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  1. In my dream world we keep everybody obviously, but I’d rather let Julio go on the back end of his career and give Ridley a market COMPETITIVE but not marker breaking contract. This is all assuming they’d have a plan for #2 receiver that wasn’t Gage. Whether that is a gadget back, a great TE receiver, or someone like Chase. I just don’t see us getting rid of Ridley when that was probably the best ascension plan TD laid in his entire tenure.
  2. I think it’s easy for anybody to say they’d take x over y. But when the whole world is clamoring that y>x, you have to be 1000% sure x>y or your job resume takes a hit, even if x is successful. I don’t think anybody can stand up and say Wilson is by far and away the better prospect
  3. No probably just a natural reaction to a first time meeting being filmed for the gram
  4. Trade down with capital for future drafts. Maybe get aggressive this year if a guy they like falls a little as a project. Stay vigilant in FA and QB trades.
  5. I’d hope we go into the draft with our back up QB on the books if we’re planning on it being a veteran.
  6. Good to know he’s cognizant and working on it. Hearing him say he just learned how to throw with his body gives me pause, but the proof is in the pudding so 🤷🏿‍♂️ the little things start to distort when you thinking about this stuff though, which is why it would worry me. Will his inside heel line up with his target naturally or will he have to think of that while trying to diagnose coverage. Some people just come up more refined mechanically, I’m not saying he can’t fix it or anything, just have to wonder where his mind is, do some mechanic ‘miscues’ have good reasoning behind them,
  7. I truly didn’t know. Only time I had a feeling we were gonna be nice was when Ryan had that Instagram post overlooking the city quoting a Future lyric. Just felt like the usual quiet guy calling his shot before the season meant something. It should’ve 🥺
  8. For sure lol. Gotta be the first to pontificate what the season will be in preseason so you can do your annual victory lap if you’re right, or disappear for a few months only to show up with the same attitude if you’re wrong 🙄
  9. 2018 pisses me off so badly. Was the picture perfect embodiment of wasting a team’s prime. Ugh 🤮
  10. It was like 5 people lol. Most threads devolved into Ryan vs Shanahan with that point sprinkled in. The board was anaheim after the first game against the Bucs
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