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  1. Did anyone hear mark schlereth I terview on 929 on Friday about the games this weekend ? Pretty in depth. Saints will not play the rams the way cowboys did trying to hide stunts etc. Rams won't be able to run the ball much. It's going to be about which defesne can just slow down then offense more, long story short he went into a lot of detail.about that being as he's an outside zone olinement from shanny's broncos etc He also had some so.what positive new for us believing the falcons oline problems were more about injuries and how the outside zone plays have to executed so precisely with timing across the linemen in sync etc. Stuff we all heard before but he made it clear we were bad more because of players coming in and out of the lineup caused more problems than individual ****** play. Either way we need stronger more consistent players.
  2. Jerry is extending Garrett he's already and currently defending himself because fans were pissed
  3. So now its massie - last thread was juwaun James or bust but oh no - hes too good we cant afford him. Folks got to realize how hard it is to build a Oline in todays NFL, it probably the hardest thing to do currently
  4. I'm assuming they are mentioning the ones that realistically hit free agency , many on thebufa list will be resign Ed ,
  5. can we get CJ anderson
  6. Thier Def is playing playoff D, which is what happens in the NFL, some of these teams you dont see the true potential of Def during the year because they are relying on Off and its working, a small example is us in 2016 playoffs we picked up the def play pretty well
  7. wish SUH played like this all year, he is making a big impact in this game
  8. That Oline for the rams is just sitting on Dallas Def front. and I was getting lectured this week how Saffold wasnt **** - just pay attention and watch the left guard,
  9. Saffold is doing well
  10. Every year he says how important this current year is while being "mindful of the future" - Well its that time the future bruh - u havent been able to get it done your way or any of the guys ways there, I know its hard to do. But at some point what is the point of paying Matt and Julio all this money if we never go all in, we need to figure out a way to stack the team for at least a few years right now
  11. Yea I thought GLowinski was somone we could add as well but Saffold is more realistic, Colts have way more cap than Rams - rams have a little but they are going to be forced to choose between a bunch of guys.
  12. Because Arthur Mfkin Blank called him.
  13. Spain has Conklin and lewan on his line and Titan I terior oline cannot get it together, Spain was benched end of the season halfway through the Jets game , he is like shreader, udfa, had 2.good years and fell off a cliff
  14. Lots of these guys will not actually be availabe when FA opens, some like Saffold most def are because the Rams are forced to let them go because of their cap situation.
  15. I'm in Ochoa Georgia there is nobody out here and I'm not texting don't worry we have that new talk-to-text function but I do love those baby on board stickers it creates an invisible bubble around my car that nobody can touch me or run into me