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  1. So we have a gajillion dollars tied up in an offense that avgs no more than high 20’s in pts yet our defense has been flying high and more or less winning games. Get a creative OC for Ryan. Koetter continues to make the play calling very pedestrian
  2. Dude your comment just made me grin like the Cheshire Cat. Hahaha
  3. don't do it man. Quinn can't change on the fly. Koetter is the most vanilla schemer and Ryan is regressing.
  4. this team isn't turning anything around. Quinn doesn't know what he's doing wrong apparently. They will win 4 games this season.
  5. jeez imagine what vick would have done with this offense. All he had was an athletic crumpler and a young roddy.
  6. Yeah if I can’t be excited about this team anymore I might as well make money off them. Go Hou -5.
  7. Hahaha that’s the cherry on top. I never even put that on his resume of why he needs to be fired immediately. Great point
  8. Yes at least I could watch falcons games again with an interest. I just quit until they fire that bad man
  9. Haha I’m going to NO for the Game and if Quinn is still coach I will be adorned in paper bag and fire Quinn memorabilia
  10. Haha I don’t think they win regardless so why not just tank for Tua. Tua with Julio and Ridley and a super Offensive minded HC. God the options are endless
  11. Yes but the defense is god awful and that’s Quinn’s baby. I think Koetter is average at best but Quinn’s stench of suck is affecting the whole organization
  12. This team is not winning another game until Quinn is fired. Quinn will come up with another stupid *** slogan for week 5. All the guy is a marketer. We can keep him but only to help sell falcons merchandise. I think he might actually enjoy that. Hahaha. God I’m so delusional with this stupid franchise.
  13. Hahaha the scary part I wouldn’t know where to start on predicting. Could be blowouts for both teams or it could be 3 pt wins. Probably the safest way to go into this game without going through the consistent mental roller coaster.
  14. Dude you’re delusional
  15. Even though I hate Payton, the guy just is leagues better than Quinn
  16. Yeah I think we win 31-10 and freeman gets going...finally!
  17. Matt Ryan better take the defense out to a lovely steak dinner if the falcons win this one
  18. I would have loved to go to bed a little earlier because we should be blowing eagles out but of course Matt is making this a game
  19. Benkert needs to be backup! I like that he can learn from Ryan to be successor.
  20. Hey man I hate it too but we did it to ourselves. We gave Brady the chance to beat us and he did.
  21. Hahahaha dude you hit the nail on the head! Brees is the only guy I respect on that team. Your description is perfectly worded. I call him ‘Purse Lips Face!”
  22. Mike smith needs to stop with the conservative gameplan because it hasn't ever worked out well for him