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  1. As much as I like a sweep win the series go from there.
  2. All cool
  3. I love how quickly and aggressively he would call out and correct what he saw wrong and get them in the correct spot
  4. Didn't see this one up yet
  5. I loved reasons his post and seeing his opinion. RIP Slappy
  6. For me when it comes to Dansby, it's his second year and he has shown good Improvement all the way around. His defense has skyrocketed to the point where he can almost be considered Elite, if we are ranking in baseball terms he would be a 70 - 75. As for his batting yes he does not have a high average during the first six innings but for the most part or at least the games I've watched he usually has great at bats. And as I was saying with runners in scoring position either he's going to get a hit or move them over, late Innings he's either going to get hit or he's going to lo move se someone over. I say that to say I expect even more improvements from him by year 3 he really didn't have that much time in the minors yes he played college ball but college is at most A+ in a minor league system so I'm willing to give him a couple more years to find his Bat and yes if you can just be a .275 10 to 15 home runs 60-80 RBIs with well-above-average defensive skills great if all he becomes is a .250 hitter with Elite defensive skills I can live with that too
  7. https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/exclusive-atlanta-falcons-hire-ryan-cameron-game-announcer-mercedes-benz-stadium/VEgITktMhwn8oUWM48ZCPJ/ Exclusive: Atlanta Falcons hire Ryan Cameron as game announcer at Mercedes-Benz Stadium 9 hours ago By Rodney Ho Share on Facebook Share on Twitter ... More Originally filed Monday, July 30, 2018 by RODNEY HO/rho@ajc.com on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog Former V-103 host Ryan Cameronwill be adding to his sports announcing duties by becoming the game-day announcer at Mercedes Benz Stadium for Atlanta Falcons games starting next month. He made the three-year deal public last Friday at the Georgia Aquarium where he was co-hosting the Beulah Heights University Centennial Celebration with Monica Pearson. For 14 years, Cameron has been the ebullient in-game announcer for the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena. (Read my profile of Cameron’s work with the Hawks from 2015.) His distinctive wordplay and power at the mic has made him a fan favorite at games, the type of work that the Falcons hope he can replicate at Mercedes Benz starting this fall. “Ryan is an Atlanta icon with a passion for Atlanta sports and the Atlanta Falcons,” said Pete Soto, senior director, game presentation, live events and stadium production, AMB Sports + Entertainment. “He has a unique delivery style that engages fans to participate in the stands and we are thrilled to have him as part of the Brotherhood.” In an exclusive interview, Cameron said the NFL used to want game show announcers to stay bland and neutral but the league is loosening the rules and allowing more “hometown” favoritism. The Falcons approached him, he said. Cameron, a life-long Atlantan, is a big-time Falcons fan. He has been a season ticket holder since 1998 when the Falcons lost in the Super Bowl to the Denver Broncos. “I have done travel and parties and trips on buses and trains and planes to New Orleans for more than 15 years as the No. 1 Saints hater of all time,” Cameron said. “For me to go from the stands to the mic is really a big deal to me.” While working with V-103, he also did the pre-game Falcons games for sister station 92.9/The Game for free in 2016-17. His time commitment for football is far less than basketball. While the Hawks play 41 regular season home games along with pre-season and playoff games, the Falcons only play eight, plus two pre-season games and any possible playoff games. Cameron said when he was offered the job, he received the blessing ofSteve Koonin, Hawks chief executive officer and a mentor. And he said he won’t expect any conflicts between the two teams. He said they rarely have home games at the same time for obvious logistical reasons since Philips Arena and Mercedes Benz are next to each other. Cameron is also open to helping out emceeing fan-focused Falcons events, something he did for the Hawks as well. K.D.Bowe, a jock at Praise 102.5, will remain on-the-field host. Cameron stepped down earlier this year from morning host at V-103 and a life-long radio career to become a business partner at marketing firm Rakanter, which has several sports-related clients. From a financial standpoint, he thinks his new job provides far more upside than staying as an employee at a radio station.
  8. I like how he was even trying to coach up number 85
  9. I work 3rd Shift so this is my life Welcome to it
  10. Does anyone have any updates on who has arrived to Flowery Branch? Thank you for your time
  11. Man this was a great game Win Lose or Draw I was going to be happy with our boys performance but thank you for giving me a win. In as much as I want Freddie Freeman to get going I want Dansby Swanson to finally start getting some luckier hits he keeps hitting them hard and they keep going at people
  12. With numbers like that one of them should win the Cy Young if not this year than next if they keep improving
  13. Thank you for doing this. It's nice to keep up with camps and you doing this makes it easier
  14. Today is the day time to see what our future prospects are going to be. Will we pick the young arms or try to get a power bat Find out today during the MLB draft
  15. I don't know what they call him. I just like calling him a wrecking ball