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  1. It's going to be a tough game to win, but I've got my tickets to the game and I sure hope they beat them.
  2. I think they make the playoffs and advance to round 2 at the minimum. DQ & TD earn a contract renewal, albeit, a short one.
  3. I've uploaded what I made.  It's not my best work, but at least it's something.

    1. «HÂWKÂÎл


      If you like it, I can clean up the smudging on the trophy.  If not, no worries.

  4. My favorite pick of the Falcons, would have to be Steve Bartkowski, but I was to young to know about the draft back then. Other notables for me are William Andrews, Primetime, Vick, Julio, and one of my favorite O-linemen, Jake Matthews. As a former O-lineman, I like the mean and nasty streak he can have, but still plays the game very clean. I hope the Falcons never let him go. My least favorite pick would have to be Aundray Bruce.
  5. Thanks for posting this. It's too bad "Jesus" didn't post it, because then I could be thanking "Jesus" too!
  6. Anyone seen this hat for sale anywhere? I used to have it a long time ago, but its dead and gone now. I wish they would use this logo in other hats. I haven't been able to find it on-line anywhere.
  7. Also the last 2 plays of the game could've both been called PI on Tampa, yet no flags. Tons of no call holding penalties on Tampa throughout the game, yet every single Falcon's hold was called. Seemed like a home game for Tampa, not for the Falcons. Either way, only 1 team this season has won with 4 TO's this season, and that was the Giants. Falcons defintately didn't deserve to win this game, but to lose it because they were playing against the Refs too, made me sick.
  8. Going to have to watch game on internet this weekend.

  9. Going to have to neutralize the pass rush by doing a lot of draws / screens and possibly shuffle/shuttle/shovel passes, what ever you call it. I'd be surprised if Ryan passes for more than 300 yards in this game, as deep passes take a lot more time in the pocket, and I don't see that kind of time being available with JJ Watt on the prowl.
  10. Yeah, but he should care how they start too. It's not just about finishing, it's also about giving a complete effort. The 1st half for the D, was flat out awful.
  11. Levine Toilolo had a great game. I know he's a TE, but they do have to block occasionally. He had several key blocks, and at least one tackle on special teams, also had the 2 PT conversion. He appeared to come out with a sore shoulder during the game, but came back in. I remember last year he played tackle against Minnesota due to injuries. He's been a valuable pick up, and really came through when Jacob Tamme went down against the Cows.
  12. This play with the pitch to the center of the backfield was something I've never seen before. It looks like an easy play to mess up, but Freeman did an outstanding job and didn't miss a beat, and actually delivered a huge blow at the end of the run.
  13. Well thought I'd introduce myself since so many of you other fine peeps have done so. Hi, my name is J. R. and yes, I live in Dallas. Hate the Cows, Forty Whiners, Fudge Packers, Seagulls and 'Aints! Falcons fan since 1978 or maybe even as early as 1976. Army brat, traveled a ton as a kid, but grew up for the most part in Hawaii, and I am part Hawaiian. I served 6 years in the USMC as an 0311/0331/0351 and did 2 combat tours - Panama and Kuwait. Wish I could've done more, but I had to chase my dream of playing college football. Did 2 years in JuCo at Scottsdale CC. Famous team mates there were Joe Germaine and Tim Rattay, both eventually made the NFL, probably had a few others that made it too. Then transferred to University of Hawaii. Played along side Kynan Forney, Manly Kanoa, (Kynan played for Falcons a couple of years, Manly was cut by Falcons during camp his first year), Kaulana Noa (Rams) and Adrian Klemm (Patriots, he has 3 SB Rings), Andy Phillips (cut by Chargers in camp) - Killed in an accident RIP; Jeff Ulbrich (49ers). I butted heads with Jeff many a time during practice as he was our Mike backer and I played Guard. Anyway, I'm divorced father of twin daughters and 46 years old. I'm an IT Systems Admin for a prominent company and I have some graphic artist skills. When I have time I like to create signatures for gaming and other forums. Here is a sample of some of my work. http://hawkaida.net/FX/Sigs/FX-FlashSigs.htm Some of the sigs have sounds attached, and are either clickable or will play the sound when rolled over a certain part of the sig. http://www.hawkaida.net- my site. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMZGwCHMT4zyyL_jJAqw24w - my Youtube site (Old Falcons and Warrior Games, as well as some of my weight lifting videos).
  14. I agree with this list whole heartedly! Thus my sig and the videos I've posted on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMZGwCHMT4zyyL_jJAqw24w
  15. Added another: 1983 Week 09 Patriots @ Falcons 480p
  16. Added another game: 1980 Chicago Bears @ Atlanta Falcons...
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