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  1. Tired of seeing refs flagging the $#@& out of this Franchise...Killing drives early in games... Yet, other teams are allowed to hold on the road here, slam Ryan's shoulder with all of their weight. If Olukon just bumps Goff.....Goff is standing back there all day....Beasley has to dance around QBs to avoid suspension . Donald to the showers. It is a uneven officiating "The eye in the sky don't lie" They are destroying this market. No matter who is coaching... Falcon do not draw national attention, but they will always be "The Washington Generals' of The NFL with this $#@&. Protect Ryan like the other QBs! Unnecessary Roughness on Donald. I've seen The Falcons cause a QB to fumble, and it is nulified by a roughing call Same thing in The Superbowl years ago! Sick of the $#@&.
  2. Julio still got him at times .. But he markets himself like no....other...Florida State CB ..
  3. The routes are more "Drawn-out" aiding the Pass-rush of the opponents
  4. NFL Refs allow Aaron Donald to "slam-crush" Matt Ryan...No flags.. NFL allows unfair officiating against this franchise...
  5. Trade Schaub now!!! He is hurting this "Tankestry"!
  6. Beasley: Dan Quinn is playing him as a Strong-side OLB... Nothing has changed He said that he was going to 5 seasons ago... Beasley needs to be on the Weakside.. He is being "wallee-off" by TEs and RBs with the RT strongside
  7. The NFL hates The Falcons ..and this market... They are over-penalized compared to their opponents.
  8. What about the other Defensive-Linemen? Beasley is not alone.
  9. It is different because takes time to heal and that injury.
  10. So, the solution is to not rush Beasley, move him to OLB, and drop him into zone coverage? Why not bench him until obvious passing situations? Trade? Offensive-Lines are being allowed to hold. There aren't any many great sack-masters in this league at DE a any more... The QBs are you getting stars of hope in every city. They were knocked-out in the past (and your season was over afterwards). Innovation!
  11. He needs a physical SS near the line of scrimage in this scheme I believe he is dropping 8 into zone coverage to mask that Neal is on IR, and the other defenders cannot cover with the range to make it work. I just do not believe in doing the same ----- too long just because it worked Drop to a 2-deep Safety look at the.
  12. They w're probably spooked by The 49ers a bit. 2 Wild Cards could come from their division. We n L.A., less fans come to the stadium if a team is losing or not making flashy moves. 2 1sts (even low)? Not sure about the that one. They are trying to win a Super Bowl before they have to pay their QB $30 Million +/season
  13. "Tank-Talent" on the D-Line.. 4-5 top 1st round picks... NFL Pre-Game shows on TV Networks kissing their @$$es already because of the legacy of The 49ers of the 1980s.. The offenses in that division are not dynamic, and Shanahan's offense carried The Falcons to the Super Bowl in 2016. His Falcon offense blew-out most opponents early, had phenomenonal time-of-possession late in that season.
  14. Survey-Opinion-taker for the media, radio station, or The Falcons. Question-topics since last two losses
  15. TD will still be GM.... Quinn had more control of the draft and Free Agency. I think Blank will not fire TD, and the will be "the insider media rumour" why.... If the next coach is a big name brand. He may be given more control though. Harbaugh, McCarthy McDaniels, or Ryan. It could be an assistant from "The Shanny Tree" that is not on The 49ers, Rams, Packers, or Bengals (lol and The Falcons allowed all of these to leave after The Super Bowl. It would be hilarious if they have to get an assistant of say..a Matt LaFleur), Then, TD might assist more with picks. Speculation guess on my part.
  16. Draft -power reduced. He is going to have faith in a average Free Agent on the O-Line and D-Line. Then, draft that Safety from L.S.U. or CB #4 or #5. I know he can train D+linemen like Jarrett, but there is a small chance to find a "steal". Then, he probably will not be the D.C .next-season. That #3-#6 pick should be considered 3 players a d positions only: DE Chase Young from Ohio State OT from U.G.A. NT Brown from Auburn
  17. 2003: Dan Reeves held a meeting with Arthur Blank and asked him, "Are you going to fire-me at the end of this season?" Reeves has stated the after Blank replied "Yes", he quit immediately. Wade Phillips became interim head-coach. You do not know if any head-coach just wants to wait to be fired...
  18. You know that he was never going to be coach right? Falcons were considering him at the same time as Quinn, but hired Quinn over him because people were crying about the defense (and The Seahawks were the#1 defense in The NFL). They should have hired him.
  19. Rams (some coached this offense, and McVay was allowed to raid the staff after the Super Bowl. McVay is run in the Shanahan scheme) Seahawks (knows Quinn's defense) Saints 2x Panthers 2x It will not improve. No need to tank
  20. Trade value: He needs to play more snaps at DE, and no more zone-drops. Maybe, another team may seek him as a situational pass-rusher.
  21. Really? It should be easy to find
  22. He is DE size...more than Beasley.
  23. Not happening this season no matter what. Arizona was supposed to be the easiest opportunity for a road win. If they alter the scheme and line-up, and the result is success, then there will be more questions. Not much else will be changed. Draft picks will not become dominant players. Maybe Gono, Senat, rookie safety, Cominsky but probably not. Kazee will not be moved to FS - because that should have been done earlier.
  24. I like Coach Quinn, but.. He and TD might draft that Safety from L.S.U. with the #5 pick, and sign fill-in Free Agents at DE and DT.bOr trade-dow. For a bunch of mid-level picks. This 2020 draft and NFL Free Agency is weak in pass-rushers. He is married to this scheme, and a defensive line or offensive line Pro Bowl prospect can no longer be ignored. A lack of Pass-rush can no longer be ignored. Even it they select a CB, he better be fast, smart, and bigger than any of the last few 1st round CBs of this draft.