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  1. Color commentary no less...anybody watch that can give a review?
  2. Yeah he fix the mental lapses and he can be special.
  3. Lightweight Quizz
  4. I mean, let’s be realistic here. We gave him a contract he’s not going to match in the open market at his age and recent injuries. Teams will sometimes keep a bloated vet contract off the strength of their contributions to the team to that point. They probably started sipping the brotherhood tea hard and figured they were safe. I’m sure once he’s back on his feet they won’t hold as much resentment, but these early feelings are par the course
  5. You doing Bryant a bigger favor releasing him early to land on a team, than fighting for a vet min contract in the middle of preseason.
  6. The stopping the run point is strong...because like the article states, every team WANTS to run it on you early. Now some offenses may expand into some shot plays off the run game they’ve been giving you early(or even put on tape through the year) but fundamentally everybody wants to come out and show you they can run it down your throat if they want. So when people say ‘stopping the run isn’t important it’s *insert low percentage* of all plays called’ people are missing the forest for the trees. If you want our wolves to start running upfield with a lead built with our offense, we have to show the offense they aren’t beating us on the ground. Otherwise you have a defense who always seems to be a yard short of stopping down conversion after down conversion. I’m intrigued by the sheer amount of chefs we have in the kitchen now, and for all I dislike about Koetter, he is a very intelligent offensive mind who was flexible enough to take a 2011 Mularkey offense that was meh, and using parts of his playbook and terminology, turn it into one of our better offenses of all time...minus the run game.
  7. Pay that man the farm to be our ST coach... Frfr, this is a release that sucks but makes sense
  8. Would’ve been impressed by a retype off memory
  9. So did you copy and paste this or retype it out?
  10. But he’ll be able to name every Patriots defender and water boy 20 years from now
  11. And I’m asking why he thinks that...not sure how that’s not clear
  12. Are you insinuating I was asking why you think someone should be literally shot
  13. I mean the original question had nothing to do with slang but ok. thanks for the support
  14. Soooooooo did you forget the original question, or you not doing ya deep dive?
  15. I’m military, so if this is a regional thing, nah...I’ve been away from GA for over 10 years.