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  1. usually petite
  2. I think you're missing a comma between the white and nationalist
  3. it's 2017 and bronies are a thing
  4. I wouldn't be able to give out the proper info because there's various forms and I'm assuming you're either a female or something else so what works for me may not work for you or fit your life.
  5. You would probably be able to look it up if I had spelled it correctly intermittent fasting or know what it is.
  6. I see a lot of people doing that, there's a high failure rate have you tried intermediate fasting?
  7. what diet
  8. the wall should be seven times as deep as it is tall, if you can tunnel under that and avoid the tremor defections then you win citizenship and a guest spot on the apprentice.
  9. America took a big L in the twenties.
  10. delusional virtue signaling
  11. you clearly have reading comprehension problems, I gave him propers, he's the only thing you got. I liken him to a milder mannered trey gowdy.
  12. democrats rolling over for who? Knock it off, that doesn't even match Obama rhetoric at all. I mention Obama because him and the snl dude is the only thing they have right now that isn't manufactured reality or astroturfed.
  13. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/house-panel-passes-bill-to-audit-the-fed-2017-03-28
  14. polls are a reliable source of information
  15. also I must apologize for voting bush so many orphans created because of opiates. Honestly how could you not believe in vampires, they created so many helpless parentless children.