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  1. I feel pretty confident that they have no clue what’s going on.
  2. That’s what I thought too.
  3. Hit him in stride pretty well too. Great play.
  4. They can get penalty flags.
  5. You kidding? This is the exact opposite of what I’ve come to expect from Sark! Lol
  6. I’ll do you one better, WHY is Gamora?
  7. Julio didn’t even try to break that up
  8. What is happening right now...
  9. Ridley having his coming out party today.
  10. MaCaffrey is like 4 feet tall how you gonna let him do you like that
  11. I can’t even deny that that was dirty. Shame on him.
  12. I’m not taking a stand as to whether or not he should be fired or not because right now I think the entire team sucks and I’m just mad, but everyone is ready to fire Sark, which is fair. My question is, who should replace him? Firing him for the sake of firing him won’t help anything, who can we hire who would be a major improvement and get us even close to how good we were in 2016?
  13. Lol same old story. Not trying to be pessimistic but that was pathetic.