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  1. its the same **** in tampa and NC ive been to plenty of those games prolly 40 or so , the cultural football norm is college down here pro is just secondary and they are really only interested overall if ur winning, if not they dont have the bandwidth for it, up north is much better in this regard because I cant stand college football.
  2. It realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly sucks they were able to enable the PSL and new building. We really did not need this building, we have never won anything - I was for it based on where the other stadiums were going but this is the South, its all college football down here if you arent winning anything in the pros, not just Atlanta but our issue is excarbatted here for obvious reasons. Now you cant get out of the PSL or sell these season tiks, ive got them for sale at 1/3 face value for the games I dont go to like this one. I didnt buy them to flip them like a lot of ******s here which also leads to more issues, but for those of us that do attend games but cant even sell them at this price is ********. There is something inherently wrong with Blank way of dealing with this team, most seem thing he is meddling too much I think hes not enough. /rant
  3. Def Matt Ryans fault here, he should be scoring us 50 a game min
  4. Tony doesn't show up for practices, thought we been through this
  5. The fk.is a hard 2nd round pick, different than just a regular.one??? I can't stand when ppl do this, low ball.the fk outta you when you have somthing for sale and by saying "cash money" it's like it's somthing more than just WTH it is,
  6. WTH , Ab stepped out awhile ago 2017 actually and he's having to step back in, we don't want to talk about it but Quinn really did have run of the show, along with dimi but if you recall dimi was still really getting what Quinn asked for, ab is tired and very old, he's been saying he's stepping back each year since 2013 we have seen numerous interviews where he says this , or heard them on radio etc . If we had won the sb Quinn and co woulday e even still be here , he really is looking for guys to take over but he hasn't found them yet as we all know
  7. This is really on one person, I highly doubt dimitriff advised blank to go ahead and let's pay Julio again knowing the situation we would be in.
  8. Agreed, but Julio doesn't have bad hands's but he doesn't have close to best either, he's dropped tons of stuff
  9. We are lacking context with all this, blaming the flacons issues on Matt and/ or saying blah blah stats shows Matt is elite is both BS - at the end of the day, Matt is not AROD and isnt going to carry the whole team but he was forced to do that sooooo much, look at when we had a decent oline and even a middle of the pack defense - where does team go ? Some you guys just sit around waiting to blame it all on Ryan and vice versa. Ryan is a **** good qb but he needs atleast some **** going right around him, scoring 30 pts a game and letting teams comeback and then get mad when we lose because Ryan didnt orchestrate a comeback yet again, we dont score in the redzone at the end of games because we dont have enough of a running game and its the redzone, certainly coaches didnt help but never being able to rush the passer is another huge part of this, none of this is in a vacuum. The Saints have been more consisntent than the falcons because they had more going on around Breez, the teams were more consistently well built, plus better coaches. This one player all or nothing bs, you need to stick with NBA - you can play that game a lot more realistically there
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/falcons/comments/n3yjii/oprah_interviews_traumatized_falcons_fan_meme/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
  11. Not that impressed with this draft , prolly one reason this could happen , but they are so stacked on def they can have some picks back for one of those def ends , I'm.sick if this **** we need a pass rush
  12. If this doesn't tell u Arthur gave dimi and crews to much leeway with nothing to show , running game and defense I don't know what does, although it's not a great look that other player that would be on this list just retired, and only got 1 sb
  13. Up to 9 now have hired this attorney, what he's doing is advertising and soliticting to the entire world hey we're going after this guy, contact me. Not directly but that is what's happening this is common in legal circles your starting to see it more and more on social media with attorneys. Tthere is still a lot to unpack here, and lots of suspect ish going on, but it'd also now a money grab at this point whether it's all true or not remains. Either way a trade is now dead, unless Texans now drop their price and you want to take this on. Fire up the jet blank , well blame it all on the Texans
  14. We needed this, the amount of water is wet and what in the Terry Fontenot is going on here threads this week is getting out of control
  15. How in the Terry Fontenot did this get to be a thread
  16. I don't agree with watson wanting out because they didn't include him in gm search or whatever , but there's way more going on over there than that, and it's bee. Happening for awhile they've got issues
  17. It's that **** spiritual advisor , y'all check out some of the **** going on over their it's toxic manipulative power game buddy is playing with religion, surprise surprise , it's snake oil, selling enlightenment through psotitive thinking etc etc
  18. who cares seriously , guys y'all don't want to but if you do, go back and look how poorly we are at adding value during free agency to this team, the saints have been one of the best at this, which is one reason why they have so many players to mess with the cap with each year they have real depth. I don't care who we get in free agency we brought TF in on this strength at least this much we know
  19. Woot, they must have a sale on tank tops going on right now 😂 meh prolly go over the newer posters heads
  20. I agree, but just because we have to let him hit free agency doesn't mean we can t bring em back if his market is low, happens all the time and we're desp for safety help, I don't think it'd likely but the point is that the article makes it sound like he can't come back
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