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  1. Unfortunately I think you may be right.
  2. Tre grew up and played in my home town, I would love for him to be a Falcon, there's a chance due to his knee issues he could fall to us in the fourth. Doubtful, but there's a chance.
  3. Panthers love guys with character issues so they probably want Gregory. Lol
  4. Suspense is intense
  6. I wish they would shut up and announce chicago's pick
  7. The picks are coming in fast, NFL is going at the speed of snail though.
  8. Looking forward to seeing our new defense destroy Winston next season.
  9. I honestly enjoy the Pro Bowl. Players can take more risks and have fun, and as a result you get to see some really cool plays. You guys remember Brandon Marshall's catch from the Pro Bowl a few years ago? That was fun to watch no matter what game it's in.
  10. Whoever we sign, when will we probably find out? And will there be a press conference where they announce it or will it probably be instantly reported/leaked by LaCanfora or Schefter?
  11. I'm trying to build my chest arms and shoulders the most right now, I've gained 12 pounds since New Years, so that's good, but I need to build more muscle and I don't have a bench or gym available. I just have some 20 lb dumbbells and some adjustable ones that can go from 12.5-2.5 lbs. Any advice? I've been doing elevated, decline, and regular pushups.
  12. I generally avoid everything with Michael Bay attached as if it were the plague. That said, I'm probably going to see the new Transformers just because it has Dinobots. I'm still waiting for a trailer before I decide on the Ninja Turtles movie.
  13. Oooh, intriguing. That would be kinda cool though. I think that's similar to the original comic story line.
  14. I was thinking Arnim Zola might be the one who invents Ultron.
  15. Yeah, I agree. And apparently the ending of TWS sets up The Avengers 2.
  16. Arrow, is pretty good. It has it's moments where it's clearly a CW show, but then it has moments of just pure amazingness. I think both are good in their own right. I think Shield needs more drama, as bad as that sounds. It doesn't seem to have an identity. It's not funny, but it doesn't put me on the edge of my seat. It also doesn't have amazing action sequences or characters that I REAAAALLY care about. I really enjoy the show, it just needs to find an identity. I think they might be on the right track with the blue guy (Who I suspect is a Kree) and making the identity of the show mystery. I think if they turn the show into a grown up version of the Hardy Brothers/ Box Car Children without just making it another CSI ripoff, we'll be in for something special. I can't think of another show like that.