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  1. Truthfully, Manuel did a lot of things to help Allen last year. I think he’s a very solid fit for our core now. Multiple af, takes good angles, and doesn’t let ish get behind him. Yeah the seams are wide open still, but we can fight that in different ways. I hope we lock him up in a reasonable deal
  2. big facts...I feel you though, I got 2 of my own distracting me at home as well. luckily my ship hasn't shut this site down yet
  3. I can dig it...I'm the opposite, but I've learned it's best to cater your 'argument' for the audience rather than for yourself if you want them to hear you out. new year new me bs
  4. noted...I'll try and remember next time we interact
  5. normally you use things that are documented to support your opinion lol...without that, it turns into 'I like this' 'well I don't' 'ok' you acted like you wanted clarification for why Kaep is something other than a bad QB, yet dont want to hear what's documented, or stats, or tape...I mean, what do you want clarified then lol? Help me help you.
  6. when saying 'why are you guys trying to change my opinion', it seemed liked you had a problem with hearing opposing opinions to your own. My bad if that's not the case. truthfully, what else was someone supposed to take from that? unless you are genuinely curious why someone who has a differing opinion would state it in an open forum?
  7. it's an open forum...differing opinions are normally discussed and you will have to deal with seeing other people post opposing opinions and show reasons for their opposing opinions. *shrug* I mean, you admit to being ignorant on the matter, not sure why you wouldn't want to get more clarification on the matter. but whatever.
  8. similar situation with Shanahan and the Falcons...Ryan went from MVP to barely mentioned at all, our offense went from all-time great to middle of the pack. again, it was a different team. you should probaby stop being so obtuse before people start believing you really are this simple.
  9. Using that logic, only 16 teams should field a QB because there’s no reason for any team to consider a QB below average. Kaep ain’t a great QB, but it’s kinda extra to make it out like we’re talking about JUCO level talent right now...you can, literally, get to a SB with him at QB.
  10. No, it was a different team.
  11. thought the fine would be a team fine, not a player fine...
  12. You like to assume a lot of things. First, an active duty military member should leave the country he serves because of an assumption I can't tolerate the national anthem. Now I'm calling you a bass ackwards bigot because I stated living in an echo chamber can create that type of subculture. I don't know you, so I can neither agree or disagree with your assessment of yourself. Sorry...
  13. Pretty sure nobody is surprised or upset by this... It takes a pretty small person to simply ignore and get away from anything they don't agree with. That's how bigotry and bass ackwards thinking cooks up
  14. Never said you couldn't read...now I'm wondering if you can... I can tolerate the country's national anthem...I mean, I'm in the military, would be pretty hard to get past that part I can also tolerate someone with a different viewpoint than myself. That's something it looks like you should work on. Changing the wording from wasn't to shouldn't doesn't change the discussion...I'll edit my posts if it makes you feel that bad though
  15. thanks! I'll discontinue using it for the song to help you focus on the message of the discussion rather than the correct use of that term