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  1. Jeez guy, great craftsmanship. I gotta get on my game, great inspiration man
  2. A Town down triple entendre don’t ask me how?
  3. TD? Trade down? Don't make me guffaw I wouldn't be opposed though...just throwing out a not likely scenario
  4. I was reading somewhere that a possibility for no season would be a 32 team lottery for the top pick. If Falcons get top pick, we nabbing Lawrence/Fields? 👀
  5. No bull, I’d actually be pissed imagine transferring schools because the homie pressing you then dude quits the team. Catching a smooth 3 piece in the hallway before 3rd period
  6. I figured the price would run enough people away. Only reason I’d dislike the trade right now is the possibility of the cap not increasing or decreasing and Adams needing a market reset, especially considering he was begging for Dallas
  7. I personally don’t like a lot of his ‘away from body’ contact points...they aren’t weak though, but when everything else is perfect I assume that’s where ‘weak’ comes from, as in relation to everything else. But like even his catches, I always feel like are easily disruptable(apparently not a word), while a guy like Fitz or Hopkins get good security away from their body with great contact points. All that said, I think Julio would do better on jump balls with a QB who threw them better, but I’ve always felt our pairing limited both parties. The fact they’re both great negates a lot of the weaknesses in their pairing though.
  8. It’s a little more nuanced than that but I think his overall point stands. He ain’t elite at stacking, and his hands aren’t the softest away from his body.
  9. Ah. Looks like Shanahan used a compressed post, late corner combo. Beautiful play. Hooper takes the flat defender down, Gabriel runs that skinny post to keep the boundary and the deep third busy, Coleman almost “leaks” out late from the backfield. Julio runs a drag underneath which takes the attention of the shallow middle zones. The guy who could’ve squeezed the throw if the boundary corner doesn’t play so hard on the Gabriel post is Chancellor, but he has to come up for Julio otherwise Julio has a head of steam in the red zone. If the boundary doesn’t squeeze Gabriel to centerfield Ryan has that throw with Chancellor crashing down on Julio. Yeah, if Ryan read that right ever rip, we’d have a completion against that defense.
  10. most indefensible plays come from a pick your poison type of reality. in cover 3 the poison is normally the underneath route, Seattle was just incredibly adept at crashing down on underneath stuff as soon as the QB's eyes left deep, and most couldn't get another progression with feet planted to throw deep on a rope, with their pass rush. a go, flat, corner route is a common flood concept which takes the deep defender out with the go and the shallow defender down with the flat. I'm at work right now, so can't tell you what Shanahan did differently though, knowing his offense, he probably had the corner coming from an abnormal spot, or used a play action scheme similar to a run he was cooking with to further bring down flat defenders and guys playing the middle zones who could've flowed where the player was instead of guarding empty grass. having a player like Julio who demands extra attention can make it easier to scheme passing concepts too
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