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  1. Yeah I think we win 31-10 and freeman gets going...finally!
  2. Matt Ryan better take the defense out to a lovely steak dinner if the falcons win this one
  3. I would have loved to go to bed a little earlier because we should be blowing eagles out but of course Matt is making this a game
  4. Benkert needs to be backup! I like that he can learn from Ryan to be successor.
  5. Hey man I hate it too but we did it to ourselves. We gave Brady the chance to beat us and he did.
  6. Hahahaha dude you hit the nail on the head! Brees is the only guy I respect on that team. Your description is perfectly worded. I call him ‘Purse Lips Face!”
  7. So the eagles lost their entire secondary a few weeks ago and now their QB who in my opinion might be better suited as backup. Enter Foles who somehow is getting the magic going again. Why cant we get that magic? We don’t have any grit as an organization. We never can just gut out a win. We essentially win when everything is working. That’s just statistically never gonna produce great overall results. I’ve been a fan since 2001 when Vick came onto the scene and have stuck it through some bad seasons and crazy turmoil. Even some of the seasons we made playoffs they always ended in the same result of lack of passion or “grit” to just want to win. I just want smash mouth football! Something that I know has been proven to win SBs time after time. Our O line is old other than Matthews. Our D is very subpar other than Grady. Quinn doesn’t inspire anyone anymore with his brotherhood rah rah. He should be the nucleus of this team when in the darkest of holes they are able to gut it out. I don’t really have a great ending to my rant but I’m just so tired of this same half assed product.
  8. Yet we don’t want to get rid dan Quinn. I’m sorry but locker room is shot. No more confidence in Quinn. First time since the season we canned mike Smith I didn’t watch the game.
  9. 45-37 falcons. Falcons fans start getting hope again and then we get boat raced by Lamar Jackson who will run for 300 yards
  10. I just think we should stop playing like pansies and win games. Get the tough yards, don’t get cute when you need a 1/2 yard to get a td. Tackle simple. Do your job. Please adopt the the belicheck way. I wanna see a SB before I die although I think the 28-3 collapse will always be our closest attempt at ever winning.
  11. They aren’t playing with any fire. Falcons chump out yet again
  12. 35-33 Bucs. Winston kills us again with double spin moves and runs in for TD. Throws 2 to Mike Evans who stiff arms the **** out of Trufant. DJax burns Poole for one. Godwin puts one helluva juke on Alford for 30 yrd TD Matt Ryan gets sacked 6 times and falls out of FG range 3 times because he takes a 30 step drop and holds onto ball. Freeman continues to dance around like he’s at a Highschool dance and gets little yardage. Am I missing anything?
  13. Mike smith needs to stop with the conservative gameplan because it hasn't ever worked out well for him