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  1. I like your logic but I'm not sure the NFL shares that line of thinking, JJ Watt was on the list and barely even played.
  2. ESPN is crap. They just fired one of their last good reporters and now it's just chatter from idiots. I wouldn't care or be surprised if they're out of business in 10 years.
  3. You may be right, I don't know. I was looking in one of the other threads and I saw where Rico apparently helps with game plans and stuff which in that case that is going to make him harder to replace. There's nothing inherently wrong with his play, he's adequate. I just am a huge fan of having a ballhawk/playmaker at FS and Allen doesn't seem to be that.
  4. I have a strong suspicion he will have taken Allen's job by the end of the season. Allen was the weakest link in the secondary last season, in my opinion.
  5. Was thinking he'd probably compete at FS. We're pretty stacked at CB.
  6. I know he isn't a player but I would want to spend a day with Quinn. I'm 20 and at a weird place in life and I feel like by the end of the day Quinn would have me with a plan for my life and motivated ready to kick life in the nuts.
  7. "Remember that buzz saw you ran into in playoffs? How would you like to play for that buzz saw?"
  8. No they'll still talk about football.. "THE END OF THE BRADY/BELICHICK DYNASTY?"
  9. Elway used to be my favorite QB until I realized what a pretentious egotistical Turd he is.. But man was he fun to watch.
  10. And in fact, they went.
  11. Albeit, their simulation had the Falcons playing the steelers, ironically. Still cool. https://www.google.com/amp/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/the-falcons-will-win-the-super-bowl-because-our-madden-simulation-says-so/amp/
  12. Because I wanted to highlight how they performed against top offenses and defenses, since that's what each will be going up against. It doesn't really mean much to the Patriots Defense if the Falcons scored on a crappy D, and it doesn't really pertain to the Falcons offense if the Pats held a crappy offense to no points. Get what I'm saying?
  13. Weird you say that, I just wrote an article about that very thing and posted it here. Titled it Falcons VS Patriots: By The Numbers. Check it out.:)
  14. Wanted to take a look at the stats here, and what's really going on with this Patriots defense that led the league in points per game.. (15.6 PPG) The Patriots DID in fact only allow an average of 15.6 points per game, however, in their entire season they played exactly 3 teams that finished in the top half of the NFL in scoring. THREE. The Cardinals, Bills, and Steelers. (Granted they did play the Bills twice) So, in those four games against decent scoring offenses, how did they perform? (For this, the postseason will be ignored) Week one: Patriots VS Cardinals: Score: Patriots 23-Cardinals 21 Cardinals Season Average: 26 points Per Game. Point differential from average: 5 points. Week Four: Patriots VS Bills: Score: Patriots 0-Bills 16. Bills Season Average: 24 points per game Point differential from average: 8 points. Week 7: Patriots VS Steelers: Score: Patriots 27-Steelers 16 Steelers Season Average: 24.2 points Per Game. Point Differential: 8 points. Week 8: Patriots VS Bills: Score: Patriots 41-Bills 25 Bills Season Average: 24 Points Per Game Point Differential: -1 Point. The average of all of this? When playing a top offense, the Patriots on average decreased their opponents' offense by 5 points. Against top NFL offenses, they allowed an average of 19.5 (20) points per game, a four point increase from their regular season average. With all of this information in mind, you could hypothetically expect the Falcons points to decrease from their average of 34, to 29. On the other hand..How did the Falcons offense perform against top 16 defenses? This season the Atlanta Falcons averaged an INCREDIBLE 34 points per game on offense, and did so against 5 top 16 defenses, Seattle, Denver, KC,Philly, and Arizona. How did they fare? Week 5: Falcons VS Broncos: Score: Falcons 23- Broncos 16 Denver Average Points allowed per game: 19 Points per game Point differential: +4 points. Week 6: Falcons VS Seahawks: Score: Falcons 24-Seahawks 26. Seattle Average Points allowed per game: 19 Points per game Point differential:+ 5 points. Week 10: Falcons VS Eagles: Score: Falcons 15- Eagles 24 Philadelphia Average Points allowed per game: 21. Point Differential: -6 Week 12: Falcons VS Cardinals: Score: Falcons 38- Cardinals 19 Arizona Average Points allowed per game: 23 Point Differential 15. Week 13: Falcons VS Chiefs: Score: Falcons 28- Chiefs 29. Kansas City Average Points allowed per game: 19 Point differential: 10 The average of all this? When playing TOP defenses, the Falcons INCREASED their opponents' average points per game by.. 5.6 points. When playing TOP NFL Defenses, they averaged 26 points per game, a 9 point decrease from their overall average. Where does that leave us? The Patriots averaged (rounded) 16 points per game, increase that by (rounded) 6 points and it gives you 22. So, by those calculations, you could expect the Falcons to score 22 points. Different from the 26 mentioned earlier. We average those together? 24 points. Take it for what you will, The Falcons haven't scored less than 30 points since week 13, including a 36 point drubbing of the #2 ranked Seattle defense. Point being, Patriots defense very well could slow down the Falcons offense, but they should still get at least 3 touchdowns. Let me know if you guys liked this and I'll created an inverted article analyzing Patriots Offense vs top defenses, and Falcons Defense vs Top Offenses.
  15. Hope y'all like it, I'm a goofball I know. I don't know how to embed Instagram videos so you'll have to click the link. https://instagram.com/p/BPlDYeQBrwB/