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  1. concerning Belin; there is a huge difference between a first line supervisor (position coach) leaving an organization and a a division manager ( defensive coordinator) leaving.
  2. ok...I watch little to ZERO league football. So to me, Schottenheimer seems to be a good hire because of the obvious playbook knowledge he already posseses. But the caveat is that the last NFL hire was Coach Todd Dayum Grantham....so I am unknowing with Schottys hire....Do the pros of game knowledge outweigh the newness of working with a bunch of 19 year old kids? Can he change gears? I think kids will want to come play for a former league guy...but....I am lost on this one guys.
  3. ain't he a Georgia HS product ? sorry....Nate Hybl, another former OU QB was from Georgia.
  4. offer for current Auburn commit 4* Landon Rice TE/DE out of Calhoun...6'5" 247...good kid good grades...can play. He is an early Barn commit, but I think he is waffling. Pruitt just sent the offer out to him within the last 24 hrs.
  5. well...FWIW...Pruitt left FSU where his base was $540k for UGA wherer his base is $850k...FSU did not offer a dime more to keep him...I posted earlier that I thought it was a lateral move which is incorrect...he got a bit of a bump, but he would have left Tallahassee anyway; he has been a fan of Mark Richt for some time and had made the comment that he always wanted to coach at UGA and under CMR.
  6. Bobo will coach thru the bowl game at the least. I would bet Richt will start calling the plays....just a guess though.
  7. yeah...read his stats. fairly impressive. Will he be an ILB?
  8. 90 + tackles last year (2013) with 58 solo....yeah, it was CUSA but with a better supporting cast he will could be a little better.
  9. i guess I am OK with the match up and bowl quality...I kind of look at the Outback as a little more prestigious. What I am excited about is the match up between Bobo and Grantham. It would do a soul good to see us stomp the guts out of CTDG's defense...hang about 50+ with 300+yds rushing.
  10. the same was with us playing Charleston Southern. by the way....Winston was all over the world news this morning about the rape "allegations." they said it was in the schools hands. is that kind of like letting the fox watch the hen house?
  11. August: every one said...10-2 or 9-3...new DC...dismissals..injuries...league more competitive. After Clemson: everyone said 10-2 or 11-1 if we can just beat USCe. Maybe 9-3 depending on Florida After Gurleys suspension: 10-2 or 9-3 After Chubb: 10-2 or 9-3 is the best we can do...new DC...dismissals...injuries. After Florida: oh god, we suck....9-3 After Tech:.....9-3 I am wondering at what point 9-3 was not in the conversation? We knew this coming into the season. Mark Richt as a coach, would never admit it, but he probably knew down deep that it was a possibility. There were too many negative variables surrounding this season that were beyond a coaches control to really prevent it. The offense was scoring points at a record click, and even to the eyes of a relative novice the defense was vastly improved over last season. There were some miscues this season to be sure, but those can be found on any team on any Saturday, but to advocate change in the field/team/practice management on a team where the winning percentage is close to .750, recruiting at a higher level than in the past five years, upward trending on the weak area ( defense) ...well, I was taught to never change paddles in the middle of the creek. This coaching staff requires no changes; the old adage holds true, "administrations win championships, not coaching." Build the IPF, and give CMR, CMB, and Pruitt, everything they ask for and the trophies will come.
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