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  1. Same stuff from another defensive coordinator as head-coach... They were bad last season..
  2. Knowing this Organization, he'll be back...
  3. Cowboys are in the back-field at the snap, but this stubborn-org won't make any changes to the O-Line.
  4. Where is the play-action on run-downs, Sark?!
  5. Now, he puts some rpms on the pass...
  6. Better O-line back then for the run
  7. 71....Who is responsible for this pick?
  8. Cowboys are dropping everyone.... No motion pre-snap...
  9. Why are Falcons not in zone? Prescott is going to run all day...lol blitz his right side---if they're playing man?!! What's with the 1 too many stunts? Quinn is stubborn
  10. Deion Jones is...not who we thought he was...
  11. Bad challenge Quinn.....Oh boy
  12. Ol' Bias Aikman.. But Falcons deserve it..