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  1. Hankins off to Redskins
  2. We could take on all that but it will mean we will not be keeping all these guys we drafted some will have to hit the market
  3. Im not saying teams dont do it - I just dont think youll see us do this type of stuff - I remember TD even talking about this years ago. The Falcons are pretty stubborn about being competitive every year as opposed to doing an all in every 5 or 6 type of thing it seems.
  4. Not that its impossible but I dont see the FO spending money on any of these types of deals, you usually cant afford to have two DT on big contracts, one is on rookie deal one is on vet deal. I think the biggest moves we should expect are trading back or some movement in the draft. I know we will sign more guys, but I think the rest of our FA are going to be 1 year deals
  5. Speculation on Rapaports part - he does that much more now that he has the pull he does as opposed to when he was starting out, hes not as wrong as Lacantfornicate but unless he is releasing an update its just speculation. Would be cool but **** would pretty much admit they fked up again on a second round pick. If Riley can become serviceable we really need to spend this money elsewhere. Now I can get on board with it but would prefer something like Hankins
  6. Ideally I'd like to add another well rounded def end to Reed , takk, Beasley and then double dip interior in the draft, read plenty about how deep this draft is at def tackle, from scouts or former scouts,. Not ppl on subbreddits and forums who only seem to say random **** to push whatever post narrative they are talking about at the time. This place particularly amused me right after I heard Mayock talk about this being one of better def tackle drafts of last 15 years I came on here to see one of our more tenured posters say how weak it is and then a slew of ppl just agreeing with them because of who they were. It's shocking to me how many ppl get all thier NFL info from this board. Those are the ones who post the emo threads all thr ought the off season
  7. Not much going with TE at this point. Id take Line, Rubin, Logan or Curry they should all be cheap.
  8. DO look forward to seeing Cam without Olson if that happens.
  9. I dont get why AFC teams arent doing **** - BTW Saints just resigned Alex Okafor to 10m deal. gotdayum
  10. **** - was hoping after Matts deal we could sneak on ASJ
  11. Saints going all in again now that they got Brees to sign for a decent price, welp I guess Matt will give us a discount when he is 40. Weve got plenty to do after losing this many pieces on the Dline that was finally good last year, if we let Carolina and Saints stop our Offense we have to keep pace defensively - sorry we are in nfc south
  12. I don't think Coleman's getting a third but I also don't think dimi can keep this **** up paying more than one back
  13. No he is moving up steadily and is better against the Run than Taven, problem with Taven is he is so raw and doesnt have great feel for the game, great combine pushed him up but I dont think **** meet our expectations if we get him with 26 tbh, until maybe later on down the road.
  14. A little high on salary, but with singing bonus hopefully 2 mil at most cap hit at it's highest
  15. He will be very cheap I'd imagine and we can go elsewhere early draft, run the ball a bit.better and keep the pushing talent into the defense