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  1. What about picking up Derrick Rose in FA? Still playing at a high level and during the playoffs wouldn't need to run him like the Knicks did so he would be fresher.
  2. I feel like QO was never really given a chance to be the guy or even a guy. I feel like DQ and staff just kept going with what they "knew" worked and were not looking to shake things up with their heads on the chopping block. Same with Morris. He was trying to win the job so wasn't going to use a relatively unknown player. At that point all QO was used as was a short area/2 yard line RB and they already had that in Gurley.
  3. I'm actually semi serious. There pudding really isn't all that great. Especially there banana pudding flavor one. 🤢
  4. Jello makes the worst pudding. Come at me
  5. Was that Wes Druham on some of those calls?
  6. Just the thought of what 12 personal could be this year is mind blowing. If we keep Julio Jones this offense will be so hard to stop. JJ on the left, Calvin on the right, Hayden and Pitts in line or in the slot, an all around RB who can catch and run. Defenses can't truly defend against. Stack the box? We have to many receiving threats. Nickel or Dime personal? Run the ball. Base personal? Hahaha hahaha!
  7. I like JC Horn but I don't see a real battle between the 2. USC Jr were constantly shifting the defense towards Pitt. Actually reminds me of how teams do Julio.
  8. I thought he was still with Washington football team
  9. How could this effect the draft next week
  10. That's why I put the full thing on here. It's so easy to create a narrative if only given a snippet of information or a loose summary. (I am not saying any one here, just a generalization)
  11. I am going to put Dansby full quote here because Twitter does a lot of nitpicking “There’s few things that, like, bother me in this game,” Swanson said. ”I feel like I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky person. I love the good Lord and try and do my best every day. What happened after that — I love the city, I love our fans, they’re passionate, they care. But what happened after they announced that call, that’s the most embarrassing part of the whole night. Not the call, but just the reaction and the throwing of things on the field. Because No. 1, disrespectful to the people that put in so much w
  12. Dang how could you let Ashy Larry take you out?
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