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  1. ay, we finally ran out the jumbo set with Julio out wide, nice
  2. probably jumbo PA shot play deep to Julio...he'll be open, they won't connect
  3. that's a weird thing to say
  4. dag, no wonder Truth doesn't play close
  5. the incompletion was a screen...
  6. people complain here if the coverage isn't 24/7 Falcons deep throating...don't mind it
  7. Nah funny enough they found proof it was Melo who accidentally spit while yelling at a ref
  8. Actually he was good because he treated Wentz like a runner against a QB who runs read plays
  9. Ya ain’t ever fought before? most people eyes get like that when they about to rearrange your face in anger, it’s a dead giveaway to either swing first or get distance lol
  10. Problem is he could one cut into a gust of wind and keel over. Really disappointed in his power in the run game this year.
  11. I wasn’t even paying attention to the FG because I figured it was a gimme. guess that makes up for the Vikes ish, now we gonna go on a run unprecedented to make up for 28-3
  12. yes. last year they showed they could grit through wins and the playoffs, that didn't change this year, the ball just hasn't bounced our way.
  13. Go for 2 ****it