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    «HÂWKÂÎл reacted to caponine in Super bowl loss   
    Man let that sht go, yall still btch and complain about it all the time. It was 4 years ago, move on. Im tired of seeing this same exact thread every month. The Falcons choked , end of story. Find something else to do 
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    «HÂWKÂÎл reacted to JayOzOne in Super bowl loss   
    Nah, we lost because the Pats stole the call on the Play. Kyle has multiple plays with the same looks and depending on what happened the first time(s) he ran a play, he'll either switch late in the game or continue. It's why LaFleur didn't want Rodgers to audible; he might win the play early in the game but he'd ruin the chance to play the long game and fool the defense late. Nobody thought that we'd pass in that situation. Kyle got too smart for himself, not thinking that New England would steal the call and blitz in an obvious run situation.
    Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying that the Pats had a videographer stand on the sidelines while we practiced, taping our calls like they did against the Bengals(?) last year. But I'm convinced they stole that call, either legitimately or illegitimately, and that's why we couldn't seal the game. And yes, I have a tin foil hat that I paid top dollar for.
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    «HÂWKÂÎл reacted to ADAMSVILLE GYM in Super bowl loss   
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    «HÂWKÂÎл reacted to ADAMSVILLE GYM in WOW: ATL on SMASH w/ Dante Fowler addition!   
    LOL @ trolling the "ATL" haters 🤣🤣🤣
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    «HÂWKÂÎл reacted to Vandy in How long of a rope do you think our front office has?   
    Meh....me thinks TD especially is more like this guy.....
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    «HÂWKÂÎл reacted to Osiruz in I rewatched many of our games and here are my notes   
    Worthles players we dumped: Jamal Carter, Jonathan Cyprien, Devondre Campbell, and Kamal Ishmael.
    Worthless players we should have dumped: Allen Bailey. He just didn't provided anything as a pass rusher, even his contributions as a run stopper were negligeable. 
    Worthless players we should have never traded for: Jonathan Cyprien cost us Duke Riley and a 6th round pick. 
    Vet players who were puking aweful: Dr Dre Campbell, Trufart, and Freeman.
    My Offense Notes:
    Julio needs to learn to high point the ball and make a habit of catching it with his hands. There were too many occasions where he tried to catch the ball with his body, and he dropped a few tds because he didn't aggressively try to hand catch the ball or it even led to an interception (Vikings, eagles). As the best player on this team he needs to do better as this is one of the reasons he has a low TD total.  Matt Ryan with Matt Shaubs arm would be a fantastic player. There were a few occasions where Ryan delivered a moon ball, where as a dart would have lead to a TD. He also locks in on Calvin Ridley too much, leading to interceptions.  Freeman and Hooper gambled with the ball too much for my liking trying to play hero ball, this lead to fumbles.  DQ needs to learn to kick FGs and when to punt the ball. Seriously it pays to be conservative. He lost us at least 2 games trying to play madden ball and be a hero. Its ok to take 3 points in the first 3 quarters as well as to punt on 4th and 4.  Young Hoe pretty much cost us the second saints game with 2 missed fgs and 1 extra point.  We pretty much hung out rookie McGary to dry one on one vs JJ Watt, wtf? Koetter needs to add some quick passing plays to his play book. We threw too many deep passes, and as a result it lead to high number of TO's.  My defense notes:
    Oliver has not arrived yet, don't buy the front office marketing plan. Oliver is still grabby, bites on PA, gets caught looking in the backfield, and at times gets roasted by faster Wrs. His play did improve from the beginning to the end of the year, but I am not ready to annoint him yet. I would say as of right now our best corner is Kendall Sheffield.  Thank God Trufart is gone. For a vet "shut down corner" his season was too inconsistent and inexcusable. The bail artist got some jail house loving by the Titans AJ Brown and lost us that game single handedly. His outings against will fuller, and Michael Thomas were not much better. Trufant struggles vs taller wide outs, and struggles in zone, often allowing his wr to get behind him and a make big plays while he tries to play hero ball.  Devondre Campbell has momements where he looks ok, and moments where he looks like a heaping pile of hot dung. He is too inconsistent which is inexcusable for a vet. For instance he'll have a sack or come up with an int or a pd, but then he would crash inside on a run play against indy and lose us the game. Or he would get some Jail house loving by saints TE Cook, or abandon his zone leading to easy TDs. He needed to be gone yesterday and is not a good player considering he had 4 years in the system. opposing OCs were absolutely STOKED when Devondre Campbell, Kemal Ishmael, Oliver, and Oloukon lined up on defense. It was a guaranteed 1st down play almost every time. I am glad we got depth at SS in Hawkins.   DQ needs to slip some testosterone to the DBs, and Lbers. The feminine tackling was ugly and it was the theme all season long. Deion Jones, Campbell, Ishmael, Takk, and Oliver were especially bad.  DQ allows his players to play undisciplined and freelance too much, which leads to easy plays such as Deion Jones vs Jack Doyle (Indi game). Almost everyone on defense is guilty of this.  Whats up with our olbs/DE's having a fetish for crashing inside on run downs? Takk, campbell, and Vic did it the most, but so did bailey and it lead to huge runs.  Takk was playing with shoulder injuries all season long. You can tell he was favoring his shoulders because he would miss easy sacks with wimpy tackling or would go down clutching his shoulders or look limp. He could have easily had 8-9 sacks had he wrapped up properly or tackled the QB. He reminds me of a younger clayborn who could be better if he moved inside. He needs to get off the ball better, as he looks sluggish off the snap. He may not have filled the stat sheet but you can tell he is getting pressure because it lead to INTs or incomplete passes. He gave the QB too much time to get rid of the ball or dump it, and it think it has to do with his injuries.  Clayborn will be missed as a nickle DT pass rusher, Davidson has big shoes to fill to step into his spot.  Kazee stinks as a NCB, but he is a good FS.  Tyeler Davison is not amazing as an NT but he gets the job done.  Vic Beasley is a very good designated pass rusher, but he is not a 3 down player.
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    «HÂWKÂÎл reacted to F4LC0N1D4E in RUMOR!! (no confirmation)   
    Exactly, I read rumours and see a picture of Julio, and immediately my heart-rate starts jumping and down like a rollercoaster #LandoNorrisAnyone?
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    «HÂWKÂÎл reacted to CrimsonFalcon in RUMOR!! (no confirmation)   
    Exactly! ESPN gagging on Brady's nuts already.
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    «HÂWKÂÎл reacted to 1989Fan in Will Ryan retire a Falcon?   
    Yes, I think he will. I could see Ryan retiring before his body or the league retires him...similar to Eli. Once he isn’t good enough to for the Falcons I think he calls it a career.
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    «HÂWKÂÎл reacted to falconsd56 in Is he the real Dill?   
    The only issue with that is OG tend to be shorter then a 6'8 dude so there would be leverage concerns.
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    «HÂWKÂÎл got a reaction from WhenFalconsWin in which of our draft picks are you most excited about?   
    Ditto on Davidson.  Hope he turns out like Jarrett.
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    «HÂWKÂÎл reacted to octoslash in which of our draft picks are you most excited about?   
    Definitely Davidson.  He seems like a good prospect in a position where we need help.  
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    «HÂWKÂÎл reacted to WhenFalconsWin in which of our draft picks are you most excited about?   
    Ray Guy reincarnated 
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    «HÂWKÂÎл reacted to kiwifalcon in which of our draft picks are you most excited about?   
    Intrigued about A.J. Terrell myself I see a really competitive tough guy for his position.Im really wondering if he can make that translation at the next level.The traits are there he’s the one that’s intriguing me most at the moment.
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    «HÂWKÂÎл reacted to I Even Bleed Red in For whatever it's worth...I'm all in for a big trade for Simmons.   
    Teams are already dictating THEIR boards based on what WE will do!
    I'm all in on Simmons...but ain't nobody asked me! 
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    «HÂWKÂÎл reacted to Romfal in NEW JERSEYS IN APRIL!!!   
    man, I wish our unis were just these

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    «HÂWKÂÎл reacted to AUTiger7222 in Official Falcons Free Agent Thread   
    Decided to do this myself to help out those in need like myself who aren't all caught up on every move the Falcons have made. Here's what I know.
    QB Matt Schaub (Option picked up - $2M) FB Keith Smith (3 Years, $4.3M) OL John Wetzel (1 Year) DE Steven Means (1 Year) DT Tyeler Davidson (3 Years, $12M - $4.5M Guaranteed) CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson (1 Year - $1.05M - $137.5K Guaranteed) S Sharrod Neasman (1 Year - $950K - $40K Guaranteed) K Younghoe Koo (1 Year) P Ryan Allen (1 Year) P Sam Irwin-Hill (1 Year) CUTS
    RB Devonta Freeman TE Luke Stocker OT Ty Sambrailo CB Desmond Trufant - Lions (2 Years - $21M - $14M Guaranteed) FREE AGENT ADDITIONS
    RB Todd Gurley - Rams (1 Year - $5M) WR Laquon Treadwell - Vikings (1 Year) OL Justin McCray - Browns (1 Year) DE Dante Fowler Jr. - Rams (3 Years - $48M) LB LaRoy Reynolds - Bengals (1 Year) FREE AGENT LOSSES
    QB Matt Simms RB Kenjon Barner RB Brian Hill WR Justin Hardy TE Austin Hooper - Browns (4 Years, $44M - $23M Guaranteed) OL Wes Schweitzer - Redskins (3 Years - $13.5M) DE Vic Beasley Jr. - Titans (1 Years - $9.5M) DE Michael Bennett DE Adrian Clayborn - Browns (2 Years - $6M) DT Jack Crawford - Titans DT Re'Shede Hageman LB/S Kemal Ishmael LB De'Vondre Campbell - Cardinals (1 Year - $8.5M) CB Jamar Taylor S John Cyprien S J.J. Wilcox P Matt Bosher TRADES
    TE Hayden Hurst, 2020 4th Round Pick (143) from Ravens for 2020 2nd Round Pick (55) and 2020 5th Round Pick (157).  
    Alright folks, help me out if I missed anything. I'll try to keep this OP update.
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    «HÂWKÂÎл reacted to nolove4thecrook in ok its official we are superbowl bound book it...   
    Listen you can bookmark this and talk that ish but given the circumstances I'm living 2016 x1000 these Falcons are gonna win it all. I can feel it and it's going down. Were gonna go 13-3 12-4 were gonna **** on the saints and take it all the way. #riseup
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