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  1. Quinn will probably select a big, physical CB at #26.
  2. Eagle played like they should not have been favored. They've been knocking on the door of a Superbowl forever. Reid laid the foundation. They were not some miracle... and Foles should've been retained as itheir franchise QB a long time ago
  3. Outdoor games in Winter still hurt all offenses. The ballplayers do not seem to dommuch outdoors
  4. He had one of the best running offenses of all time..... ...and chose not to...to lose a Superbowl The Patriots were vunerable to the run. Yet, he continued calling short dinky, non-threatening, passing plays---while leaving The Falcon defense tired and on the field too long for The Patriots comeback. Losing the Supetbowl hurt PSL sales, and a legacy. A lot of money was lost. It could be the peak of Quinn's, TD's Ryan's, and Blank's legacies here. Losing a tablet with the game-plan as well.
  5. Ryan = only chance to win the Trophy in that dome.
  6. If Ryan wants to do something special here....
  7. 49ers GM John Lynch and The 49ers ownership.....wow....just wow. Maybe, his O-Line won't receive any penalties either, and he is the next great-one
  8. I know it hurts, but the chances of The Falcons improving the o-line, WRs and TE before next years Super Bowl are very unlikely.
  9. Simian can run, and Schaub has a nice arm. If I can trade both Ryan and Julio for 1st round picks? They seem not to make the big pass and catches--in big moments like Jeffery and Foles.. I like them both, but if..I can get 2 1st round picks while.this defense is young? I"d have to listen to those calls---at least.
  10. Maybe Quin should just forget about his favorite scheme, and play more of a 3-4. Beasley will gain weight/muscle-mas in his maturity now though. I think that is why they are moving-him back to DE fultime.
  11. That is because "Quinning" choose to give him snaps at OLB.
  12. No. They're just too good to lose to The Falcons. Can't flag them there..? lol
  13. Sarks fault. lolol. WRs are not focused on their craft, or are afraid of being popped.
  14. They will probably announce Ryan's new deal Monday morning..