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  1. EightyEight liked a post in a topic by Falcanuck in Each NFL Team's Worst Player of the 2018 Regular Season   
    The worst player on the roster is Jordan Richards and followed closely by Duke 
  2. EightyEight liked a post in a topic by Knight of God in The Saints are gonna win it all in our house...   
    My life will be fine. I’m doing great and doing great things. As a fan, please. It will be freaking irritating. On a high level. I hate the way we dragged asz in the off-season as though there were no stakes. I hate the way we did the preseason, then the lack of urgency and adjustments. 
    If the Saints win the Super Bowl here, yeah it will change me as a fan. No doubt. As a man? No. I made it through the Last Jedi so I’m sure I’ll be ok here
  3. EightyEight liked a post in a topic by DawnOfThemBirds in Daaannnnggggg....Alex Smith   
    This is very weird because exactly on this day 33 years ago Joe Theisman suffered his very similar injury against LT. They both broke their right leg.
    The score was 23-21, which is the exact same score today against the Texans.
    That's not all. Both happened on the 40 yard line.
  4. Romfal liked a post in a topic by EightyEight in Official Day 2 Draft Thread   
    Tre grew up and played in my home town, I would love for him to be a Falcon, there's a chance due to his knee issues he could fall to us in the fourth. Doubtful, but there's a chance.
  5. EightyEight liked a post in a topic by ugadawg in Pro Bowl Game Thread   
    Did anyone else notice Ryan used Ingram, Sproils, and Graham a lot. Was he checking out how easy it was to be Brees the last few years.
  6. EightyEight liked a post in a topic by Bill Brasky in Pro Bowl Game Thread   
    Kind of follows real life, Stafford throws for a bunch of meaningless yards, Ryan efficiently gets the job done in crunch time. Was surprised to see Romo play so little though.

  7. EightyEight liked a post in a topic by pzummo in Cops Senselessly Kill Another American Citizen   
    That was our fault for calling it a chokehold. It's actually called a carotid hold. You cannot cut off a person's breathing. The carotid hold applies pressure to the arteries to slow blood flow, it does not restrict breathing in any way. It's also called a sleeper hold because the restriction of blood flow could cause the person to pass out. And the guy was talking, not gagging or gasping for air, so the hold used does not fall under the guidelines of the law you quoted. Carotid holds are restricted, but they are permitted when resisting arrest in close range where other nonlethal methods are not practical (taser for instance).
  8. EightyEight liked a post in a topic by capologist in Cops Senselessly Kill Another American Citizen   
    Except he wasn't choked to death--he had a heart attack. The guy released the "choke hold" once the guy was on the ground and then held his head in place against the ground (which is what cops are instructed to do in a resist incident). I could understand the outrage if they punched, kicked him, tazed him repeatedly or any of those things but they simply took him to the ground and cuffed him. I can't see blaming people for doing what they are instructed to do. What else could they have done to arrest him? They weren't aggressive at all towards him until he resisted and then they did a bare minimum. Let's be honest, one of those little dudes wasn't going to take down a 400 lb giant of man without some assistance..
  9. EightyEight liked a post in a topic by capologist in Cops Senselessly Kill Another American Citizen   
    I feel bad that the guy died but why did he resist when they put the cuffs on him? Of course, the police are going to get him on the ground and cuff him anyway. That's what they are supposed to do. They didn't punch him, kick him or do anything abusive. It is sad he died but he should have kept quiet and simply asked to leave and if denied ask if he was being put under arrest and what charge. From there, let a lawyer handle it. When you get all animated and put up a fight swinging arms, you've created your own problem. Some of the descriptives in that article simply don't match the video.
    Notice at the beginning the two officers are just standing there, not confrontational at all. No raised voices at all except for Garner's voice. When the cops decide to make an arrest, he doesn't get to say "don't touch me, don't touch me". They are going to cuff you whether you want them to or not, whether you believe it's justified or not. When you resist, that "chokehold" is a textbook maneuver as it quickly subdues an agitated suspect. Again, it's extremely sad that he died but to try to blame the officers for this one is just incorrect...