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  1. Thanks man! Duuuude! Dylan is one of the best songwriters of all time, that's such a compliment! Thank you! Thank you! That's awesome! Wow, I hadn't heard about that. That makes this whole situation even worse. Thank you so much!
  2. Hey guys! Like most of you I'm sure, my news feed has been flooded the past few days with the story of Ahmaud Arbery’s tragic death. More than anything I've been struck by how divisive it has been and how divided our country is right now as a whole. So I wrote this song, kinda expressing my view of where we're at right now. Hope y'all like it. “I still believeIn all we can beIn spite of it allThere’s good to be seenBut I knowIt shouldn’t be this way”
  3. Black on white and white on black are sexy. Hopefully those eventually make their way to being our primaries.
  4. Do you know if there's any chance of getting the black jersey/white pants as our primary? It isn't pictured there but I feel like that would be the best overall look.
  5. I love the helmets. Red gradients are a bit odd but we’ll see. Really dig the white uniforms. Hope our primary is the black jerseys with the white pants, that’ll be perfect.
  6. I’m not taking a stand as to whether or not he should be fired or not because right now I think the entire team sucks and I’m just mad, but everyone is ready to fire Sark, which is fair. My question is, who should replace him? Firing him for the sake of firing him won’t help anything, who can we hire who would be a major improvement and get us even close to how good we were in 2016?
  7. I agree for the most part, preseason doesn’t mean much, however, it doesn’t matter how much you gameplan if your receivers drop everything thrown their way like they did tonight. Very concerned about our receivers after tonight, because that was a huge problem last year.
  8. Sky is falling preaseason means everything ahhhh. Granted the fact that they haven’t converted a 3rd down is admittedly a little concerning but we’ll see what happens.
  9. Run with his head back like Ed Edd and Eddy is the only thing I can figure. They’re ruining football. He didn’t hit him with the helmet.
  10. Just put this up and thought y'all might get a kick out of it! Hope y'all like it!
  11. NFC Championship might be the lowest scoring championship in NFL history.
  12. It's not actually about football, so I figured this was the best place to put it. lol
  13. Hey guys! I thought you all might get a kick out of this. I recently started a blog for Christian Men, and for my first article I decided to write about how Tom Brady is the devil. Let me know what you all think! http://theuntamedman.com/index.php/2017/06/08/tombradyisthedevil/
  14. Taco Mac is always a good spot, that's my personal favorite.
  15. So essentially the call Mike Smith made last time we played the Lions?
  16. Didn't I basically just say that? I said it was just my way of thinking and we have the right to stand or kneel either way.
  17. I agree to an extent, I was kinda using soldiers as a more overall statement, including the founding fathers and such as men who fought and died for what we now call home. It's not just the soldiers but they died for those ideals the flag represents and that's the main thing to me, those ideals. Stand for those ideals, are we failing them and is our country in a dark time? Absolutely, no question. But to me, that's all the more reason to stand. Stand for those ideals and then do what we can to change where they're not being lived up to. I suppose the point of kneeling is to say those ideals aren't being reached, I just personally think there's a better way to go about it. Honestly I don't think it's a huge deal either way and we all need to pop open some drinks and just enjoy the game together, we all like football and if that brings us together, whether we stand or kneel we need something that brings us together. So after the national anthem ends, the fireworks go off, and the game begins, we're all still Falcons Fans together, and I'm proud to be in the brotherhood with all of you!
  18. I think different people here just have different ideas of what the flag stands for. Because I think kneeling is stupid but I agree that people shouldn't fear for their lives just getting pulled over. To me, that's all the more reason to stand, because the flag and what it stands for actually SUPPORTS that freedom, as is clearly represented in the constitution of the United States. Thing is, if the soldiers who served that flag that represents our nation and the constitution of our nation, if those soldiers hadn't given their lives for it, those guys wouldn't HAVE the freedom to kneel. Its essentially biting the hand that feeds, that's where I think the disrespect is. Do I think they should be fired for kneeling? No, we have the right to peaceful protest and it's a free country, to each their own. However, I think they should reevaluate where the real problem is. Because that flag represents more than our current president or a few situations you dislike. It represents men who went to an unknown country to explore freedom, it represents the unalienable human rights that are stated clearly in our constituon, and it represents the very freedom that allows us to have these debates, and the freedom that lets us all enjoy our favorite sport. If you have a problem with people getting shot for no reason, good, so do I, but that's not what the flag represents. There may be some idiots in our nation who are okay with that, but that isn't what the nation, nor the flag that represents it, was built on. That's why I believe in standing.
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