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  1. J.Snelling easily on O. The guy always filled in beautifully when the Lead RB went down to injury. Willy Mo or Spoon You have to go drafted talent
  2. its going to be a long season already. There just isn't direction with this team and it drives me nuts!
  3. run 3 stud WRs, with a potential great route running TE, and Gurley if healthy whose no slouch and there is NOOO excuses in this offensive being prolific
  4. Jeudy, Jeudy, Jeudy!!!!! Julio will get these beasts going! F Koetter and his vanilla offense
  5. lets go Jeudy! I don't want excuses if we get Jeudy. we have the O-line apparently. we do it offensive this year with an incompetent dirk koetter. that guy is seriously gonna f this potential ridiculous offensive lineup UP
  6. alright lets get the trifecta from Bama, since we apparently aren't getting any defense
  7. So we have a gajillion dollars tied up in an offense that avgs no more than high 20’s in pts yet our defense has been flying high and more or less winning games. Get a creative OC for Ryan. Koetter continues to make the play calling very pedestrian
  8. Dude your comment just made me grin like the Cheshire Cat. Hahaha
  9. don't do it man. Quinn can't change on the fly. Koetter is the most vanilla schemer and Ryan is regressing.
  10. this team isn't turning anything around. Quinn doesn't know what he's doing wrong apparently. They will win 4 games this season.
  11. jeez imagine what vick would have done with this offense. All he had was an athletic crumpler and a young roddy.
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