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  1. Haha
    Weir1419 reacted to xSICKxWITHxITx in DeShaun Watson seen with Falcons jacket on   
    Ryan still better, but older.
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    Weir1419 reacted to Atlantafan21 in 2021 Divisional Playoffs Rams vs Packers, Ravens vs Bills, Browns vs Chiefs, Buccaneers vs Saints   
    Lol Nantz with the announcer jinx. Knew it was coming. 
  3. Haha
    Weir1419 got a reaction from PapaJoe in Perfect RB for Art's system   
    I would go Fields and Sermon 
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    Weir1419 reacted to dapanch420 in Interesting Information on Matt Ryan   
    zach wilson will have a great mentor.
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    Weir1419 got a reaction from Domed Outter in ***Falcons vs. Chiefs game thread***   
    Holy crap just get the first down, stop dancing!!! 
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    Weir1419 got a reaction from Atl Falcon in ***Falcons vs. Chiefs game thread***   
    Dirk is atrocious but you can’t take that first sack
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    Weir1419 got a reaction from FWEST1 in ***Falcons vs. Chiefs game thread***   
    It’s so evident that we need a mobile qb 
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    Weir1419 got a reaction from Atl Falcon in ***Falcons vs. Chiefs game thread***   
    It’s so evident that we need a mobile qb 
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    Weir1419 reacted to JohnnyFranchise in *** Official Chargers Vs Saints In-Game Thread ***   
    obviously the defense was pre-occupied with the wheels of #2 on the outside 😅
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    Weir1419 reacted to PokerSteve in Post Game Notes: Morris Calls Out Dirk?   
    Thanks for posting this, bro. I was totally incorrect. At least Raheem isn't going to be brought down by an OC he didn't want working for him.
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    Weir1419 reacted to ATLFalcon36 in The writings on the wall for Kooties   
    DK needed to never be hired again... Only in the NFL can a dude get fired at a role for sucking and get re-hired at the SAME ROLE BY THE SAME EMPLOYER THAT FIRED HIM FOR SUCKING AT THAT ROLE. How is that even a thing? Terrible.
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    Weir1419 reacted to PokerSteve in *** Official Falcons Vs Saints In-Game Thread ***   
    Some teams play zone defense. Falcons play ozone defense.  🤣
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    Weir1419 reacted to opensource001 in What do you expect the Falcons to try to do differently against the Saints on Sunday?   
    I'm guessing slow developing routes and runs into the heart of the defense.  If that doesn't work I expect Dirk to change things up by abandoning the run.
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    Weir1419 reacted to ATLFalcon36 in Ridley exposed   
    Dirk koetter is the worst OC in the NFL
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    Weir1419 got a reaction from Peteshweddy in This team.....   
    Defense played a helluva game! Dirk still is so bad with the offensive weapons he has. We should have killed Raiders if we had an average play caller. That's the maddening part of it. Shanny beat the Rams with a backup QB and little to no weapons because of his movement on the line. 
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    Weir1419 reacted to hjerry in Predict the Falcons record the last 5 games   
    With how erratic we are, pretty sure you' have a better chance of picking random numbers out of hat and getting the winning mega millions numbers
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    Weir1419 reacted to Lornoth in Let's Be Clear About the Offense   
    Our defense played lights out today, let's get that out of the way. A few mistakes by the Raiders but they played really well. We did what this defense was designed for: Took away the deep passes, forced the underneath throws, and then tackled for little gain, all while getting pressure without the need to blitz. Great game.
    Please don't look at the score and think Koetter has figured anything out. We were handed great field position all game with possession after possession, and we still managed to go 3-and-out and kick FG's multiple times. Running game was bad besides a few good Ito plays (why haven't we been playing him again?), and Ryan was still having to hold the ball way too long to find a WR to throw to, besides all the dumb screens that mostly went nowhere. The raiders had no passrush and we still weren't finding open guys. Not to mention the Raiders bailed our offense out multiple times with dumb penalties. Koetter did the same thing he does every single game, our defense just showed up today. Also this isn't necessarily on Koetter but I don't understand the 2 or 3 games a year where our receivers just drop everything. We need a new WR coach on top of it all because they were bad today.
    This isn't to bash the team, we played great. Defense was actually fun to watch for maybe the first time since 2017. I just hope people aren't thinking our offense was anything different today. 
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    Weir1419 reacted to socalriseup in This team.....   
    One word. DIRK
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    Weir1419 reacted to Hard Case in No announcement on Dirk Koetter   
    So what, the season is over. The  rest of this year should be taking a good long look at this O Line and D Line.  Or just let us call the plays on Zoom. 
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    Weir1419 reacted to ADAMSVILLE GYM in *** Official Falcons Vs Saints In-Game Thread ***   
    Welp!! I’m out. Goin shopping. 
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    Weir1419 reacted to FalconMama in *** Official Falcons Vs Saints In-Game Thread ***   
    We'd be killing the Saints right now if we had a decent offensive coordinator 
  22. Haha
    Weir1419 reacted to tl;dr in No more easy games, here comes murderers’ row   
    Peak Falcons will be to lose to the Chargers then beat the Chiefs handily 2 weeks later
  23. Haha
    Weir1419 reacted to FalconinPA in Seriously? Seriously? Raheem says he didn't want Matt to take the knee and get hit.   
    In Scooby Doo fashion, the gang just unmasked Raheem and it turns out to be Quinn
  24. Haha
    Weir1419 reacted to Falcons Fan MVP in Falcons are a cartoon, and Raheem Morris shows he can’t fix them - The Athletic   
    It was one game. The Falcons could take this loss and go on a winning streak. I think that 7 or 8 wins is our ceiling but Davidson coming back could possibly help our D.
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    Weir1419 reacted to jlrfalcon in The Post-Detroit Optimism Thread   
    The Falcons will not lose next Sunday
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