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    falconstwopercentsized reacted to Drunken Minotaur Zebra in January Hawks Thread.   
    they're insane... forget having a superstar... the whole team looks like all-stars
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    falconstwopercentsized reacted to WOR in January Hawks Thread.   
    I'm just glad we've got more than 3 posts a week haha
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    falconstwopercentsized reacted to MAD597 in January Hawks Thread.   
    Crazy we beat the second best team in the easy by 31 points. I've never seen an ATL team in any sport look like they are playing on another world compared to other teams.
    It looks like the Hawks are an NBA team while all the other teams are Middle school teams. I've watched some non Hawk games this year and those teams are horrid, sloppy passes all around, bad shot selection, ISO players all over. Most teams are playing street ball compared to how we play.
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    falconstwopercentsized reacted to Willy Mo in January Hawks Thread.   
    Reverse jinx never fails
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    falconstwopercentsized reacted to blkbigdog35 in January Hawks Thread.   
    We are stepping on their throats now!
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    falconstwopercentsized reacted to blkbigdog35 in January Hawks Thread.   
    It's refreshing to come in TATH and enjoy the hawks because TATF is a zoo right now!
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    falconstwopercentsized reacted to WOR in January Hawks Thread.   
    If Horfords not careful, Carroll is going to pass him in RPG haha
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    falconstwopercentsized reacted to Mr.11 in January Hawks Thread.   
    Hey guys, imma let you finish...but the Hawks currently have the best record in the Eastern Conference. Oh yeah, we're NUMBER 1!
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    falconstwopercentsized reacted to Cyber Ferguson in Richard Dawkins Is Wrong: Religion Is Not Inherently Violent   
    Mods, please change my name to "God-powered Man". Thanks in advance.
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    falconstwopercentsized got a reaction from IronBallsMcGinty in Richard Dawkins Is Wrong: Religion Is Not Inherently Violent   
    I was just rambling to ask this question, I know you have such a brilliant mind you can imagine this scenario. What is a god powered man capable of? Tim tebow the worst QB ever? He still has a playoff win with one of the goofiest release, angle of delivery, ever on top of that he's left handed. Now granted that's just foobaw but come on, that **** was a miracle.
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    falconstwopercentsized reacted to Psychic Gibbon in 2014 Prospects The Falcons Have Shown Interest In   
    Since this part of the offseason is kicking into gear and because it worked well enough last season to consolidate all the interview/visits/private workout/pro day topics into one. If the Falcons are somehow connected to a prospect, including citing them just going to a pro day, then post it here. Last year we were able to figure out the prospects they had the most interest in and, looking over that list again, it seemed like private workouts were the main indicator. I will also put their consensus draft grade with them and they're subject to change as the process continues.
    Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M - Top 10 (pro)
    Tajh Boyd, Clemson - 2nd-4th round (sen^n)(pro^s)
    Zach Mettenberger, Louisiana State - 3rd round (pro)
    AJ McCarron, Alabama - 3rd-4th round (pro)
    Brett Smith, Wyoming - 6th round (pro)
    Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech - 6th-7th round (sen^n)(sen) [Potential switch to TE?]
    Stephen Morris, Miami - 7th-UDFA (sen^n)
    Keith Wenning, Ball State - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Connor Shaw, South Carolina - 7th-UDFA (pro)(vis)
    Casey Pachall, TCU - UDFA (pro)
    Chase Rettig, Boston College - UDFA (pw)
    Garrett Gilbert, Southern Methodist - UDFA (pw)
    Clint Chelf, Oklahoma State - UDFA (pw) [Potential switch to WR?]
    Tre Mason, Auburn - 2nd round (pro)
    Carlos Hyde, Ohio State - 2nd round (pro)(pw)(vis)
    Jeremy Hill, Louisiana State - 2nd-3rd round (pro)(vis)
    Bishop Sankey, Washington - 2nd-3rd round (pro)
    Charles Sims, West Virginia - 2nd-3rd round (sen^n)(sen)(pro)
    Devonta Freeman, Florida State - 3rd round (pro)(vis)
    Terrance West, Towson - 3rd-4th round (vis)(pw)
    Andre Williams, Boston College - 4th round (pro^u)
    Jerick McKinnon, Georgia Southern - 4th-5th round (pw)
    Tyler Gaffney, Stanford - 4th-5th round (pro)
    James White, Wisconsin - 5th round (sen^n)(sen)(pro)
    Antonio Andrew, Western Kentucky - 5th-6th round (sen^n)
    Storm Johnson, Central Florida - 5th-6th round (pw)(vis)
    James Wilder, Florida State - 6th round (pro)
    Marion Grice, Arizona State - 6th-7th round (pro^u)
    De'Anthony Thomas, Oregon - 6th-7th round (pw)
    Raijon Neal, Tennessee - 6th-7th round (pro)(pw)
    David Fluellen, Toledo - 7th-UDFA (sen^n)
    Henry Josey, Missouri - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Alfred Blue, Louisiana State - UDFA (pro)
    Ben Malena, Texas A&M - UDFA (pw)
    Zach Bauman, Northern Arizona - UDFA (pro)
    Brandon Oliver, Buffalo - UDFA (pw)
    DJ Adams, Portland State - UDFA (pw)
    Ryan Boykin, Ohio - UDFA (pw)
    Stephen Houston, Indiana - UDFA (pro)
    Kyle Harbridge, Saint Francis - UDFA (pro)
    Jay Prosch, Auburn - 5th round (pro)(pw)
    J.C. Copeland, Louisiana State - 6th round (pro)(pw)
    Ryan Hewitt, Stanford - 7th-UDFA (sen^n)(pro)
    Chad Abram, Florida State - 7th-UDFA (pro)(pw)
    Nikita Whitlock, Wake Forest - 7th-UDFA (pro^u)
    Kiero Small, Arkansas - UDFA (pw)
    Sammy Watkins, Clemson - Top 10 (pro)
    Mike Evans, Texas A&M - 1st round (pro)
    Odell Beckham, Jr., Louisiana State - 1st round (pro)
    Marqise Lee, Southern California - 1st-2nd round (pw)
    Kelvin Benjamin, Florida State - 1st-2nd round (pro)
    Donte Moncrief, Ole Miss - 2nd round (pw)
    Jordan Matthews, Vanderbilt - 2nd-3rd round (pw)
    Martavius Bryant, Clemson - 2nd-3rd round (pro)(pw)
    Jarvis Landry, Louisiana State - 3rd round (pro)(vis)
    Jared Abbrederis, Wisconsin - 3rd round (sen^n)(pro)
    Bruce Ellington, South Carolina - 3rd round (pro)(pw)(pw2)
    Robert Herron, Wyoming - 3rd-4th round (sen^n)(pro)
    Mike Davis, Texas - 3rd-4th round (com)(pro)
    Jeff Janis, Saginaw Valley - 4th-5th round (sen^n)
    TJ Jones, Notre Dame - 4th-5th round (pro)
    Cody Latimer, Indiana - 5th round (pro)
    Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest - 5th round (sen^n)
    Josh Huff, Oregon - 5th-6th round (sen^n)
    Kevin Norwood, Alabama - 5th-6th round (pro)
    Jalen Saunders, Oklahoma - 6th round (pw)
    Cody Hoffman, BYU - 6th-7th round (pw)(pro)
    Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest - 6th-7th round (pro^u)
    L'Damian Washington, Missouri - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Trey Burton, Florida - 7th round (pro)
    Eric Ward, Texas Tech - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Josh Stewart, Oklahoma State - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Kain Colter, Northwestern - 7th-UDFA (sen^n)
    Shaquelle Evans, UCLA - 7th-UDFA (sen^n)(pw)
    Marcus Lucas, Missouri - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Willie Snead, Ball State - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Gerald Ford, Valdosta State - UDFA (pro)(vis)
    Seantavious Jones, Valdosta State - UDFA (pro)
    Regginald Lewis, Valdosta State - UDFA (pw)
    Ryan Culbreath, Furman - UDFA (pw)
    Brelan Chancellor, North Texas - UDFA (pw)
    Walter Powell, Murray State - UDFA (pw)
    Jonathan Krause, Vanderbilt - UDFA (pw)
    Solomon Patton, Florida - UDFA (pw)
    Chris Boyd, ex-Vanderbilt - UDFA (vis)
    Jace Amaro, Texas Tech - 1st-2nd round (pro)(pw)(vis)
    Troy Niklas, Notre Dame - 2nd round (pro)
    Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Washington - 2nd round (pro)
    CJ Fiedorowisz, Iowa - 3rd-4th round (sen^n)(pro)(vis)
    Arthur Lynch, Georgia - 4th round (pw)
    Xavier Grimble, Southern California - 5th-6th round (pw)
    Rob Blanchflower, Massachusetts - 6th-7th round (pro)
    Jacob Pedersen, Wisconsin - 6th-7th round (sen^n)(pro)
    Ted Bolser, Indiana - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    D.J. Tialavea, Utah State - UDFA (pw)
    Justin Jones, East Carolina - UDFA (vis)
    Asa Watson, North Carolina State - UDFA (pro)
    Ernst Brun, Jr., Iowa State - UDFA (pw)
    Gator Hoskins, Marshall - UDFA (sen^n)
    Greg Robinson, Auburn - Top 5 (com)(pro^s)(pw)(vis)
    Jake Matthews, Texas A&M - Top 10 (com)(pro)(vis)
    Taylor Lewan, Michigan - Top 10 (vis)(pw)
    Cyrus Kouandjio, Alabama - 2nd round[?] (pro)
    Jack Mewhort, Ohio State - 2nd round (sen^n)(pro)(pw)
    Cameron Fleming, Stanford - 2nd round (pro)(pro^s)(pw)
    Antonio Richardson, Tennessee - 2nd-3rd round (pro)
    Brandon Thomas, Clemson - 2nd-3rd round (sen^n)(pro^s)
    JaWuan James, Tennessee - 3rd-4th round (pro)
    Seantrel Henderson, Miami - 3rd-4th round (sen^n)
    Michael Schofield, Michigan - 4th-5th round (sen^n)
    Charles Leno, Boise State - 5th round (pw)(pro)
    Matt Patchan, Boston College - 6th round (pro^u)
    Wesley Johnson, Vanderbilt - 7th round (pw)
    Parker Graham, Oklahoma State - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Donald Hawkins, Texas - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Anthony Dima, Massachusetts - UDFA (pro)
    Kaycee Ike, Alabama-Birmingham - UDFA (pw) [Potential switch to OG?]
    Zach Martin, Notre Dame - 1st round (sen^n)(pro)
    Xavier Su'a-Filo, UCLA - 1st-2nd round (pw)
    David Yankey, Stanford - 2nd round (pro)
    Cyril Richardson, Baylor - 2nd-3rd round (sen^n)
    Trai Turner, Louisiana State - 3rd-4th round (pro)(pw)
    Brandon Linder, Miami - 4th-5th round (sen^n)
    Anthony Steen, Alabama - 4th-5th round (pro)
    Jon Halapio, Florida - 4th-5th round (pro)
    Chris Watt, Notre Dame - 4th-5th round (pro)
    Kadeem Edwards, Tennessee State - 6th-7th round (sen^n)
    Spencer Long, Nebraska - 7th round (vis)
    Ryan Groy, Wisonsin - 7th round (pro)
    Zach Fulton, Tennessee - 7th-UDFA (pro)(pw)
    Andrew Norwell, Ohio State - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Brian Clarke, Bloomsburg - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Marcus Hall, Ohio State - UDFA (pro)(pw)
    Antwan Lowery, Rutgers - UDFA (ew) [Potential switch to NT?]
    Weston Richburg, Colorado State - 2nd-3rd round (sen^n)
    Bryan Stork, Florida State - 4th-5th round (pro)
    Tyler Larsen, Utah State - 5th round (sen^n)(pro)
    Corey Linsley, Ohio State - 6th-7th round (pro)(pw)
    James Stone, Tennessee - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Jonnothan Harrison, Florida - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina - Top 5 (pro^s)(vis)
    Kony Ealy, Missouri - 1st round (pro)(pro^s)(pw)
    Scott Crichton, Oregon State - 2nd round (pw)
    Stephon Tuitt, Notre Dame - 2nd round (pro)
    Demarcus Lawrence, Boise State - 2nd-3rd round (pro)(vis)
    Kareem Martin, North Carolina - 3rd round (sen^n)
    Michael Sam, Missouri - 3rd round (sen^n)(pro^s)
    Will Clarke, West Virginia - 4th round (sen^n)(pro)
    James Gayle, Virginia Tech - 4th-5th round (sen^n)(com)
    Josh Mauro, Stanford - 4th-5th round (pro)(pw)(vis)
    Ed Stinson, Alabama - 5th round (pro)
    Michael Sam, Missouri - 5th-6th round (pro)
    Ben Gardner, Stanford - 6th-7th round (pro)
    Ethan Westbrooks, West Texas A&M - 6th-7th round (ew)
    Larry Webster, Bloomsburg - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Chaz Sutton, South Carolina - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Jeoffery Pagan, Alabama - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Louis Nix, Notre Dame - 1st round (pro)
    Ra'Shede Hageman, Minnesota - 1st round (sen^n)(pro)(pw)
    Aaron Donald, Pittsburgh - 1st round (sen^n)
    Timmy Jernigan, Florida State - 1st-2nd round (pro)
    Dominique Easley, Florida - 2nd round (pro)
    Ego Ferguson, Louisiana State - 2nd-3rd round (pro)
    Will Sutton, Arizona State - 2nd-3rd round (pro^u)
    Anthony Johnson, Louisiana State - 3rd round (pro)
    DaQuan Jones, Penn State - 3rd round (sen^n)
    Kelcy Quarles, South Carolina - 3rd round (pro)
    Daniel McCullers, Tennessee - 3rd-4th round (pro)
    Shamar Stephen, Connecticut - 5th-6th round (sen^n)
    Calvin Barnett, Oklahoma State - 6th-7th round (pro)
    Kerry Hyder, Texas Tech - 6th-7th round (pro)
    Zach Kerr, Delaware - 7th round (pw)
    Eathyn Manumaleuna, BYU - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Bruce Gaston, Purdue - 7th-UDFA (pro^u)
    Chris Whaley, Texas - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Bryan Jones, Arkansas - UDFA (pro^s)
    Theo Agnew, Georgia State - UDFA (pw)
    Lawrence Virgil, Valdosta State - UDFA (pro)
    Khalil Mack, Buffalo - Top 10 (pro)(pw)(vis)
    Anthony Barr, UCLA - 1st round (pw)(vis)
    Dee Ford, Auburn - 1st-2nd round (sen)(pro)(vis)(pw)
    Ryan Shazier, Ohio State - 1st-2nd round (pro)(vis)
    Jeremiah Attaochu, Georgia Tech - 2nd round (sen^n)(pro)(pw)
    Kyle Van Noy, BYU - 2nd round (pro)(pw)(vis)
    Carl Bradford, Arizona State - 2nd round (pw) [iLB?]
    Trent Murphy, Stanford - 2nd-3rd round (sen^n)(pro)(pw)
    Marcus Smith, Louisville - 2nd-3rd round (sen^n)(pw)
    Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas - 3rd round (vis)(pro)
    Telvin Smith, Florida State - 3rd round (pro)(vis)(pro^s)
    Jordan Tripp, Montana - 3rd round (vis) [iLB?]
    Adrian Hubbard, Alabama - 4th round (pro)
    Christian Kirksey, Iowa - 4th-5th round (sen^n)(pro)
    Prince Shembo, Notre Dame - 4th-5th round (pro)(pw) [iLB?]
    Ronald Powell, Florida - 5th round (pro)
    Kevin Pierre-Louis, Boston College - 5th round (pw)
    Kasim Edebali, Boston College - 6th-7th round (pro^u)
    Jonathan Newsome, Ball State - 6th-7th round (pro)
    Marqise Flowers, Arizona - 7th-UDFA (vis)
    Derrell Johnson, East Carolina - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Jonathan Brown, Illinois - 7th-UDFA (sen^n)(pro)
    Justin Jackson, Wake Forest - UDFA (pw)
    Brandon Watts, Georgia Tech - UDFA (pw)
    Clifton Crew, South Alabama - UDFA (pw)
    Nate Askew, Texas A&M - UDFA (pro)(vis)
    CJ Mosley, Alabama - 1st-2nd round (pro)
    Chris Borland, Wisconsin - 2nd-3rd round (sen^n)(pro)
    Yawin Smallwood, Connecticut - 3rd round (pw)
    Jordan Zumwalt, UCLA - 3rd round (sen^n)(pw)
    Shayne Skov, Stanford - 3rd-4th round (pro)
    Christian Jones, Florida State - 4th round (pro)(pw)
    Lamin Barrow, Louisiana State - 4th-5th round (sen^n)(pro)
    Preston Brown, Louisville - 5th-6th round (pw)
    James Morris, Iowa - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Jack Tyler, Virginia Tech - UDFA (pw)
    Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State - 1st round (pro)(vis) [Potential switch to FS?]
    Jason Verrett, TCU - 1st-2nd round (pro)(vis)
    Kyle Fuller, Virginia Tech - 1st-2nd round (pw) [Potential switch to FS?]
    Bradley Roby, Ohio State - 2nd round (pro)
    Marcus Roberson, Florida - 2nd round (pro)
    Lamarcus Joyner, Florida State - 2nd round (pro)
    Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Nebraska - 2nd-3rd round (sen^n)
    Jaylen Watkins, Florida - 2nd-3rd round (sen)(pro)(vis)
    Bashaud Breeland, Clemson - 2nd-3rd round (pro)(pro^s) [Potential switch to FS?]
    Louchiez Purifoy, Florida - 3rd round (pro)
    Victor Hampton, South Carolina - 3rd round (pro)
    Pierre Desir, Lindenwood - 3rd-4th round (sen^n)
    EJ Gaines, Missouri - 3rd-4th round (pro)
    Nevin Lawson, Utah State - 4th round (pro)(vis)
    Ricardo Allen, Purdue - 4th-5th round (pw)
    Nevin Lawson, Utah State - 4th-5th round (sen^n)
    Deion Belue, Alabama - 4th-5th round (pro)
    Antone Exum, Virginia Tech - 5th round (pw)
    Bennett Jackson, Notre Dame - 5th-6th round (pro)
    Dontae Johnson, North Carolina State - 6th round (sen^n)
    Walt Aikens, Liberty - 6th-7th round (pw) [Potential switch to FS?]
    Carrington Byndom, Texas - 7th round (pro)
    Dezmen Southward, Wisconsin - 7th-UDFA (sen^n)
    Anthony Hitchens, Iowa - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Dashaun Philips, Tarleton State - UDFA (pro^s)
    Kadeem Wise, Chattanooga - UDFA (pro)
    Kevin Fogg, Liberty - UDFA (pw)
    Joe Rankin, Murray State - UDFA (pw)
    Kenneth Gilstrap, Middle Tennessee State - UDFA (pw)
    Najja Johnson, Buffalo - UDFA (pw)
    LJ Jones, Fresno State - UDFA (pw)
    Hasean Clinton-Dix, Alabama - 1st round (pro)(vis)
    Calvin Pryor, Louisville - 1st round (pro^u)(pw)(vis)
    Terrence Brooks, Florida State - 3rd-4th round (sen^n)(pro)
    Ed Reynolds, Stanford - 3rd-4th round (pro)(vis)(pw)
    Kenny Ladler, Vanderbilt - 4th-5th round (pw)
    Dontae Johnson, North Carolina State - 4th-5th round (pro)
    Marqueston Huff, Wyoming - 5th-6th round (sen^n)(pro)
    Christian Bryant, Ohio State - 6th-7th round (pro)
    Jemea Thomas, Georgia Tech - 7th-UDFA (pro)(vis)
    Ty Zimmerman, Kansas State - 7th-UDFA (pw)(vis)
    Elisha Olabode, TCU - UDFA (pro)
    Tre Porter, Texas Tech - UDFA (pw)
    Jordan Love, Towson - UDFA (pw)
    DJ Key, Chattanooga - UDFA (pro)
    Jake DeMedal, Saint Francis (pro)
    Jimmie Ward, Northern Illinois - 2nd round (sen^n)(vis)
    Deone Bucannon, Washington State - 2nd round (sen^n)(sen)
    Ahmad Dixon, Baylor - 2nd-3rd round (sen^n)
    Craig Loston, Louisiana State - 4th round (pro)
    Isaiah Lewis, Michigan State - 5th-6th round (sen^n)
    Vinnie Sunseri, Alabama - 6th round (pro)
    Brock Vereen, Minnesota - 7th-UDFA (pro)(pw)
    Alden Darby, Arizona State - 7th-UDFA (pro^u)(vis)(pw)
    Hakeem Smith, Louisville - 7th-UDFA (pro^u)(pw)
    Sean Parker, Washington - 7th-UDFA (pro)
    Kimario McFadden, South Carolina State - UDFA (pw)
    Anthony Fera, Texas - 6th round (pro)
    Chris Boswell, Rice - 7th-UDFA (sen^n)
    Jeff Budzien, Northwestern - 7th-UDFA (pw)
    Kirby Van Der Kamp, Iowa State - 6th-7th round (sen^n)
    Justin Weldon, Sacremento State - UDFA (pw)
    Tyler Ott, Harvard - UDFA (sen^n)
    ew = East-West Shrine Game interview
    sen = Senior Bowl interview
    sen^n = Senior Bowl North team
    com = Combine interview
    pro = Pro Day attendance
    pro^s = Pro Day specific interest
    pro^u = Pro Day unconfirmed attendance/confimed working out with a player with the team at a pro day
    vis = Private visit
    pw = Private workout
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    falconstwopercentsized got a reaction from Boogie Man in Remember When This Forum Didn't Suck?   
    infringing on your ability to post puppies and fail stories of romanticism /ism ?
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    falconstwopercentsized reacted to Mr. Hoopah! in Remember When This Forum Didn't Suck?   
    This thread proves that beggars can be choosers.
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    falconstwopercentsized reacted to Boogie Man in Remember When This Forum Didn't Suck?   
    Rofl...never saw an internet punch so effin funny..never saw an Internet punch...
    effin "head meat" lmao
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    falconstwopercentsized reacted to spekoffthedevil in Remember When This Forum Didn't Suck?   
    I don't get the heat for Kate Perry. That is one plain looking thang.
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    falconstwopercentsized reacted to Billy Ocean in Remember When This Forum Didn't Suck?   
    Load pills.
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    falconstwopercentsized reacted to duncja in Remember When This Forum Didn't Suck?   
    Can we rename the forum Anything But Trayvon?
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    falconstwopercentsized reacted to lostone in New fitness thread!   
    Love this quote from the BroScience YouTube Channel
    "There's only one place to do squats. That's why it's called....the squat rack. If the squat rack were meant to do curls, it would be called 'the rest of the gym'"

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    falconstwopercentsized got a reaction from shc in New fitness thread!   
    I did 405 on deadlifts today
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