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  1. I like Huntley as well which is why I said keep Hawkins and get rid of Foreman. As of now Foreman is who he is and is giving us nothing. Guess we’ll just have to see if Hawkins amounts to anything in Tennessee.
  2. I agree but outside of Patterson none of the other backs have that change of pace speed. That’s the aspect I was looking at it from. PS at least.
  3. So much for nobody wanting him. Still wish we let go of Foreman instead of him.
  4. I’m just not gonna come to the same TC notes thread every day and complain about the same thing instead of just taking the info from other reporters and being grateful. Get a life my guy.
  5. At least 30% of the tweets in these threads are addressed to Dled’s reporting or lack there of…give it a rest!!!
  6. We’re getting destroyed? Lolol some of y’all are crazy man 😂
  7. So every team who doesn’t play their starters in the preseason all games comes outs sloppy?
  8. New regime new roster. Certain players u know what you have other you need to find out. Now is the time to find out stop complaining about starters in a preseason game.
  9. Xavien Howard getting cooked by Ridley lolol
  10. Honestly the pass rush is responsible for a lot that happens on defense. With even a little pressure the Golladay catch never happens.
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