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  1. Well..Rob Ryan is laughing
  2. Just get ready for the draft this spring. Maybe Tom wins again, and he and Bill retire. Whoever faces them is may be over-flagged in the 2nd half.
  3. Saints are still doing those group photo celebrations now? They can't hit players after the whistle in these playoffs?
  4. Get a real star franchise player, it won't. If you are a pretty-face too.
  5. Pick The Saints. They will lose.
  6. I knew this would hapen. A Viking hurt Rodgers. I knew it! No Super Bowl for a team that hurt a star QB, and one that hosts The Superbowl. Streak continues..Falcons won't have the chance to lose a Superbowl at home a year from now.
  7. They asked Shany for advice on 2nd half play-calling in The Playoffs.
  8. All of these strange comebacks in The NFL?
  9. "NFL Star-Power" is needed in The Super Bowl..Rodgers was hurt by a Viking.
  10. Name the Vikings D-Line. They have no much beter players than most. Zimmer's scheme.
  11. Point-Shaving! Season long scam lololol