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  1. Famous Rotel dip 1-Block of cream Cheese 1-Can Rotel(whatever spice level you want) 1-Roll of Sausage Brown and drain sausage, melt in cream cheese, and add undrained rotel.....Just that easy Above will make one serving
  2. If anyone out there has 2 extra Jones Arby's glasses I would be more than happy to cover the cost of the glasses and shipping to Alaska. If you can help me out with this just please message me and I can set up payment. Thanks again and RISE UP!!!
  3. That would be nice if all the local fan were able to help out all of us that are not so lucky to live in thr ATL area.
  4. Wish they had these glasses up here in Alaska...Guess that's asking a little too much
  5. I would love one of these if possible
  6. Figured they would have rested Turner and let Qizz get a full game in the back field
  7. Do you ever sell any of your drawings? Or maybe take a special request to have one drawn. PM me back please
  8. Until we show we can win in the playoffs there will not be much love for us. I can't blame the non-Falcon fans for feeling this way
  9. Guess you are lucky because just went and looked for it and nothing. Niether the new logo or old logo. Also I have been looking for the long sleve shirts all the players wear on the sidelines with the black logo on black shirt....cant seem to find those either
  10. Not shocked at all. If you look at how we have played over the last couple of weeks a lot of people are losing faith in us every week. The way I see it OUR team is still putting wins up on the board and thats all that matters!!!!
  11. I have had pretty good luck getting top end players in the years past. Just ordered 6 of this years. Here's to hoping for a Tony G but if not I will be happy with whoever I get.
  12. Pre Seaon Thats what I noticed about the game!!
  13. I am sure there will be some new changes really soon now that Nike has taken over. I think they left everything pretty much the same for the first year to help easy into their new role
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