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  1. It ain’t hate, it’s just the fact that average to all-pro is a pretty large jump. If they think they can get that jump from Sewell, why wouldn’t we upgrade our LT? If they think Parsons, or Surtain, or some other high profile defender is a better prospect then by all means. But if they see Sewell as a future all-pro, it would be foolish to pass on him because we have Jake Matthews. If the argument is Sewell won’t end up at that level and will just be a middling LT who’s name sometimes pops in the top 10, sure, I’d hope they have other prospects they believe will have be
  2. Just burst out laughing in the middle of my child’s head start video class. Thanks 🤭
  3. He wasn’t even better in Shanahan system tbf. He’s been middle of the pack through all of the systems. The drop off from a top 5 tackle to a top 15 tackle is pretty steep too. Idk, if the FO thinks Sewell is that guy not sure why people wouldn’t want an upgrade. This board will be divided than a mug on draft day.
  4. Draft order doesn’t correlate to a team’s draft board, but yeah, I doubt we draft a QB.
  5. What if the compensation you get for the trade down isn’t something you want. What if the range of picks you want to trade down to, don’t want to trade up. What if, what if, what if...just because one strategy is on the forefront of this conversation doesn’t mean other strategies aren’t in play. I’m sure if we get a package worth something, our FO will make the right decision on trading down or staying out. But you can’t force a trade down. I agree though, trading down is an option if we get a reasonable package. And yes, the NFL ain’t a simple business. I wasn’t claiming it was. I
  6. I’d be lying if I said I follow any other teams as hard as I follow Falcons. I do remember reading Ozzie Newsome state he’s always looking for the best player available over need though. Off the top of my head, I don’t remember another GM openly stating they go BPA over need. Again, I can only take a GM for his word because I don’t know the draft board or draft strategy for that team.
  7. I’m not a cap guru, I don’t think anybody on this board will claim they are one either. You make the cap work how you make the cap work. You again are assuming we have another 4-12 season if we don’t hit on a first rounder. So if we take Sewell, and he doesn’t beat out Matthews, and he plays poorly at LG or something, that automatically means we’re going 4-12? I really hope you aren’t one of the guys that constantly said this didn’t look like a 4-12 team. Actually, I won’t assume. Do you feel like this team is as barren of talent as we showed over the course of last year?
  8. I’d be interested how you quantify who drafts by need vs BPA without knowing their draft board besides taking what they say at face value.
  9. Well let me set you straight, I clearly stated I doubt a QB is BPA. 1. You can fill holes outside the draft so the assumption we’d have multiple starters missing is just that...a blind assumption. 2. We don’t know what road map they laid out for Arthur Blank, so hot seats or not is again, an assumption. 3. A draft pick is not something that should be used as a plug resource. A draft pick is on a tailored contract for multiple years, they are basically futures. You don’t HAVE to start draft picks if you take care of holes in other ways. All that said, a draft p
  10. Well he’d compete first year, and if Ryan wins the competition, he’d sit on the bench. That’s the point of drafting a strength with BPA, nobody is safe. That said, I seriously doubt a QB is the BPA at pick #4 with 2 teams that are very likely to pick QB ahead of us, and one team who could easily trade out to a QB hungry team or replace a rookie QB the locker room ain’t in love with. The years of using the draft to fill out our roster are gone and I love that. You draft potential long term, not rookie year, which takes away the NEED to have a starter out your 1st, 2nd o
  11. Chase is who instantly came to mind for me 😂😂😂 love the kid, hope he’s not the Falcons 4th pick
  12. I’m out in NM, wish I could do more, prayers to your friends and your strength for them.
  13. Ryan won an MVP managing games. It has a negative connotation but I’m all for it, think he’s elite when he can just flow with the game.
  14. Well I’d hope a 36, 37, 38 year old Matt could play better than a 40, 41, 42 year old Drew. But no, it wouldn’t be viewed as a success.
  15. It’s for the team losing the person, and it’s only after the person has stayed with the new hire for 3 years
  16. He was connected to Vrabel and probably wanted to help him out as a first time head coach. Same for Smith.
  17. I mean you have 2 spectrums. The Bears trying to get you to bite on an end around with Calvin’s brother, or the Chiefs trying to get you to bite on an end around to Kelce. Same with us when we had Julio and the pips(ie a bunch of burners who could take the top off a misstep). Scheme only gets so far. Otherwise you look like us trying to run the Amoeba with Worrilow directing traffic
  18. I can only imagine! I showed out in the bar I was in full of Packers fans 😂 when Ryan ran it in and spiked the ball with his shoulder pad out, I don’t think I’ve ever been more hype for a football game
  19. Seahawks defenders, our players, our board somewhere during the 3rd quarter of the 2016 NFCCG 🙄 when **** is good, **** is good
  20. Is the source confirmed from Falcons. Although it would be iffy business by Smith, he very well could’ve leaked the information to drive his price up 🤷🏿‍♂️ Maybe they hit a negotiation wall, gave him a ‘final’ offer, and he’s using one more tactic.
  21. A balanced attack isn’t a running team. Even while trotting out Tannehill and that receiving core, he hovered around 50/50 splits. You really gonna argue teams with a balanced O don’t win super bowls??? Nevermind that taking the winner of a 32 team pool to make a statistic point is a horrible use of statistics.
  22. The assumption would be his balanced approach would help highlight our passing game that’s been on the fritz lately, and teams wouldn’t be able to key in on our, hopefully, upgraded RB. I think this confirms we aren’t going QB in the draft. I’m mildly excited. We let Ryan manage games more instead of trying to win them, maybe extend on a more cap friendly deal and spread out the hits, maybe we can build something for his farewell tour.
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