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  1. So many ways to do it but it's going to be a combo of a bunch of stuff, but yea there are going to be more cuts, we are going to be doing a bit of a rebuild for sure , which is whole reason why we need to make like we are hard for a qb so teams make decent offers to trade up to our spot
  2. Man I feel like just yesterday rev was around, 10 years doesn't feel like it but I've been here since late 90s well I'm counting the first board most of the old timers were on, I just tried to pull up my old yahoo email to see what my first username was on that board appare rly yahoo deleted all the mails in ur acct several years ago if u didn't log in for more than a year
  3. If we did this , we would need to have a trade in place for matt , it makes no sense to draft a QB and not take advantage of the rookie contract
  4. this news and the cuts today freed up about 16 mil - we get a rollover of 1.76 as well thats not counted yet so were about 20 over right now, we should be able get this under control so its not kicking out *** too bad
  5. Why can't we just sign tom brady for 20mil a year ?
  6. If there's anything that makes you tough , it'd having badass dogs
  7. he is good for sure but let's not let that distract from the fact that I'm not sure if you just can't read numbers or are just bad at math, Someone care to help this gentlemen with his avg td per year , int ratio etc ? Maybe you just make **** up and say matter of factly and assume.nobody will check ?
  8. I love deshaun, but he ain't that good Let me clarify he's not that good yet, he may get there.
  9. Even before teammates came out and said what they said about this, there is some element of truth to that
  10. What's the very obvious part? Or as usual you just say **** matter of factly, becuz Internet
  11. Like I said earlier, just not a competition really, kc offence is just all over the place creating havoc
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