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  1. I see 10-6 ....Falcons dont win division ...and we have to go on road to Philly ..and lose to Vick Philly 42 Atlanta 17 thats where I see a prediction ..I dont trust this team to win a road playoff game ..We will have to win our division and play like a wildcard team like the Rams to get our first playoff with this grouping
  2. Vel - are you calling that Journalist a liar ? wow ..
  3. so now you believe Lofton was a leader since a journalist posted it on bleecher report ...Is that enough evidence for you or should I look deeper ?
  4. is BR credible and the journalist credible to you VEL ?
  5. yeah Spoon gets eaten up by Sproles and allows that to happen ...such a shame he did that record on us
  6. A journalist from bleecher report called LOFTON a leader and said he was improving in coverage .. Curtis Lofton is arguably the best free agent still out there. Lofton has been the stalwart leader of the Falcons defense the past four years. He's one of the top middle linebackers in the NFL and a key contributor to the Falcons defense. Curtis has been amazing statistically for the Falcons to go along with his leadership. Lofton has averaged 123 tackles, 1.0 sacks and two forced fumbles every year. He has also improved his coverage every year and his pass deflections and interceptions have b
  7. should have put a QUESTION mark at end..I apologize
  8. I didnt even know south park was still on and kids watch it
  9. I just asked ...sorry if I offended you ...come off as child talking about south park..
  10. how old are you aftermath 16 ? 17?
  11. Lofton & Ryan were both leaders vel...The last few pages demonstrates how silly you are vel ...I know Ryan is a leader just like I knew Lofton is a leader You can point to whatever you want...Mike Smith said when Lofton left a leadership void needed to be filled...We might not like how Lofton went to the hated Saints but dont discredit his character or his leadership ..He fought through injuries and was a consistent player on the field ...sucks to see him go to the Saints
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