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  1. Here in northern Maryland everyone is in love with Joe Hortiz. The video is long but gives insight to his thought process. I think he would be great for Atlanta.
  2. Right now im not sure of what I would be most ashamed of if someone went through my closet. The adult videos in trunk in the back. Or the falcons jerseys hanging there.
  3. If i was going to take a QB give me Joe Burrow. Young man has the heart and it would make Saints fans lose their minds.
  4. https://bloggingdirty.com/2016/06/08/akeem-king-could-be-the-atlanta-falcons-ace-in-the-hole-for-2016/ Yeah I thought he was 6'1 then read this article and he is 6'3
  5. Sad thing is the best we can do is go from 19th draft pick to the 15th at best
  6. Yeah but I started to worry more from every year when he came to training camp slowly transforming from Matty ice to Metrosexual Matt. With his Burberry scarfs and Faux Hawk. Now he is just Terrible
  7. This For someone so cerebral he doesn't read progressions very well dating back to having Tony here.
  8. Just look at Matt's eyes they are always wide as saucers like he is scared or has no confidence on what is going to happen every time he throws it. It's honestly sad
  9. http://atlantafalcons.blog.ajc.com/2014/05/28/10-quick-observations-from-falcons-open-otas/ I know it's bed wetter but, at least the guy is showing up to OTA's and putting forth effort. All we can do as fans is give him a chance and hope it pans out
  10. It's like a told my friends while I was watching the Draft. Matthews is like the Tim Duncan of Football, Mr Fundamentals, technically sound not shiny, will just work hard and be good at his job.
  11. I'm excited Smitty is coaching the north squad. So our staff will get to work closely with Dt Aaron Donald. I really would like that Kid in the 2nd round.
  12. This thread is pointless what pass blocking?
  13. Yeah until falcons improve o- line 8-8. Lamar Holmes is garbage
  14. The Jags better listen up if that's what Chuck said. Didn't he start a fire once by rubbing two ice cubes together. I don't think Shahid Khan should want to anger him.
  15. Don't know about him being the fastest guy on the team. Didn't Trufant catch him from behind on a kick return?
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