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  1. Although I wouldn't want to face the Packers, it is a much better match-up than the 49ers for us. 49ers can run the ball and play solid defense. The dream scenario for me would be if the Giants stumble vs the Ravens, Bear win out and make the 6 seed, and then go upset GB in their revenge game. That would mean we play Bears in the DIv round and then the winner of the Sea/49ers game, as long as Sea takes care of Was/Cowboys. Bears and Sea/49ers sounds better than Sea/Was and Pack/49ers to me.
  2. That's 3 straight weeks we've had trap games. I bet someone calls a trap "week" on our Bye.
  3. I laughed so hard at the one guy who said he couldn't care less if we went 16-0. ****** didn't even realize that would mean us being them twice. It must be truly hard to have a negative IQ.
  4. Matt Ryan Matt Ryan Matt Ryan Matt Ryan Matt Ryan Honorable Mentions: Sam Baker, William Moore, Nic, Roddy.
  5. 75 % is a little too much to expect, considering the record is 71-something. I agree with a lot of what Gritz said, but I think he can get around 68-69.
  6. "Palmer screwed EVERYTHING UP." Lol. This was nice to watch, thanks for sharing.
  7. I have the Falcons winning 34-24. To be honest, I can never predict the Falcons to lose, not even against the 85' Bears or something. But thinking rationally, I see it being a battle of the offenses, with us getting lucky that one of their runners coughs up the ball late in the game and Manning throws an early INT to one of our linebackers.
  8. I think he can't go get the ball as good as Calvin, and he doesn't have hands like Fitz. YET. I see him being the #1 all-round WR at the end of this year.
  9. Just think of him as their Swift or something.
  10. I feel like we are a much better team, but then I look at the name listed at Denver's starting QB, and chills run down my spine. Imo, he's as good as anybody that's played the game at that position.
  11. When he picks Drew Brees off on that amazing jump, he's god. When he gets injured, he's overrated. It's sick how you guys change opinions so quickly. Grimes was a great player for us, and imo, the best player on our D along with John Abraham.It's true that he is gone and we have to learn to move on without him, but don't just disrespect all he has done for us the past few years and bash him just because he isn't with us now.
  12. It's time to simply suck it up and move on. You think this is how the good teams win Superbowls? If Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady gave up because their defense got banged up or sucked, the Browns would be winning Championships. This is still the best team we've had in ages, and we can definitely win with this team.
  13. I think we will win due to passing, special teams, and o-line play.
  14. You think the Bears give a **** about Forte's feelings? As long as he's playing like that, they'll stick to him like glue.
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