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  1. Yep , lean ground beef burger, top it with some shaved black forest ham, slab of pineapple and finish it of with Dofino cheese.......
  2. Why not ? We can cross train him to play right tackle. That's what we do here isn't it ?
  3. You have this exactly right. The other part of this is that he seems to be able to improve things for the short term everywhere he goes and then it all seems to fall apart , he can never sustain it. I think the man is very over rated.
  4. This is what I am talking about when I say the guy is getting weird.....WTF did he just say ?? So in other words "lets just wing it and hope something good happens" Is it me or do we just have the weirdest collection of Coaches in the league ? IMO this team has as many or more of the same problems we had last year and the year before that and the year b....... Its just not going to work, face it.
  5. Why dont you take a page out of your own book and stfu, what are you the resident expert here ?
  6. What gets me more than anything is how cocky TD is for a guy who has done squat other than a few obvious picks.
  7. Whats sad is if they start Beirmann after watching 2 weeks of tape on this joker. This is how far down TD and Smith let this roster fall and people thought they were going to fix it all this year. I think it would take a competent GM and coaching staff 2 to 3 yrs to fix this mess, and to keep letting this regime try fix this is insane, they are incapable, period. Ryan and Roddy are not seeing a championship with this regime nor is anyone else.
  8. Agreed, SO, why not go to no huddle, run some screens etc , in other words COUNTER ATTACK and buy Ryan some time, make them pay by using their aggressivness against them. You have to try to get them off balance, but no , we just continue to call the same garbage plays in a garbage game plan and NEVER adjust. Screw Koetter...the guy is clueless and the more good pieces you give him the worse this passive , vanilla, transparent offense gets. He needs to go before every window we have is closing or closed. We are going to be left with Jake Matthews and Julio soon and thats it and we will have nothing to show for it. In fact the whole works need to be sent packing , from TD down.
  9. Ok genius , can you remotely understand whatever they are doing is not working worth a shyt ? We're getting beat like rented mules every play.
  10. "we have some very good pass rushers on this team" huh ? Maybe delusion is the problem with these guys. Smith has had 7 f'ing years to get the pass rush better and to stop the dammn run, enough of this bull shyt its time to clean house, seriously.
  11. So why bring in players that thrive in a 3-4 ??? That is the point. More clueless moves by this regime, even when they knew they had to get it right to save their jobs they cant even come close. Like I predicted , more of the same.
  12. THANK YOU . You hit the nail on the head, Koetter is horrible and that pos of a game plan he brought to Cincy was a disgrace and an embarrassment. Instead of coming out firing we inexplicably come out in the dink and dunk with D!ck mode...WHY ?? I am so sick of his vanilla simple minded game plans , the defenses we play seem to know what we are going to run and are right on top of us every play and why are we not using the no huddle ???? especially when Ryan is under pressure because we have no O-line to protect. Do something..... change it up, but no we do the same thing over and over and go no where. Can anyone tell me what he has accomplished in the NFL ? Why did we hire the CEO of the worst offense in the league ? Im sorry but the guy needs to go , there is no excuse for a game like that with our talent ever.
  13. I am sick of how often this is happening not that it is what the talking heads are "talking about" Its good that this is in the open and people are talking about it....its the first step in getting rid of the abuse.
  14. Beirmann has no problem at all getting off of blocks, you'll find him on his back most plays.
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