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  1. I know he is listed as a DT but it looks like he would be a great DE
  2. I thought I would post some videos of players that could be in there for us to pick at 16th.
  3. Nice sounds really good
  4. To start us off here is a North Carolina Dipped Chicken that taste absolutely divine. I actual use the sauce on other things its that good.
  5. I started this over on the college board and thought that it could possibly work here also.
  6. This takes some time and I would advise to let the garlic butter soak in first but it is worth it.
  7. What temp and how long do you place in the oven?
  8. Post all your favorite recipes here
  9. I know this is a little off topic and a ways away but who starts off our year on the board for each series?
  10. Even though they were all singles that can make a difference in a game being won to having to go to a game 5.
  11. Hawks and Brandon Goodwin agree to two year deal per sources