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  1. If he’d take Schaub’s salary I’d have him in a Falcons uni instantly. Instant upgrade at backup QB, and maybe holding a clipboard could help his progression. I doubt he takes a back-up role with no path to starting though. At a minimum, he probably wants a training camp battle. Issue is, all the bad teams who would do that with him are either chasing a young QB this year, so they won’t want to bring him in at a competitive price, or they’re gearing up a tankathon for next year’s crop, and don’t want mr .500 screwing that plan up. He’s stuck in no man’s land right now.
  2. Wish we could’ve replaced that throw with the overthrows you’re referencing.
  3. Just spent 5 minutes watching that on loop Quintorris is just a bad man
  4. A bubble screen is a receiver, normally the slot, running under the outside WR’s block...
  5. That’s Madden Jesus Troy Apke that speed at user is outrageous.
  6. Look like they designed that in Minecraft
  7. Those were career landmarks based on games played. Seasonal records could be affected, not career landmarks
  8. Fulton County Jail, nickname on deck already too
  9. Koetter...run any back into the ground...lmfao
  10. Palmer ain’t look any better
  11. He’s had ups and downs. This FA will probably write his script though. I understand the mentality of going all in post SB...just question some of the “all-in” choices.
  12. Probably the worst part of that, is 90% of that coverage isn’t talking about his ‘should have been’ game clinching catch in the SB.
  13. An expiring contract in a ‘rebuild’ year...their owner is probably just trying the NBA rebuild model #trusttheprocess type ish. Surprised more teams haven’t actively tried it, catch a year with a high draft pick and a stupid amount of cap and blow the load trying to build a team in one year.
  14. Fam he’d be my all-time favorite Falcon if he did that.