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  1. We played vanilla and didn't have much to go on here. Baker is also pretty **** good and is able to make some killer plays that are hard to defend. Granted we should have played better just off of I tensity and effort.
  2. That little gimmick blocking scheme they ran worked for one week, they are not good players, and we're always going to get exposed, was hoping it wouldn't happen thisnweek.
  3. Good comeback
  4. Matt Ryan isn't drew brees
  5. It's great , but mahomes has 10 more td already, that's a whole nother level , and we're not going to switch to these silly spread option plays they run, hopefully teams figure out how to stop it, I don't think.its more exciting,
  6. We did lose Clayborn so we are kinda getting that back , I love the move and am very excited but all this exotic stuff some guys are talking about running we may see but we should expect production like we got from Clayborn bring on the team, it's def better than what we have , if we can get back to last year's def production , we'll be in a **** good spot end of the year
  7. Brucie to atlantie
  8. lol chill - please drink more alcohol
  9. Yes the saints are as good as who they beat thats how this works guys - its the NFL doesnt really mean anything till the playoffs - teams get better and worse as the season goes on, weve all seen this time and time again.
  10. nigga what
  11. you seeing the same thing in Seattle they are pulling it together after losing so much talent as well. And Im saying that to say this gives also faith in Quinn because of how similar the teams operate.
  12. hows there oline protecting him better with three starters out wt;alwskfja;sldkfjasd;lih df
  13. This is some of the best executed Falcons offensive football ever.
  14. Dude we need to hang, I just buy whole Ribeyes from Costco and make my own , have a padron, and if I go clear or brown liqour all depends on how much I've.had earlier. Falcons play at 1 pm def clear later than that well **** who knows