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  1. What about that kid from UCF. The one with one hand. Which round would you take him in. I know we have linebackers but he just seems to me like a playmaker
  2. Georgia swarm won the national championship this past year
  3. Go Dawgs
  4. I figured I was just really impatient about Cox.
  5. so when is everyone else supposed to be signing because things have slowed down a lot
  6. all she's known for years but it doesn't help any
  7. Now the kid from my old high school and we have dominated ESP
  8. Dancing so much I'm embarrassing my fiance. She won't even look at me.
  9. The look on his face was priceless
  10. I think it's just because they're trying to keep him as fresh as possible so that when the big moments to come he's able to get to them quicker
  11. I like this guy. Great videos. Wish we had someone for UGA.
  12. I love this team
  13. I'm not one to usually start anything but i hope you meant to put this in purple. @falconfansince1970 is a true Falcon fan who trys to be as realistic as possible.
  14. I'm stuck in Louisville on a job. I would love to be home to watch the game.