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  1. remember when load times were the thing of the future? Nintendo is feeling nostalgic with the SD cards.
  2. If you want to find out about the best airlines watch Casey neistat vlogs.
  3. the first time I ever cooked brisket I cooked it upside down fat side down, it was still delicious marinade cost as much as the **** meat **** near.
  4. onion soup mix rubbed on the outside then cooked low and slow
  5. please take care of yourself dehydration is so bad for you and your organs.
  6. look guys the secret is getting on good gear.
  7. I'm serious though drakey, walk until you get that urge to run.
  8. **** that just start walking then when your *** isn't cookie dough anymore run.
  9. you are going to be the strongest hunch back
  10. time to stop maxing time for you to physique
  11. it's for the whole thread I promise I won't do that puzze passive aggressive ****.
  12. don't worry about flat bench just concentrate on dumb bell incline once you get up to the 100s people will assume you already bench 405.
  13. so I'm guessing the lack of updates means, somebodies been visiting snap city.
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