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  1. I just want absolutely no excuses for Ryan this year. His options along with very competent play calling should make his job a lot easier than previous years
  2. Holy crap just get the first down, stop dancing!!!
  3. Dirk is atrocious but you can’t take that first sack
  4. Defense played a helluva game! Dirk still is so bad with the offensive weapons he has. We should have killed Raiders if we had an average play caller. That's the maddening part of it. Shanny beat the Rams with a backup QB and little to no weapons because of his movement on the line.
  5. time to run gauntlet!!! Raheem makes the playoffs and he has to stay and I would welcome it! Just get another OC, for god sakes!
  6. Yeah I’ve been saying the same thing for all the people asking why gurley got the TD. He did his job, defense and coaching did not. No excuse!!!!
  7. How does Ryan have anything to do with this? Why the **** are we playing prevent defense with a minute left? It’s never benefited us.
  8. Please make this happen! There is no better trade partner. Just make it happen, whatever it takes
  9. Yeah we had to get rid of him because Ryan was getting to comfortable with him. He can’t have that in atlanta
  10. I have a feeling falcons are winning outright tonight. Everyone and their mother are picking the packers to win. This is their rock bottom game
  11. I’m honestly feeling like we win this game because we have no business winning. We need rock bottom to play our best complete football. The fail-con way!
  12. I’m literally shook right now. SB and now this! Quinn just needs to be the better man and quit. I’m pretty sure Matty’s face at the end of the game says where he is at now
  13. Have to go minimum 2-2 thru 4. No excuses at all.
  14. J.Snelling easily on O. The guy always filled in beautifully when the Lead RB went down to injury. Willy Mo or Spoon You have to go drafted talent
  15. its going to be a long season already. There just isn't direction with this team and it drives me nuts!
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