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  1. He was out of phase deep as a MLB against a WR trying to track the ball. It’s very capable he gets pulled back that far in a scramble to get the ball.
  2. You can argue he would’ve gotten deeper without the interference. I’m salty Ridley gets tackled before the catch and there’s no flag, even if he caught it anyways
  3. wish our guys had the same energy for this rivalry
  4. If a rule is masks in the locker room, they should’ve shown some common sense and not upload the video. The rule is pretty eh, but the punishment is justified just because they put themselves on front street for the commish and every health official in his ear to see.
  5. I’m sure Shanahan realized he had a past record breaking contract at QB and WR when he decided to throw the ball instead of running in FG range 🤡 Almost wish the Aints take the chip this year just to shut this narrative up
  6. Both if he’s cheap. Would like some comp other than Ito, Hill, and Ollison regardless.
  7. I’ll say it like this. After I saw the fumble, I said ok, victory formation and kick the FG. When I saw them line up I said, ok, 2 hands on the ball, don’t get in the end zone. My initial thought aligns with yours, but seeing what was happening I can understand the why behind it. Execution is just hilariously low, and I’m pretty sure any close game will haunt this current team until...idek.
  8. Uh...what? like, I agreed with running it to the 1, draining clock, and kicking the FG only if you got stuffed on your last attempt at the one. But avoiding a QB hit in the victory formation???? Huh?
  9. Been saying this core was giving up leads before Quinn 🤷🏿‍♂️ Even Ryan’s 4th quarter comebacks...they were comebacks because of lost leads.
  10. Think it’s easier to tell a ball carrier squeeze the ball than it is to tell a kicker make the FG
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