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  1. Thanks man! Duuuude! Dylan is one of the best songwriters of all time, that's such a compliment! Thank you! Thank you! That's awesome! Wow, I hadn't heard about that. That makes this whole situation even worse. Thank you so much!
  2. Hey guys! Like most of you I'm sure, my news feed has been flooded the past few days with the story of Ahmaud Arbery’s tragic death. More than anything I've been struck by how divisive it has been and how divided our country is right now as a whole. So I wrote this song, kinda expressing my view of where we're at right now. Hope y'all like it. “I still believeIn all we can beIn spite of it allThere’s good to be seenBut I knowIt shouldn’t be this way”
  3. Black on white and white on black are sexy. Hopefully those eventually make their way to being our primaries.
  4. Do you know if there's any chance of getting the black jersey/white pants as our primary? It isn't pictured there but I feel like that would be the best overall look.
  5. I love the helmets. Red gradients are a bit odd but we’ll see. Really dig the white uniforms. Hope our primary is the black jerseys with the white pants, that’ll be perfect.
  6. Well isn't Wilds Practice Squad Elligible? Keep Ward on the roster and Wilds on the practice squad, if they decide they like Wilds more it won't take much to bring him up and get rid of Wards, and even though Wilds has been good I don't expect teams to be trying to snatch him up off of the practice squad.
  7. Gotcha, thanks. I live in southeast GA so in my mind all of Georgia was being affected too.
  8. Have there been any reports in regards to it possibly being cancelled due to the tropical storm moving in? Wouldn't think they would want to put the players out there in those conditions.
  9. Actually makes me feel a bit better, because he's clearly as pissed as anyone else. He kinda snapped on Vaugn and I like it.
  10. That wasn't a typo, he's just from Boston.:p
  11. I don't live there but I go there a good bit. Any of the Ale House locations are amazing food, huge portions, and at a great price. There's a few of them in Orlando so you're bound to find one. The Hardrock in Orlando is really good as well, albeit overpriced.
  12. Does anyone have a gif or video of Hageman's hit on Cam?
  13. In my town we have a whole unit for the receivers that can't catch. We call it the track team.
  14. Roddy really needs to stop talking. Blaming the turnover on Matt and Freeman "fighting for the ball"? Really Roddy?
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