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  1. Dag, Philbin worst than Quinn with challenges
  2. Julio has to save him because he let the DB stack him...you give Julio every throw in that situation, he has to win positioning
  3. Ayyyyy everybody dropping balls
  4. Dog you related or something?
  5. Because there’s a defense on the field
  6. I’ve been pretty lenient on Tru, although he’s soured on me a lot this year...but he’s done in my eyes after that play. It looked like a flag football no-contact game...I’ve never seen someone blocked by a face guard in my life. Just sickening.
  7. It’s not ridiculous at all...he’s been setting up teams and holding the counter until the 2nd half to put games away lately. Guess you can argue whether or not he’ll be able to continue this over a season, but RIGHT NOW, Sark is calling as good a game as anybody out.
  8. You didn’t see them sell that Julio TD as a run all game, heck, all year long? There’s a reason only 2 redskins players were even in the screen when Julio caught the ball.
  9. You’d open your hips up before the receiver is even. Probably sat on the route because it’s Doctson with Alex Smith throwing the football.
  10. As a team they’re 7th due to their low defensive DVOA. The offensive DVOA wasn’t stated.
  11. He used to at least catch the ones that came right to him...them two last week were bruuuuuuuuutal. I wouldn’t be shook to test the ish out of Tru until he prove he can catch a gimme.
  12. Ito gonna be something special man
  13. Person. Not people. Say his name, stop treating him like candy man.
  14. These 2nd down runs are working like clockwork for the first time this year