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  1. That worries me also. But with the way we platoon catchers it could help lessen his chance of injuring himself. It like Flowers said when he got his extension, no one can catch everyday in the Atlanta heat
  2. How about Wilson Ramos? From what I remember he's pretty good both offensively and defensively and he's only 30 years old right now
  3. if the game tomorrow is anything like it was tonight just go ahead and buy my coffin because seriously my heart can't take it
  4. At the hospital now.... 9th inning caused several cardiac arrests.... Go Braves... Nurse more morphine...(purp)
  5. Our game is predicated on us being able to run the ball yes we do need to be able to pass the ball when necessary but at the end the day we are built to impose our will and tire out defenses so that the time the fourth quarter comes around we can completely dominate. Very rarely in SEC game is the run game truly going to take off in the first and second quarter it's the third and fourth quarter that you want your running game to truly be going. That's why Kirby has brought in such big offensive lineman so that we can lean on the defensive line and wear them out
  6. I will say this defense kept us in the game in the first half when the offense was struggling offense kept the winning in the second half for the defense was struggling that to me almost makes you have a complete team yes there are things they need to clean up but when 1/2 your team can carry you until the other half can get started you have a good team going
  7. This guy makes some good videos
  8. This is why I've always liked you as a poster you might say some off-the-wall stuff and you have your own opinion but if you're wrong you come back and you give respect you sir are an A+ poster
  9. At my tv in Stockbridge
  10. New Orleans is always going to be the toughest match we face even when we are more talented they always come to play us the hardest
  11. I wonder why people keep saying Ortiz is more technical than powerful I remember that first game he laid a guy out
  12. How do you think Ito Smith is going to do tonight? I feel like if he would cut out that spin move at the top of the runs he would actually get a little further
  13. I'm excited to see Oliver bounce back from last week as a cornerback you're going to get burned it really doesn't matter who you are or how long you play the game
  14. I don't think there should be too many issues both got in their plunks so it should be "even" now. But to be on the safe side the Umpire issue warnings before the game even starts