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  1. More to gdawgs point not only is he not here next year he may be yanked during the season, Knapp has been around long enough and fielded enough good units and is well trusted in the league, he most def was a backup plan. Hate to say we're are operating like this but we were kinda forced too, Kyle left earlier than Quinn thought, he said when he was hired he expects assistants to put in 3 years min, not saying if u don't get a dream opportunity not to take it but I didn't think they knew the off would be as good as it was in 16
  2. I wonder if.he is the same supes as over at hawksquak
  3. Screw all these ol fools , only person made it worth visiting this place was swift.
  4. This looks a little more legit now ESPN just put it out , I get it his deal was always good for us, but dayum. Wish this s*** would just be done
  5. Frucke is horrible Hugh has to carry it as much as he can , that's why all other shows dog them
  6. They need to kill those programs, we don't need giant empty stadiums for these guys to play in, they aren't there for ball anyway, guy looks like a player obviously it'll be a huge step up in athleticism **** be dealing with. Hopefully Duke has had a get his mental game right
  7. Wish these guys would stop calling close up finishing clips highlight vids ,, highlight vids show the play develop
  8. Obviously we have a plan at Dt, because we're not taking these guys either we are ok with paying for these guys in free agency or this draft is hugely deep at dt
  9. Bpa that's what we need to be doing at this point
  10. Pat's take Bryan Just to **** with td
  11. I think shimonek has best chance of u drafted QBs to be potential starter
  12. 3rd at most if the deal is decent I haven't looked to what he gets paid. It ain't happening though he's training at tb12 already
  13. All this debate. Ok really we kinda are in a good position regarding who to get arguably our head coach is considered one of the better dline talent evaluators in the world,. Without a doubt one of the best developers. If there is any doubt it needs to be the other positions regarding talent, primarily offensively, I feel pretty good about our overall defensive talent evaluation. And will not stress any def line player chosen by this regime until proven bust. And it's a great thing to have gotafay Jamal Anderson and on and on
  14. Me and g dawg agree on this lol