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  1. I always knew he was a top 10 QB but he is playing right now like a top 3 elite quarterback. He has the swagger that seemed to be missing in previous years.
  2. Lofton will really miss being on the red and black side... On the side note...Can anyone tell me how to post pictures...Thanks
  3. Spagnoluo's defense does not look sharp. He is already showing that he is going to live with rushing four and that doesnt bode well. Also Lofton and Hawthorne are not good at blitzing so they would have to rely on their front. That also without Smith for four games...This will hurt the Saints the most. Offense will still be their because of Brees and weapons but the defense will take a big step back.
  4. If our defense is top 3-5 then our offense will be even better then expected. That would be fun to watch
  5. Turner is not done but I do see a small drop off in his numbers. I believe he will have around 1050-1100 yds and 8-10 td's. Nothing spectacular but productive. A lot of these fans think Turner has lost a step but I think most of it is a weak oline. Rodgers did run well but I still will ride with Turner. Turner help us in so many ways in play action...
  6. He definetly played well. I know his confidence is getting bigger every time he is out there. I say for the last game dont even play Ryan and start Davis for three quarters and let Redman and JPW(Just Plain Weak) dual it out the last quarter
  7. More screens and less run up the middles with a incompetent line. Also seeing Julio with a full offseason does wonders for him and the offense. I expect a huge year for the offense. This could be the best statistical season for the Falcons in offense and defense. Top 3-5 offense and top 8-10 defense can be attained with the quality of players and coaches. GO FALCONS!
  8. That is a valid point. We expect to be in 11 formation so that would leave Turner by himself. Hopefully our guards step up in the run game and we dont miss the full back in those formations..I am worried about Turner's initial burst, thats why he has so many tackles behind or at the line of scrimmage. Usually he has to break a couple to get to the next level. He will need to do more of that with no FB.
  9. Actually 7 straight going back from 10 preseason we lost the last game and 4 in a row last year and now 2...7 straight is a bad stat but we have faired well when the season counts. Also not too much worried about W/L record due to evaluation of talent and no game plannning. Also just like Smitty said get through Pre-season with healthy bodies.
  10. What I meant was that we would support him and some of us homers would fight that he is better...I am very glad Julio is on my team and would never change that..Hence my name.. However if A.J. was on my team I would have rooted for him just as much but I would of questioned us passing over lighting for thunder.
  11. Julio Roddy Ryan Abraham Spoon Samuel Sleeper-Franks as special teamer
  12. Look both of them are great at what they do... Green would kill it in a Falcons uniform just like Julio would destroy it in Cincy. We all would be all over A.J. if he was a Falcon and trust me Cincy fans would have no complaints in Julio wearing stripes. However the fact is Julio is our star. He is the most explosive skill player we ever had. Yes more explosive then YKW....Thus my preferred choice will be Mr. J.J. aka "Dynamite"
  13. Very true.. Good point. I made that mistake myself. When you think of the Bengals all you think of is A.J. and thats it. But Simpson and Gresham were both heavily involved in the offense.
  14. Watch the tape, especially the games versus our divison rivals. He was doubled against the Saints Monday night massacre and also he was doubled on the touchdown catch versus the Bucs.. He was doubled for sure, not everytime but he had his share...
  15. Julio will be top 5 in WR play. Julio will be in the pro bowl but then would kindly decline the invitation due to a business trip to New Orleans.
  16. Why not bring in someone like Channing Crowder or even Bear Woods?
  17. I am most excited to see Sidbury! He fits perfect in our new system. I just want a sneak peak this upcoming game on how he will be blitzing from a 2 point stance.
  18. Two things I love to have game day..Ryan 2 Julio and PB&J..Thanks man I have always liked your sense of humor on this board...
  19. He was also the main focus in an offense that had no identity but to get the ball to A.J. Julio had to come in and win over Ryan's trust and also fight for touches between Roddy and Tony and also he missed some games( Can't remember exactly how much.) A.J. was double covered no doubts and kudos to him for having a awesome year but put Julio in an offense where he is the only viable option and he would shatter records. A.J. is a finesse chain moving receiver that needs 7-9 receptions a game to eclipse the 100yd mark where as you already seen, Julio just needs 5-6 to make that happen.
  20. Ryan will most likely come close to 4500 yards AND 35+TD's this year. Turner will get his 1100-1200 yds and 9-11 TDS Roddy will have fewer receptions and will have around 1100 yds 6-7 TD's Julio will have around 1200-1300 yds and 11+TD's Tony's numbers will go down but he will still have around 550-650 yds and 6TD I expect Harry to have a 600yd season with 3 TD's Rodgers/Snelling will have a combined 700 yd receiving combo with 4 TD's.
  21. How was last year's A.J.? He had a great year but Julio who had to fight touches with Roddy led all rookies with 8TD and also tied the team lead with 8 touchdown receptions. Both again had great years but Julio had the better season..
  22. Julio is a different type of receiver than Green. Green can eat us up with his long frame and great hands but he will also not be a huge speed threat. Julio can do it all, he can take the screen pass and take it all the way or catch a 62 yd bomb or hit a reverse for 20+yds. Defenses will not know how to stop him because of all the different formations we can use. As far as Green, he is a heck of a receiver and will pose a challenge for our DB's but he can't do half of the things Julio can do. Just my 2 cents
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