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  1. dirk koetter can be predictable, according to tiki barber lmaoaoaoao
  2. u outta ur fkin mind son
  3. f*** me koetter sucks
  4. How do you mean?
  5. as I said, this is over.
  6. well this is over
  7. JJ watt not doing sheeeeeeeeeit
  8. No it was zone WIlliams was passed off to cover Hopkins, pretty much impossible
  9. Saints about to roll
  10. who tf are these clowns they have on ESPN here announcing this thing - I mean uggghhhh
  11. Kelsey : Coach I talked to Jack Crawford and he was saying they Vikings were doing some things they did not prepare for., but lets talk about the Eagles because we cant have that narrative out there ...... Coach: OK lets talk about the Eagles
  12. I dont know if its a coaching style that quinn enables that seems to allow guys to maybe not be as prepared as they need to be, but both DK and Quinn were outcoached yesterday during the game as well, not just leading up to it. Im sure it will take some time for DK and the guys to get it together but it should not have been that bad. I know the oline has not played together but that Oline we played also had rookies on it. The Philly Oline is a bit better than Minnesota's. I was really holding out hope for this guy - very frustrating we were not able to get this done. Talking about Kubiak
  13. Jeez - ST is struggling - this is def some coaching stuff - its pre season so not a big deal but. Interesting this is the first year hes gone and we cant catch punts.
  14. Your usually one of the firsts so figured I needed to beat you to it
  15. what does it take for us to get a gotadayum defense
  16. Several ex-nfl guys including Randy McMichael on the radio went into detail about house Albert has not developed and was going to get somebody killed he has had plenty of chance to develop and has been given plenty of attention we spent I believe a fourth-rounder on him. He's still having trouble with the scheme and is a non-factor in doing any type of blocking all of which he should have been able to improve dramatically at in 3 years. Arch pretty much said the same thing. Basically there are a lot of basics that he should have gotten by now and he's still way too far behind on falcons are done with him
  17. Benkert zipping this thing
  18. see shweitzer doing his best shwietzer impresion
  19. The only thing dled is good for is making face dials when on the radio. They had to stop doing that but because it was making fun of him. Different medium but still shocked John Michael's got fired and dled has been around this long
  20. Call it what you want , who gives a ****, end of the day, someone needs to dethrone the pats, and that means making them lose the last Superbowl belichek and Brady are in. Because if they lose that last one, it will eat those two forever and It might as well be us, if we do that it makes braves, Hawks the entire Georgia historical sports complex worth it. Dracarys new England.