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  1. Actually Hank Aaron is missing 8 home runs from his official stats. He is still the reigning home run King
  2. What an unstoppable team that would have been
  3. It says something to me when so many different coaches want you to stay on their staff most of the time new head coaches want to bring in a completely new staff yet he hung on through every change
  4. This is random but am I the only one that reads @marvinthemartian post in Marvin the Martian's voice
  5. Everyone pretty much knows who they would take in the first 4 rounds if that player is available. But who do you feel is a hidden gem that would be perfect for the team. An athletic freak who just needs a little more seasoning? Someone from a smaller school who has all the tools but no national recognition? Overlooked because of a higher ranked player on their own team? Who do you want?
  6. True that's why I only have 7 picks this draft. And if you are able to get more picks for next year grab them and use them in trades to make the team better this year. As I was saying to @Foo Falcors we could trade Jake Matthews if he isn't as good or only as good as the rookies. If you could trade him and 2 4th rounders for IDK a high end draft pick or a better player( like a Corner back)
  7. I would love to get Big Ben Cleveland and Big Jordan Davis. Especially if we can get them in the later rounds(3rd or 4th round)
  8. Demoting/trading/best man wins. Have them duke it out in OTAs and training camp. If Jake Matthews is still the man you have quality backup. If the rookies are as good or better trade him and get rid of that contract.
  9. I also had 3 4th round picks but it didn't show up.
  10. So tried out PFN's Mock Draft Simulator and this is what I got with trade downs 31. Travis Etienne RB Clemson I was aiming for Najee Harris with this pick but he was chosen one spot ahead of me. But Etienne is a great running back and I wouldn't cry about getting him. 45. Alex Leatherwood OT Alabama We have a problem. No matter if we take a QB or stick with Matt Ryan, if they don't have an at least average OLine then we will have problems. I don't know if we are going to stick to Zone Run or if we move to Power Run football but we need some help
  11. Ran the 2 to long and as @GEORGIAfan said just could not buy a bucket. When John Collins misses a wide open dunk you know the BB gods are saying not tonight.
  12. That might have been my favorite quarter of the season so far we were ice cold shooting and Cleveland could not lower the deficit. We played great defense
  13. Sucks to lose butt we lost more because we went a little cold towards the end and Kyrie start hitting everything
  14. Ginger! That was her name. Thanks man thats been driving me crazy
  15. Not Mary Ann!!!!!!! To me she was much hotter then "the movie star"
  16. Did another one on fanspeak 4: R1 P4 EDGE Gregory Rousseau - Miami 36: R2 P4 RB Najee Harris - Alabama 68: R3 P4 S Hamsah Nasirildeen - Florida State 106: R4 P4 EDGE Victor Dimukeje - Duke 145: R5 P4 WR Reggie Roberson Jr. - SMU 175: R5 P34 DL Bobby Brown III - Texas A&M 183: R6 P4 G Cade Mays - Tennessee 211: R6 P32 TE Tony Poljan - Central Michigan 214: R6 P35 CB Marco Wilson - Florida
  17. A little of need and a little of BPA. Defense was definitely my focus but offense still needed love
  18. Matt Ryan. I don't believe we need to draft one this year. Next year or the year after we will see.
  19. Down multiple big minute players and still won by 10. Its going to be scary when everyone is healthy and clicking on all cylinders.
  20. If this is that Knight kid potential sign him to a full contract
  21. Man that ref made sure to try to get Huerter out of the game
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