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  1. I think they are trying to stock pile picks for that purpose. Kelly needs picks plus Canfora just tweeted he is on the block.
  2. You could possibly get his proven nfl worthy brother for the same price.
  3. I say give them our third round pick and call it a deal. Maybe Dimitroff should think long and hard about giving them a 2nd rounder if not third. What do you guys think?
  4. Thank you both for formatting my post. Not sure why it does that.
  5. The draft is right around the corner and I wanted chime in on what I think should happen. Key word- Should. Tampa: Winston Tennessee: Williams Jaguars: Fowler Jr. Raiders: Amari Cooper Redskins: Vic Beasley Jets: Gurley Bears: White Falcons* Trade with Texans for 16th pick,82nd pick,116th pick, and the 175th pick in the draft. Falcons trade 73rd pick and 107th pick to Kansas City for the 49th pick. Now to our draft: 16TH PICK: Bud Dupree DE/OLB 42ND PICK: Stephone Anthony LB 49TH PICK: Eric Rowe DB/S 116TH PICK: David Johnson RB 146TH PICK: TY Montgomery WR 175TH PICK: Max Garcia OL/C 185TH PI
  6. yeah, my bad but he really impressed the Panthers and shows he could bulk up and not lose any speed. I hope he is available if Beasley isn't.
  7. Weight : 243 lbs Bench 26 40 yard 4.53 to 4.57 10 yard 1.57
  8. http://www.thefalcoholic.com/2015/3/23/8272903/matt-ryan-stats-rankings-and-milestones Matt Ryan: Stats, rankings and milestones you never knew By Dave Choate @TheFalcoholic on Mar 23, 2015, 12:00p 36 Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports Analysts Ryan Michael breaks down interesting stats about the Falcons' franchise quarterback. Tweet Share on Twitter Share Share on Facebook Pin Pinterest 36 Comments ⋆ Rec Recommend this Post 1 By: Ryan Michael Pro Football Analyst Published: March 21st, 2015 After starting his career with five consecutive winning seasons (2008-12), the perception o
  9. Glad we didn't sign him for that much. He obviously flashed some potential but a high risk high reward deal. Lowery or Johnson should be our only options at this point.
  10. Exactly! Maybe he isn't the best MLB but he wasn't our worst starter. Obviously his stay with the team means Quinn sees talent that he could work with.
  11. Sometimes you can compensate a sub par player by surrounding him with talent. Adding reeds and Durant and a potential draft pick ( Beasey/Fowler/Dupree.)I think the 2nd rnd should clearly be BPA.
  12. Okay, you might be correct about his 40 time. I heard from Seahawk fans that he ran a high 4.3 in his pro day. He is very talented and only 24. I am assuming that he may be available since his role will be diminished.
  13. Actually he has much better hands then Toilolo. He had a breakout game versus the Cardinals defense on Sunday night football. 3 catches 139 yds. He runs a 4.38 as a TE. He would be awesome in our offense.
  14. The fastest TE in the league who had some injuries last year but really came on toward the end of the year. Now that the Hawks have Graham, I would offer them a 6th rnd pick or a 5th rnd in 2016 for him. If he is available, he is the best available TE in the market.
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