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  1. Yup just got it - you win I thought i was going to be first lol
  2. DK wont coach in the league again if he cant make this a top 10 offense - or he shouldnt rather - Blank has not made the best dec with coaches - i know the league all "runs" the same stuff but how you approach each play is where you get the defense to hesitate. DK has not really shown consistency there - we have seen some creative stuff for sure but not like the other offensive head coaches currently in the NFL
  3. dirk koetter can be predictable, according to tiki barber lmaoaoaoao
  4. JJ watt not doing sheeeeeeeeeit
  5. No it was zone WIlliams was passed off to cover Hopkins, pretty much impossible
  6. who tf are these clowns they have on ESPN here announcing this thing - I mean uggghhhh
  7. Kelsey : Coach I talked to Jack Crawford and he was saying they Vikings were doing some things they did not prepare for., but lets talk about the Eagles because we cant have that narrative out there ...... Coach: OK lets talk about the Eagles
  8. I dont know if its a coaching style that quinn enables that seems to allow guys to maybe not be as prepared as they need to be, but both DK and Quinn were outcoached yesterday during the game as well, not just leading up to it. Im sure it will take some time for DK and the guys to get it together but it should not have been that bad. I know the oline has not played together but that Oline we played also had rookies on it. The Philly Oline is a bit better than Minnesota's. I was really holding out hope for this guy - very frustrating we were not able to get this done. Talking about K
  9. no thats wrong - cap hit will save 1.7 this year but have a 3. mil save 6.4 hit next year and 3 mil hit in 2017.
  10. probably wanted to see how he was doing and hold out long as possible, or could be because we wanted to bring in more players, which we obviously do a la Tim Wright.
  11. looks like this cleared 4.5 and the hit will be 2. 8
  12. whats the hit now ?? like 2.7 something post june, i dont remember
  13. Bunch of internet tough guys on this board always was - the world is a fked up place, it just is, yes there are double standards, some in the world do get there cake and eat it too. This situation makes these contexts being fought about here come to light. Stop with the emo **** - youll always be the first to go when the real spit hits.
  14. But this is what sucks about the NBA - the playoffs are sooooooo much different than in regular season, during ther reg season, you dont see defenders bothering to go through 4 screens to block Korver, ask the Bulls fans about Korver in the playoffs.
  15. lol at u cav ******, your year!!?? thankfully Lebron was born in Akron. For you. We do not have the horses to hang with these teams in the playoffs, its a testament to what coaching and team work can overcome ,but good athletes can also have good team work. We need to replace Korver with someon that can do more than him physically, or replace DC or Millsap with a Dominant player - with this team, we just need one.
  16. We brought Thabo in for this exact reason WTF is this **** in NYC serisouly you cant make this **** up - buzzard luch or more going on behind the scenes, the nba has to be the most predictable pro sport, the playoffs have gone almost exactly as everyone expected, even the clippers choaked - I already made 44% betting in this playoffs, its why ppl dont bet on CF or CB anymore its the best game going. NBA sports betting
  17. I just dont think Hawks can hang with Bulls or Cavs - just dont have the athletes not saying we need some superstar - but when it gets into playoffs, Korvers weaknesses and our lack of size become exposed, I just hope the bulls and cavs beat each other to death and we can just get there - Ill be thrilled to get to Eastern Conf finals, regardless of outcome.
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