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  1. Are they talk about him as a draft prospect or is he more likely in undrafted free agent? Either way I would not mind having him on the team might even teach Vic Beasley how to actually do a spin move
  2. Hey OP would you mind putting the draft grades next to the players that we are looking at if it's not too much trouble that way we can get more of an understanding of where the Falcons might pick them and what their thought process might be
  3. I can definitely understand the thinking on that because I too would like a bigger defensive lineman but if he is quick enough and more than strong enough to beat an olineman's Leverage then it really doesn't matter. But I do understand with a bigger body guy you don't need to be perfect every time
  4. Man that's a great draft first four pics nothing but monsters and each one of them from what I seen have attitudes
  5. My reasoning is he's a power back with good speed and he can catch wasn't used much as a catching running back but he can do it and he can get you the one yard you need
  6. Yes that is a really good running back to have but if I had a choice in the matter I would choose:
  7. I chose Dexter Lawrence because I feel we need a strong up the middle presents someone who can definitely stop the run cuz we were getting gashed way too much last year up the middle, having said that I will take any of the three and not complain a single bit
  8. If this is our ground I would be extremely happy except for Bryce love in a down Pac-12 this year he really didn't do as well as I believe he should have was he injured
  9. I really believe this kid is going to be our under the radar pick up give him a year to learn underneath ball and I can see him coming out next year and doing something
  10. With all the wide receiver things he does great what I like the most is his willingness to block down field. You come out already willing to do the dirty stuff straight from high school you have already placed yourself in my good books
  11. Hey you never know they can flyer on someone and see where it goes I bet no one thought Kurt Warner would ever be anything after bagging groceries look where he ended up
  12. when you watch him pitch frame you don't see his glove close and make the snap sound until it's like right in the middle of the strike zone
  13. I know the MLB offseason is a long one but could someone please make a freaking move so that the rest of the dominoes will start to fall