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  1. Hiring Firms - hire good Interviewers. What if you interview a non-talkative guy who failed before like.. Bill Bellichick? This is not a corporation
  2. TD has to get McDaniels...He has to convince him that Belichick won't retire from being Patriots Head Coach any time soon.. That is the only way that Ryan should continue here...
  3. And this is not a "disappointment"? A "Dynasty of Disappointment"? There are headed for that pick, or somewhere near it. Do you want Matt to learn another new scheme here, and wait on a young Head Coach to learn? "Sexy Rexy" is the only big name vet coach available
  4. I do believe that happens because Talk is injured. They have no coverage. 5 other NFL teams use this "L.O.B. Seahawk scheme". Problem: Brady 2x Brees 2x Both "State Farm" QBs? Rodgers and Mahomes? 6 more losses right there. Bridgewater is no slouch 9 losses The Falcons are "maxed-cap" too. If The Falcons F.O. can do something to better this team, they need to do it this week.
  5. Ridley is has only 1 CB covering him When Julio is out, he is not as effective.
  6. Thanks Matt! With a high pick, there are not real options at DE in NCAA next draft! They may have to select a QB this time. I can only see The Falcons selecting Lawrence. Ryan is not going to win anything here. Send him somewhere he can.
  7. Clemson QB from GA! Get that pick! Trade Deadline fire-sale!!! Keep the WRs and TE! May have to trade MLB Jones.. Hate doing that, but need more picks.
  8. What are you going to do with Ryan? 49ers and Rams may take Julio..
  9. The Falcons win when the organization really wants to.
  10. It is over. It will be a painful long season, and Talk was hurt, but their defensive scheme always stinks. Wasted years of Ryan and Julio.
  11. Cowboys read Twitter too. Do not expect the same from them. They have higher expectations and pressure on them as an Organization nationally than The Falcons. You will see them alter a lot of stuff, and move people around.
  12. Quinn likes to draft big tall CBs for that scheme. Problem: These cannot change direction. Most cannot drop their hips, turn, and defend incoming passes. Change of direction, and range can be a problem in coverage with taller CBs. This has been documented. If these CBs are built like tall Free Safeties instead of tall CBs, and they do not study their plays, or concentrate on the field, then this Falcon defense will be one of the worst in The NFL again. Sheffield is their best CB. He should be moved from slot DB immediately. (Last season, the Fox broadcast team discussed h
  13. No, but they looked "off" without pre-season games. Sheffield is their best CB..They just do not know it yet. He was hurt. A 5-DL front in nickel cannot chase Russell Wilson and cover.
  14. He's probably The Seahawks next head coach in 2-4 seasons...
  15. Poor fellow. He looks as if he wants this tenure to be over, and he can get another gig somewhere.
  16. Next coach will have to be be.another DC. I believe that Ryan and Julio still have Dirk as OC here.
  17. They are not releasing Ryan... If he goes, Julio goes. If it is Trevor Lawrence of some other QB. They are stuck. There are no veteran, big name coaches on the market to coach this roster to a Super Bowl. No more money. And their best CB was injured. Kendall Sheffield is their best CB.
  18. "With the 1st pick of The 2021 NFL Draft, The Atlanta Falcons select...!"
  19. Falcons were thin at CB. TD addressed most other needs with proven commodities in Free Agency. Terrell has been ranked this high and in the 2020 draft and to The Falcons. TD was not going to able to pay a lot of $ for a CB. Falcons defense is better with Kazee at FS. Quinn can keep him there, and move Neal to Nickel OLB/SS hybrid and hat Simmons could have been. T.D. and Quinn may be Executives of 2020
  20. Trade for DE Montez Sweat trom The Redskins for much less. Morebthan likely, they will be keeping Young.
  21. He looks like he can anchor vs. The run.. I like Boise State DE Weaver better though..He does one thing well, but that one thing is outside pressure. Weaver looks like a terror. He has "get-off", but does not "the body"....er He is not in the SEC, but if he was on an SEC team, He would have more sacks and pressures.
  22. A guy named Andrew Luck retired Houston was on Luck's time-table for a Superbowl run. Ryan's time-table is now.
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