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  1. Na, I'm just helping the team out, cha ching, there goes more ad revenue.
  2. You're a paid persona by the team. And a bad one at that.
  3. Problem is we aren't getting payed for this like you and your gang, wish I'd had known about this pay for troll program I'd be raking in the money now.
  4. Hey let the man work will you!! He needs the money this site pays him to buy a new shower curtain.
  5. At some point the whole trap game thing loses it's meaning. We are the BEST team in the NFL, every team we will face is not as good as us, so does that mean every game now is a trap game?
  6. Also just to prepare you for it we are more than likely going to lose at least 1 game this year. It will be ok and we will get through it.
  7. It's better than 2009 when we played 4 teams coming off their bye week and having a really early bye week ourselves. It was miracle we finished 9-7 that year the schedule was the most brutal I've ever seen. This year is weird to with us not having any consecutive home or road games
  8. Man it is going to suck when he retires but this was probably the best 2nd round pick ever used by the Falcons. I simply hope we are able to replace him somehow with some type of adequate pass catching TE.
  9. Cause the coaches have not put him on the field. They know more than us and see him in every practice. He has been on the team for years if the coaches do not feel he is ready I'll take there word over people that say he runs a 4.2 so he should play more.
  10. After the crap we saw this off season the trolls needs to be called out as much as possible. Point and laugh at them at every point possible.
  11. Brees is such a me first stat padding little doosh, One player where it is obvious his stats are above the teams fortune. Thus the gut wrenching salary cap killing contract he held out for.
  12. Huh? at 5-0 it would take an epic collapse to not make the playoffs. Did you forget the purple text? Winning on the road is tough against any team.
  13. Yep they spent the whole off season here 24/7 but when the team and Ryan wins and look good they disapear, oh but they are true fans huh wink wink. If they were really fans they would be more vocal the better our team and Ryan does.
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