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  1. wow, people actually have multiple and alternate usernames and accounts here . . . wow
  2. Then we are even . . .call BS. . does that change anything? why get married just to think about other women? i may as well stay single and go and make my fantasies a reality. . ..
  3. . . and I am not saying I am for or against this. . . I am saying I understand the other stance that is 'for' this move
  4. I agree but weight = more effort and stress = more burned energy = more burned fuel = more seats taken up . . . some need two seats to themselves
  5. Yep that is exactly what I was saying. . . All it takes is a little comprehension with your reading. It is not a matter of KoG, Spacey C or whoever else believing me. . .that is immaterial to me. . .
  6. I disagree that atlanta government is corrupt. You want to see corrupt, go to detroit, flint, and chicago. I dont know why ppl make it seem atl is just so bad and horrible like one of those northeast or midwest cities
  7. i have eyes. . those things in your head. . .acknowledging beautiful creation and creatures has to do with what???? are you that immature and inexperienced? im done. . this is a waste.
  8. not interested. . .i am not at your beckon call nor am I responsible to you or answer to you waste of my time already wasted enough time
  9. As a married man, I do not have the will or desire to lust after or think about other women. The only woman I have desires for and the only woman I have eyes for is my wife. There are other beautiful women out there, both inside and outside, but I dont care.
  10. yep, san fran. . . dang, got me again...you are good
  11. That's how it is Knight. . . no effort to understand where someone is coming from. . . just an ignorant assault on what I said. . .and not even what I said. . . because I never said those things
  12. LOL. . .I could care less about being believed by some buffoon on the internet ya, you got me. . . especially women want a cookie?
  13. I am still waiting for someone to point out where I said I find women disgusting. . .
  14. This is why I dislike many people with a passion. . . . SMH
  15. Where did I say I find other women disgusting? How old are you?
  16. who the sam helll wants their starting QB (and a fine franchise one at that) hurt next season. . . dont fall for the bait. . . if anyone says they do, they are probably saints fans masquerading as falcons fans. .
  17. BUMP. . . .DANG GONE BUMPITY BUMP BUMP BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally. . . .a breath of fresh air. . . . .THANK YOU!!!! I have been saying this since I have been here . . .
  18. No (I'm being honest). As a hetereosexual man, and one who happens to be married, I find it repulsive and disgusting to think about other men and I find it repulsive to think about other women.
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