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  1. The Falcons draft well at RB. They have kept the zone-block scheme to some measure. I do not see this regime signing a veteran with salary or pending free-agency unless there is an emergency at the position during the upcoming season..
  2. He applied pressure in limited snaps. The organization seems to be rewarding anyone who is bringing pass rush (even as a back-up).
  3. Signing "Means" TD Quin may be drafting a rookie DE at #14, or the 2nd round. He's experienced depth that can play more snaps early in the season in case the rookie or Takk struggles. Especially, if Irvin is signed too.
  4. 100 Million "NFL Insiders" with websites on Twitter.
  5. These Patriots would never "load-up picks to trade for one player to make a run" (because they win Superbowls with no other Hall of Famers but Brady). Falcons are thin at WR. Julio will get an extension. A trade-down with The Raiders is more likely.
  6. Offense will be addressed in Free Agency. Defense in the draft (mostly with an OL to groom but not count-on early). Quinn is his won DC now. He is a teacher of the Defensive Line. Two things at #14 (Quinn is preparing to teach more youngsters on the D-Line (or) draft secondary at #14 an area that he cannot teach.)
  7. They'll be OK. Arthur will "Ring of Honor" him soon..
  8. Meaning? If "Greedy" Wiliams is within striking-distance during the draft.. They're probably moving-up to get him. The goal. Some fans here want Trufant gone too. He won't be released now, but if The Falcons secondary/defense does not improve against te pass, or reach the Super Bowl in 2019, you could see a tandem of Williams and Oliver at CB in 2020. Of course, Greedy Williams will not fall in this draft to The Falcons.
  9. Draft another mid-to-late. No gaurrantees there. Broncos found a Pro Bowl RB as a NCAA Free Agent. I do no expect that to happen again for a while. The Falcons were down to Brian Williams during a game late in the 2018 season.
  10. Beasley isn't 6'5", and not known for abnormaly long arms, violent hands and strength. As least Oliver has violent hands/strike or push. I would suggest thinking outside of the box to fix this problem. Oliver has "rage-motor", and he wants to dominate. Falcons tried speed. I have to stop the run with strength. Plus, Oliver would be replacing McKinley at LDE, and a trimmed-down McKinley would be moving to RDE most of the 1st and 2nd donwn plays. 3rd downs/Passing downs? Irvin is RDE. Was not Reggie White a big 280lbs. LDE? I will have Oliver at 265 lbs. If not Oliver at #14, Brian Banks is 6'5" with long arms.
  11. Gurley broke Patriots SS Chung's arm. That does not mean he's not hurt, but maybe he cannot cut. Rams run Shanahan's scheme (with some of his former assistants) - complete with outside passes to Gurley like Coleman here in 2016. Patriots knew that.
  12. #14 DT Ed Oliver: If The Falcons blame and release DE Vic Bealsey for a lack of pressure, and motor, they sure as $#@% better have the "answer" for cheaper. Grady Jarret ain't enough. They will re-sign him, but I need pressure now. I cannot address a #14 on a RT either. Here is my D-Line for Dan Quinn: (I would move Ed Oliver to LDE, and move McKinley to RDE - to add size againnst the run). LDE - Ed Oliver (R) NT - Senat UT - Jarret RDE - McKinley I will have DE Bruce Irvin (re-signed) Irvin and a lower drafted rookie DE for speed rushers on 3rd downs and late in games. Quinn's 3-Down Lineman package that some hate here: DE: Irvin, rookie DE, Crawford, Campbell - rush the edges in rotation late in games without being drained. DT: Oliver, Jarrett and Senat rotate, and play some DE as well I would tell TD to sign a OG and a OT from Tampa that knows his scheme. We don't have time now for a Rookie learning-curve, or a bust there. Besides, I doubt that the Williams, or Little will be available by #13. Some team out of this list who pick ahead of The Falcons must address LT and OL earlier for young QBs: (The Bills, Jets, Giants, Dolphins, and Bengals). Also: Oliver can play LDE most snaps at a better weight for him to succeed = 265-275 lbs (like Reggie White). McKinley can play at a lower weight, and increase his speed = at 260 lbs. How this helps the LBs? Strength on the edges against the run, reverses, and sweeps.. Depth.
  13. Patriots. Tom will not be pressured by the greatest DT tandem in NFL History. He changes his mind, and retires here. He denies this may be his last game - just to not be a distraction. He won't hold-on for a 7th Championship - because The AFC and NFC are becoming tougher. Rams miss Kupp in the slot, and Gurley may be hurt. They throw upfield, and rely on the deep passing game after play-action. Patriots double Cooks the whole game. Patriots draft a QB.
  14. I agree. QBs are not holding the ball as long as the past. Look at the footage. The other QBs are running already. They are throwing the ball at the feet of RBs to avoid sacks.