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  1. Unfortunately, I am starting to believe that The Falcons will be selecting their new QB instead of Thibideaux or the UGA nose tackle. I hope Ryan wis the SB in Denver
  2. That 2022 1st round pick and 2nd round picks are looking good!!
  3. Thibodeaux! Plus, two second round picks! The Falcons can draft a special RB in the second round to add to Davis
  4. I never said that...All mobile QBs take a pounding after awhile (Newton) Matt is too hesitant at times early in games. This offense is close to Shanahan's. Smith is going to run until he calls for a "home-run shot". This season is not over for Hurts.
  5. The Falcon defense are tired from being, "hung-out to dry" by their offense not scoring TDs early in games.
  6. Hurts did not. He is mobile and nobody has seen the Eagles's new offense. Ryan is not. Shanahan made him practice running and lose weight/mass. He sent him to a passing coach. This O-Line has potential. They can run, and push now. Cold weather games or games late in the season when most defenses are injured? This line may be dominant. Give them time. Ryan was way too conservative early in games. He has to take chances earlier in games, and move.
  7. The Falcons have no real cap space. They traded Julio. The next trade might be Ryan---Unfortunately. The Falcons need the cap space to trade for Kalil Mack, or they must trade-up in the 2022 NFL Draft for Thibodeaux or Drake Jackson from USC. No need to give big money to a veteran NFL pass-rusher other than Mack. Trading Mathews only weakens protection for Ryan here. Embarrassment now = forces changes and moves that The Falcons would be hesitant to make + a high 2022 draft pick and two 2nd round picks!
  8. The scheme is Shanahan-like. I like it. The players do not score TDs. The O-Line is inexperienced except for Jake. The Falcons were not winning The Super Bowl this season anyway. Smith will win.
  9. . They just need a freak pass-rusher who can chase the new NFL QBs. The offense is hurting the defense. They do not throw into traffic. Too careful.
  10. Thibodeaux with the number 1 draft pick in 2022!! (*Emperor Palpatine voice*) Perfect!!!
  11. "Tank for Thibodeaux!" (Oregon Ducks' freak pass-rusher!!) Ryan is far too careful and conservative early in games. He opens-up late when desperate late in games. Shanahan forced him to be more aggressive early in games. He won't change now. Not Arthur Smith's fault. I like his offense so far. Still, No need to draft a QB. Need a new-age edge rusher to chase these mobile QBs. Thibodeaux.
  12. Game 1 = A new Preseason game for the starters, but it counts.
  13. The Falcons need more Salary cap Space or to have a real awful season to get immediate upgrades on their O-Line.. Ryan has to win this season and survive or it is "Tank-time". That 1st rounder might be a QB or OT..
  14. Yep. It feed excite.entvforbtge league while this market suffers to "Super-team-up" their favorite Bigger market Franchises!
  15. Why did The new Falcons regime not trade TE Hurst before the draft? They wanted Pitts, and signed TE Smith
  16. I was wrong. It became a great draft. Mayfield and Salman complete the O-Line. They drafted every trouble spot but pass rusher, and they may have found one later than expected. No RB, but some may be released..
  17. Yes.. He may be the starting Center
  18. We don't need to draft a pass-rusher early. It will be OK.
  19. We don't need to draft a pass-rusher early. It will be OK.
  20. We don't need to draft a pass-rusher early. It will be OK.
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