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  1. He really wasn’t bad...even I wanted him to shut up about Oliver to a point at the end. Sometimes you guys get too sensitive
  2. Idk. Looked like he was playing cover 2 the way his eyes went straight to the backfield and he didn’t bail with Agholor sprinting down the field. In that case it’s on Neal to get to that sideline.
  3. We haven’t seen Bryant kick yet, hope he ain’t booting ducks tonight
  4. Think it was play calling, the Bears defense, or execution?
  5. He’s calling a great game, didn’t catch his first one but color me impressed with this one
  6. At least Cook is still deadly on the stretch
  7. Made it look easy too.
  8. Nah, throwing to a spot>>>>>throwing to the open guy, it helps your rac chances. Just have to choose the right spots lol
  9. When have we ever played disciplined? No shade, I was legit thinking of a game I could watch where we faced a lot of motion and couldn’t think of any film I could go back to under Quinn. Maybe a Carolina game, but usually we beat them when we get a decent enough lead where they get out of their option offense...anybody got any games they can think of?
  10. Lmfao... so the question is can he do it...then you have the audacity to argue against the point he can by saying, ‘even if he did it TODAY’... weird bro
  11. Maybe 9ers will have another bad year and we can secure Shanahan at HC. I’m tired of having defensive minded HCs for the past 11 years, and never having a great defense.
  12. Happy they made the right decision.
  13. Right now we have a broke kicker. I said adequate replacement. It’s why you don’t give a cat you picked up off the street the keys to the car without a suitable back-up plan. It’s why you don’t burn a bridge before you cross it. Like I said, I get the fiduciary reasons, but it wasn’t a surprise to anybody that Bryant was going to age once a year. If you want to get rid of someone a year early, have a better plan than scrambling for competition the last week of the preseason. And truthfully, with the way the Patriots/Manning/Big Ben have dominated the league for the past 2 decades, I think you’d be hard pressed to name a dozen teams that are well ran. Your last point isn’t an excuse, it’s an indictment on most FOs.