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  1. I’m not convinced signing Poe would prevent us from keeping everybody we’ll want to keep. He didn’t sign for a huge contract...at worst we’d probably have to let Rocky walk, which speaking of chess, could be mitigated by Oliver playing well outside, Poole continuing to improve inside, and Kazee being the DB Swiss Army knife. Regardless, I don’t think it’s a terrible move to choose to move on from Poe, but I don’t think we’ve done anything to plug his spot as a good run defender on an already shaky run defense. Maybe McClain and Senat step up, maybe Crawford coming back healthy helps, maybe we regress on defense and struggle with any team patient enough to just run it down our throat...we won’t know, but you’re selling letting Poe walk as a slam dunk move really prematurely. It’s not your character to jump to conclusions like this
  2. We’ll see how McClain/Senat do, and if Poe still got it...I’m personally still worried about our run defense. Especially since Poe wasn’t overpaid by a division rival
  3. For a good portion of his time, no...Chiefs kept their starting unit out the whole 1st half, made Schaub’s first drive all the more impressive even though he should’ve thrown a pick in the end zone. Personally, I didn’t see any real bad play from Ito except special teams
  4. Didn’t know that...but it makes sense. Just used to the pics of Matt with his QB coach, but thinking on it those were the years the OC was in the booth, so again, makes sense
  5. That’s interesting that the QB coach is in the booth while the OC is on the field...but Sark had the playcall sheet so until they come out and say he’s been relieved I’m thinking it’s business as usual
  6. Before people say Long is in a head lock on the still images, the reason Abraham rarely got his calls on these plays was him never getting disengaged from a blocker through his swim, which led to him being in similar positions. The verbiage in the rule book accounts for pass rushers simply trying a swim move that doesn’t disengage and putting themselves in a hold pretty much. Not sure on if Long got Matthews to disengage on this play, but still images ain’t gonna do this play justice
  7. Read it earlier...his argument is the with Kyle, without Kyle years...and probably the fact Ryan has Julio. Whatever man, I’d take him over half that list and all that matters is we have him
  8. I was saying this in another thread...our win/loss record doesn’t reflect that though. playing our best ball in November/December is a good thing though, so as long as we’re winning games while not clicking all the way, we’re good
  9. Because there are multiple goals in preseason, like evaluating the back half of the roster. I think ink is never using preseason games as a dress rehearsal has led to some of our slow starts personally.
  10. KJ plays weak side, Quinn tries to keep Campbell at strongside like Irvin
  11. Probably the reporter who asked the question...I doubt he offers an analysis of the poor showing without being prompted.
  12. I do wish we did more work for starters in preseason...we seem to start every year slow and pick up steam as the year goes on
  13. So basically you’re saying everybody has different opinions and it’s pointless saying ‘you can’t talk about x player without hearing something’? Amazing