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  1. Dude!!!!!!!!!! He is going to get a lot of ground balls and strikeouts. His movement and speed of his body is exactly the same. Hitters are not going to be able to sit on anything.
  2. He's a Packers fan who has done I think most of the NFL so far they're all pretty good
  3. This is the guy we need for FS next year draft. Rangy, fast, and hits
  4. Agree but if it was only for a fourth or fifth I don't blame them for staying
  5. Really wanted to concentrate on the D-Line
  6. I would love to see the full draft and what people are think. Thank you in advance.
  7. My only complaint is I would like the face mask to be all black. Otherwise i like them
  8. I know he is listed as a DT but it looks like he would be a great DE
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