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  1. Who knew Huerter would end up being the hero we all needed. Trae please show up at some point though 🥺
  2. So what happens to Capela and his contract?
  3. He didn’t finish off the last game… Dont know what’s off for him man, he was smoking hot coming into the playoffs
  4. He adds a mid range game, Capela gonna have a challenge keeping his starting spot. he doing this in the offs with a condensed rookie off-season program
  5. It’s pretty much Huerter, Trae, and Capela whenever he gets a lob tonight boys 😬
  6. Bogi been so streaky this series. The length probably affected him the worst
  7. Boys playing with energy to start this out, they smell blooooooooooood
  8. I will say, Bud might be the easier coach to outcoach people want to talk about injuries for our ‘easy’ path, but really we’ve had Thibs and Doc, 2 coaches who normally bug out in series. We finish this, and we get a rookie head coach nobody has ever seen hold a clipboard or Bud, who we know all too well
  9. Bucks have similar length though. I’d rather shoot it out with BK honestly. What I really want is to take care of Philly tomorrow though 😬
  10. Not watching games and commenting on Trae is hilarious. Even still, especially after watching him affect the game every time he touched the floor while not scoring well. Idk, at that point it’s like what are you looking for when analyzing what you’re seeing.
  11. It was Kelce and Kittle though I’m dumb 😂 just realized what you meant by considered
  12. Anybody remember the Reddit for this? That was a GODSEND a few years back, they were too good and got shutdown though 🥺
  13. Unfortunately, game pass works different in the United States. You have to wait a day to watch the game. VPN would be his only way going that route
  14. The only semi legal way by yourself is using a good VPN that won’t bottleneck your connection, “traveling” to Sweden for a bit, and signing up for the international game pass which shows games as they play instead of a day after. Another option is finding a friend/relative in college, and you can purchase Sunday ticket separate from directv. Or just finding a friend/relative with directv and working something out with them. Otherwise I’m sure you have some viable means in your DM by now
  15. Atlanta WRs out of Alabama and foot surgery, name a better combo 🙄
  16. Not sure what the solution for Embiid can be. Our backcourt gotta be better for sure to start. Showed good fight up until that dagger 3, see what we look like back in State Farm. Might need to run Simmons through some traffic with Trae off ball and have Bogi run more sets.
  17. Biggest issue was hacking Ben with under a minute left(let them drain clock, we slowed the game down for them) and completely stalling out against the trap. Need to run trap drills all day tomorrow. Was funny hearing Jalen Rose say they swallowed the whistle for the 6ers in the end though swear a few times they were trying to intentionally foul Trae with no call
  18. Welp. Time to put his jersey on the wall 🥺 Thanks for the decade of dominance Julio, wish it could’ve ended better. Mods, get this faxed over to Julio, stat. Thanks
  19. I don’t do the 5 team free to play leagues with family 😂 Even outside of fantasy football, the kid made some noise his rookie season training camp and preseason. Just saying...it’s not a long stretch that people know who Tajae Sharpe is.
  20. This is the tracking I’m talking about. Watch the replay. Ridley slows down a bit while tracking the ball and puts the boost on at the catch point so that broadcast looks in stride, in reality Ridley tracked that. Julio has never been great at THAT.
  21. He was a talked about prospect through his rookie year minicamp, and a talked about sophomore player. Again, his name even came up for fantasy football. Just saying, just because you can’t remember a Tajae Sharpe and have an outside hobby, doesn’t mean everybody can’t 🤙🏿
  22. If you haven’t heard of Sharpe, you probably don’t follow football like that. At a minimum he was a FF sleeper for like 2 years. I’m excited to see him with a great QB. Feels like a Taylor Gabriel-esque type signing
  23. Embiid and Trae with the ultimate battle of pettiness 😂 Can’t wait
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