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  1. Sewell is my thought... Move one of the OTs to Guard. Hope to give Ryan more time...Maybe you have Orlando Pace. They have to be able to run the ball - without Shanahan. Draft Sewell for O-Line, or Parsons as an Edge. If not, trade-down for picks and Azeez. Sewell or a pass rusher. No change. Substance over flash.
  2. They don't have a monster anywhere.. It is a bad draft for immediate impact on defense.
  3. He was cheaper than Matt. No NFC team are defeating The Buccaneers next season either. Sad. Stuff works out for Brady, and not for Matt. Bucs' picks and signings on Defense did not "bust". Schemes are great. Brees will probable return to The Saints too. It is going to take awhile now
  4. They will trade-downs. Edge rusher is a must. They will sign a young veteran to back-up QB, and compete with Ryan.
  5. McKay knows Hackett. They are waiting on him. This O-Line fits more of the Shanahan/LaFluer Zone-block. Ryan and The Offense .would be familiar with it. If they are keeping Ryan, the choice will be Hackett.
  6. #3 will be traded, or The Falcons select OT Sewell from Oregon. Much thanks to Matthews. Maybe Sewell plays RT, but Sewell is a major investment. Hire a "Shanahan-ite" to re-install the "2016 offense", and The Falcons will be near the top in rushing. DE mush be addressed with the 2nd pick though.
  7. He is not being traded. Broncos won a Super Bowl with Peyton not scoring much. The top two QBs will be gone after The #2 selection is made. The new GM needs to bring back The Shanahan offense through an assistant if his or someone who was on his staff here in 2016. No more "Dead Salary Cap Money". Get the new QB later..
  8. Falcons won't have Matt looking over his shoulder for a rookie QB (even if they acquire the #1 overall pick). I doubt that they find a taker for him in a trade. 49er fans seem interested, but they are not Shanahan and their GM. Falcons need a DE and they have not much salary cap money to spend in "COVID Era" Free Agency. It is time to draft one. The best one possible in this draft. Defense! Teams have won Super Bowls with the best defenses and offensive lines--without electrifying offenses.
  9. With Jarrett at DT, no way a new staff should be 3-4. Parsons can rush the passer from Edge OLB, but it would be too much to ask of his body to go against 330 lbs. OTs like the previous save wanted from Vic Beasley. Get Surtain, or a true DE to add pass-rush like Rousseau Paye. No trade-downs because this pick must not be a "project". "Immediate impact-player"
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