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  1. You can't be this stupuid
  2. This is the third gamje of the yer that I can think of off hand (Bills, Dolphins) where we had the ball in the redzone with a chance to put the game away and couldn't get it done. With these weapons this is clearly on Sark. He has to go ASAP.
  3. Everybody is talking about the Ward play and I think he was in there for pass protection and the shovel was a desperation move by Matt. Thats at least how I saw it.
  4. Exactly. Pick plays that we get killed on all the time. Anything but a f*cking designed rollout
  5. sark with the worst call of the season
  6. We gotta get back to the edge runs and get our playaction going.
  7. Long scoring drive to start the second half will demoralize the crowd and the Eagles. We need it
  8. Ball bouncing our way fellas
  9. Rather have Hardy in that position rather than Nick Williams
  10. This field is sh*tty
  11. Kazee gettin busy on special teams
  12. This is exactly how the superbowl started