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  1. I get why ppl saying I jumped to conclusions but I did say IF. I put the tweet in quotes, we've already discussed as well as being on the news etc about takk being out the last drive. I'm hoping he's not out, but.this year we are getting hit.with the bug it seems -
  2. If takk is out, really need to take a look at what our decisions have been, we missed on beasley looks like, books out on him and he is exaclty was Ray Lewis said he was going to be. We have no depth at pass rusher, and we have just.not I vesteed enough in that , we could say hey if you got franchise qb you got to say you can't say def players , .and vice versa if you got a qb on a cheap co tract a la eagles , you hire out top flight def like e talent. We could really use Bennett right about now. Takk is down we will generate zero pass rush
  3. And this is exactly what we heard on draft day, he's done ,
  4. Wrong as fk. I was at the game eye level at the 50. Matt threw those off his back foot , he doesn't have the arm for that cam does, not Matt, he needs to step into the throw ,he was just lobbing it up and the rush was right there on those deep balls, they were bad throws but they'll do this because they think Julio can get them anyway , so times he does so.etimes he doesn't
  5. Ryan has these **** games, so does Rodgers, his on games are just more impressive than Matt's because of his skillset. I think we added much more to the off or check changed some thing about it that Matt was swimming a little and he wasn't seeing things clearly, it's early. Let's see what happens, saints lose first 2 games of like every season
  6. oh look, buy bye gregers olson
  7. Not disagreeing with your saying here PMF , but I think on this one , the defender on Julio's back side could fairly easily break off and drop down to Sanu route and you see him hesitate a little right as Matt let's it.go, Matt probably doesn't throw hard enough to zip it in there. I agree and Quinn said as much players lack of execution on this game, I think Matt's head may still be swimming a littke becasue apparently they have added lots to that part of the offense, and of course dline in your face only amplified that.
  8. at some point there is no excuse with the weapons we have on this offense
  10. not sure why we draft ridley when we need guys on the lines, we dont have any beef up here
  11. UHM really - julio catch isnt a catch?? WHO IS GOING TO DEFEND THIS>
  12. RIGHT thats what I keep getting, I work with lots of international folks who are new to football and want to get into it, but they have a real hard time when the game is constantly stopped.
  13. Whats that 3 more penalties after this post before the half? cant make this **** up
  14. 14 flags before the half ?? lets not add up the yardage on that.