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  1. Objective critics plan to try to cheat and weasel everyone was so brilliant i cant believe it failed
  2. Aint nothing but a ***** Have fun playing with yourself assclown
  3. We couldn't afford to cut Babs without bringing in an equal or better DT. If we did bring in a player like that we would only cut him if we felt he was overpaid and he wouldnt renegotiate Peters injury means we need him more than ever. If another DT like Walker or Robertson could be a quality player beside Jerry in the base D, so that Babineaux can come in nickel/pass situations and use his quickness to hunt down QBs Babs is undersized and his speed is what makes him a good player, we need him for the pass rush
  4. Bring him in for a tryout sure Was he cut by SD? Their D/DL isnt very good Castillo was a force earlier in his career but injuries may have killed his effectiveness
  5. As in cut? This season? After the season? I dont think theres anything Robertson could do that would result in Babineaux being cut We need more good DL, not less
  6. Dont you want to pay 300 for something made by slaves? It has the Nike symbol on it
  7. **** if true Peters injury must be pretty bad. Has he been out since the offseason? Hopefully he can make it back and not miss the season Jerrys obviously carved out a big role for himself, this means he needs to step up even more. So much for limiting Babs snaps, we'll need him more than ever. Vance Walker will get a real chance to earn a bigger role, and the rookie Robertson will get a chance to contribute too. Wouldnt be surprised to see us sign a DT
  8. For a tryout maybe, he might be able to hold the spot Svitek had for a year till he gets back Holmes will be the #3 OT if not a starter at some point. Reynolds should be a backup OT and Johnson has been getting reps there for some strange reason If Deuce Lutui is actually available I would definately bring him in for a tryout
  9. Apparently he's not available, if he was I'd definately bring him in for a tryout You can never have enough quality DL
  10. I havent seen it I'll try to catch it when NFLN replays it but thats not good Obviously no staff reveals all their tricks in the preseason but it sounds like they went over the top with it Maybe after the 1st game they said ok it looks like our stuff is working, lets scale it back, go vanilla and just evaluate personnel (hence vanilla Turner runs where the blocking gets destroyed that go nowhere, etc)
  11. I was hoping he would be good enough to earn a spot at RG or C by this point If he isn't hopefully he can get ready by the time he's needed if he has to step in for anyone this season If they really are going to go with Reynolds at RG I hope he's atleast a decent pass protector in this pass heavy attack. I dont think he'll be very effective in the run game at guard if he is his listed weight of 6'7 310 Holmes apparently looked good in his 1st game and coming off injury, hopefully he's ready if he gets a chance, wouldnt mind seeing him lined up at TE beside Baker on some plays
  12. The 1st game vs the Ravens showed a lot of deep passing as well as a lot of misdirection, playaction and all manner of fakes that had the defense scrambling Since then some of the playcalling has been less impressive, but this is likely to change once the real season starts I havent got to watch the whole MIA game yet but I saw one "drive" that was 1. Vanilla run, blocking fails 2. Short pass to the FB 3. Short pass to Gonzalez 5 yards short of the 1st down with 2 defenders in position to tackle him When the real season starts hopefully we'll see our WRs and TE featured in a pass heavy attack,
  13. Well he's an interior OL drafted in the 2nd round. On a bad OL, if that guy cant claim a starters spot its a disappointment
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