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  1. I don't know what they call him. I just like calling him a wrecking ball
  2. Crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women
  3. For those who missed it
  4. So we are going into Matt Ryan's 10th season as the starting quarterback of our Atlanta Falcons. We have been to the playoffs, we have been to a Superbowl. And the only thing that has stayed the same is Matt Ryan for all 10 years. So my question is if you could make the best Falcons team using all the players from the last 10 seasons, not including this draft since they have not played yet, what would your team look like?
  5. Thank you both for explaining it. I've watched baseball for most of my life but some of these stats go over my head
  6. I'm sorry I know this has more than likely answered already but what does BABIP mean?
  7. Did the crime, did the time, and learn from your mistake, cool with me welcome back man.
  8. I've been here since August of 12 but it feels longer mostly a lurker I like reading what everyone else says
  9. Eh. Just not our night. It happens. I actually liked that Snit kept Folty in to pitch further into the game. Make him learn that you might not have the best stuff that night but need to learn how to pitch with it.
  10. after watching some of his tapes he doesn't remind me of free or Coleman he reminds me of Warrick Dunn
  11. Sorry as soon as Jamaal Anderson said he is a monster it put Settle straight into the NOPE pile.
  12. Well MVP has a nice ring to it so no lost
  13. Is Ozzy still eligible for Rookie of the Year I don't remember how many at-bats he had last year
  14. I am not going to lie but I saw Matt was there was supposed to be the starting pitcher tonight I already was thinking L. I am so glad he proved me wrong. if he can keep this up he might finally be living up to his potential, big if though