have $19 million in cap space as of this writing. It could (will?) certainly move up depending on what happens with various players getting cut and that could give Atlanta some room to make moves. Still, it would be surprising if they threw a pile of money at a pass rusher (Michael Bennett?) after seeing the Ray Edwards deal backfire in their face. The easier path is to wait out the market and lowball some quality veterans. Look no further than how Seattle added Bennett and Cliff Avril last season. Atlanta's got more urgency and might be willing to break the bank of a Greg Hardy-type player hit the market, but that's why guys like Hardy don't hit the market. Other big names that could be available include Jared Allen and Michael Johnson. Nabbing some depth all along the offensive line has to be considered a priority as well. Atlanta simply can't risk running into a situation like last year where injuries forced them to completely adjust their offensive gameplan. Draft Game Plan In an ideal world the Falcons see one of three guys falls in their lap. The top option is South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. I don't care what you think about his mental makeup or how hard he'll try. If Clowney falls to Atlanta, Dimitroff will do cartwheels in his draft room. Otherwise they'd probably like to see either Texas A&M tackle Jake Matthews or Auburn tackle Greg Robinson fall. With quarterbacks likely to go up top, one of those guys (or Khalil Mack) should fall. If Matthews is there maybe plug Baker on the right side. If Robinson's there, let him road grave on the right while Baker stays on the left. There are lots of options and Atlanta can improve either their pass rush or their pass protection at the top of the draft. That should be a consistent theme throughout the weekend too. Ridiculously Premature Prediction for 2014 Personally I think a bounceback's in store for the Falcons. And I'm not alone. New CBS Sports analyst Tony Gonzalez -- hired on Tuesday to join The NFL Today -- sees a "huge chance" at a bounce back for Atlanta in 2014. "I give them a huge chance [to bounce back]," Gonzalez told CBSSports.com. "If they go out there and solidify the offensive line, the offense will be fine. That's what hurt us this year. We had key injuries to key players. Julio Jones going down at the time, he was the best receiver in the game statistically. Roddy White wasn't really healthy at the beginning of the season. It was kind of the 'double team me' show. The offensive line Matt was sitting back there some of the time and he barely had the time to drop back." Gonzalez also pointed out that, with Atlanta just now really recovering from the impact of trading picks in the Julio trade, the team should have improved depth "I get a feeling man. I'm telling you. We were competitive. Imagine this team, they'll start getting some depth," Gonzalez said. "They traded away the house when they got Julio and it was a great gamble as far as I'm concerned. Now they're going to start getting some good backup players. They know what they need to fix. They're going to be a whole lot better this year than they were last year, record wise." Predicted Record: 9-7
  15. I'm looking to get value and fill the holes. Martin is one of the best guards in the draft. Ford is a riser. In my scenario Martin is my first choice and then as fantasy GM, portraying that Ford is available and making that trade to grab him. I know it's not logical but neither was the trade for my man Julio...
  16. I know. I fully expect flames for that. I'm usually not in favor of trades that hurt us. Dee Ford will be great. I want him as a Falcon plus fixing our holes this yr to risk an unknown next yr could be worth it.
  17. Martin is rated a second round grade. With his senior bowl performance plus what he could show in combine, he can climb into the first. Yes I know...trading next yrs first is bad but to get a Dee Ford who again showed his potential could make up losing the unknown in next yrs draft.
  18. Releases: Nicholas Decoud Reynolds Samuel Restructure Osi to lower deal. Resigns Peters Coffman D Davis F/A Jairus Byrd FS Lamar Houston DT/DE Jason Worilds OLB Signing Worlids is like getting Anthony Barr minus giving up a pick. A pass rushing linebacker. This solves the void of Nicholas and a Spoon injury. Draft: 1 round 6th Greg Robinson OT 2nd round 37th Zach Martin OG Trade: Falcons trade 2015 1st round pick and 2015 4th round pick and 2014 5th round pick to get 42nd pick in draft from Tennessee 2nd round 42nd Dee Ford DE 3rd round Daquan Jones DT 4th round Seantrel Henderson OT 6th round JC Copeland FB 7th round Aaron Murray QB
  19. After the game let Nolan or who ever else coach this team. Im tired of this embarrassment!
  20. Well done video. Can't wait for this match up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZgpjA2IQMo&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  21. This really cracks me up. I guess with all the bounty money being tossed around, it had to be invested somewhere. Brees sues ex-teammate in tax scam SHARE THIS STORY UPDATED JUN 10, 2013 6:59 PM ET NEW ORLEANS (AP) New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees sued a former teammate Monday for allegedly advising him to invest $160,000 in tax credits that turned out to be bogus. The suit filed on Brees' behalf in federal court claims former Saints long snapper Kevin Houser, a licensed securities broker, mishandled the star quarterback's money and failed to disclose his own financial interests in the investments he was promoting. Several other teammates and coaches sued Houser for allegedly advising them to invest a total of roughly $2 million to buy nonexistent tax credits from a defunct movie studio. Brees' lawyer, Daniel Becnel Jr., said his client had held off on joining them in suing to see if their dispute could be resolved out of court. "We gave them an opportunity to settle," Becnel said. "We didn't want to file suit. We've been trying to negotiate with them." Meanwhile, former New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey and former Saints defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs reached separate settlements Monday with Houser over the same investment deal. Terms were confidential. "The parties are happy to have this behind them," said Fred Herman, a lawyer for Shockey and Gibbs. Houser's attorney didn't immediately return a call seeking comment. Saints head coach Sean Payton reached a separate settlement with Houser last month. Former Saints defensive end Charles Grant still has claims pending against Houser that are scheduled to be tried later this month. Wayne Read, who once ran Louisiana Film Studios LLC, is the only person to face criminal charges over the investment deal. Read was sentenced to four years in prison after he pleaded guilty in May 2010 to fraud charges. Read never invested the money necessary to obtain the tax credits he sold to his investors, who wanted to use them to reduce their state income-tax liability, according to federal prosecutors. More than two dozen team members were among Read's victims. Grant paid $425,000. Payton paid $144,000. Former Saints star quarterback Archie Manning and Shockey each paid $80,000.
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