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  1. Honestly the pass rush is responsible for a lot that happens on defense. With even a little pressure the Golladay catch never happens.
  2. Is it just me or do we never get free runners on blitzes??
  3. I swear idk why I even come here every week yall are the worst fans lol
  4. This is a Guilty until proven innocent vs innocent until proven guilty thread...In an ideal world judgement would be reserved until all things have been "proven" but this is AFMB not an ideal world
  5. define plenty? cuz the only evidence we have so far is how the dog died. That's literally it.
  6. those facts show what happened to the dog and when. It's still yet to be "proven" that he did in fact kick the dog being as though it was hearsay. So again there are no "facts" that say he is guilty. Doesn't look good for him though.
  7. This is a messed up situation. Shembo was indeed wrong at the same time a dog's life is nowhere close to the value of a human's and I have saw worse happen to actual human beings lately therefore I feel nobody should do any real time for harming animals when folks are getting away just fine with harming humans with more facts than this. This is in regards to everyone wanting to jail him. he deserves repercussions but I dont think jail time should be one. My opinion
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