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  1. Local media are making him the scapegoat--instead of someone else..
  2. They take naps in the second half.Allowing opposing teams to come-back in games.
  3. He needs to keep trying after he does well in the 1st half. It keeps happening. Field goals and INTs increase in the second half. Field goals winning games. Opposing Teams make miracle comebacks because someone is settling for less. Is it Quinn, Mike Smith, or Shanahan and Sark?
  4. Falcons disappear in big moments in the past. Some are arrested. Just an awful history. That Superbowl loss murdered any chance of a rabid sell-out fanbase. Vick's run did hurt too. Mis-fortune too. Transients here in the city mock the locals for this history, so they do not attend. Tranients and Migrants love their home-town teams. They are here to blood-suck this town for what it is worth, and raise their children in a better tate than their home-town. I heard a local guy in the bar today. He says, "I love College ball more". International immigrants here? Soccer fans forever. It would take a Patriot-like star QB, and long run of success with about 3-4 Superbowls to have that here. Not happening until they demand a new dome in 25 years.
  5. I want to see un-edited film of Beasley. He's small, so others should get oportunities if he is being held and chipped. I've seen him held. Ask someone
  6. He is so quick, they refs are caling him for of-sides, and not calling oposing OTs for holding. He would kill these "Billion Dollar Babied QBs". if they did not. That said, he will not be here long. This regime does not know how to use him, or teach him Maybe, he's making others better because he takes the focus, and Takk can take-on an opposing ROT. More than likely, The Falcons will draft the best CB in the next draft. Maybe, Gus Bradley is the defensive Coordinator of this scheme
  7. The Falcons have a "Visiting Team Advantage"! Maybe, a big score, and long TD? And no INT return for a Touchdown? All of that talent. They deserve the "Fair Weather" "Let-Down City" That Super Bowl destroyed any home of a rabid fanbase. They play not to lose games like these. Maybe, everybody is thinking about golfing in this local "Fair weather".
  8. Matt Byrant is maybe the only possible Falcon Hall of Famer of the last 20 seasons. Dunn may be inducted as a Buc Gonzalez as a Chief. You look at The Braves Hall of Fame Roundtable Show. There are 5. The Braves may have 3 future HOFers on their current roster.
  9. You still need an Earl Thomas type of FS to make this defense work. A new Offensive Line, Offensive-Coordinator, and Gus Bradley as Defensive Coordinator if possible. This defense was terrible, and the this O-Line had little strength (sbove scheme) in 2016. I think The Falcons will draft the best CB in the top of the 1st round in the Spring. Maybe another LSU CB.
  10. Ryan cannot, or will not throw "over the top " of defenders. Julio can still burn both DBs who shadoiw him constantly. Ask for video from above the Benz dome. Ask any radio show or Television analyst for the video from above his routes and their plays. Sometimes, I do not trust the lcoal and national media without proof. Julio may end-up breaking records for The Patriots at 34. You will need a coordinator like Shanahan to create "slants and slip-screens" (like the ones against The Panthers and Packers in 2016). The O-line was only missing Chris Chester. Maybe, the O-Line is done.
  11. He sits on a lead, and realy does not have the heart to just run-up the score. It's a "Dial-it-down to Play-it-safe and walk-out of here witha lead Conservative approach. I doubt he acts that way with a Head Coach of Offensive Coordinator who does not agree with that mentality. Sean Peyton will not stop scoring and innovating, and he will not stop ever. He loves it- above the pay. I respect that about him. It will take that kind of head coach and or/offensive coordinator here, but it may be too late.
  12. Trade him with a pick to The Denver Broncos for DE Chubb. Chubb is not a a 3-4 OLB, He's a 4-3 DE Beasley is not a a 4-3 Under RDE. Chubb and Takk.
  13. Ryan and this staff play soft in the second half. (as if they stil have a top 10 defense). They relax. It is a mentality even with both Sanu and Ridley. They have so much talent on Offense, and depth. This should not happen.
  14. This scheme needs a Hall of Fame FS with 4.3 speed (minus the middle finger). Even before the injuries They gave-up too many yards to mediocre QBs. Brady was terrible in the first half of the Super Bowl. Then, he torched them. What can I say? Metro Atlanta will have to wait unitl this era is done.
  15. Draft UGA'S coaching staff and scouting department.