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  1. Send him to Shanahan O-Line needs overhaul. So, no need to keep Ryan, Julio, Ridley, Gurley, or the Tight-End.
  2. I still love my Georgia teams... I knew what was going to happen after 2-0, and 28-3. It is entertainment at best. It is a "good product on the field". No longer angry. Can't waste more time on it. Enjoy life.
  3. He is going to leave anyway. Maybe, to The 49ers. He would have a lame-duck 1st season with a new head coach. His next realistic chance at a Super Bowl (Victory this time) = 2022? I think his deal is done after that season. Falcons will need 2 new Safeties back there, and maybe another CB. Takk? Where is he next season? They will be trading-away players at the Trade Deadline soon. It won't be him, but the roster will be further depleted of dependable veterans. Fowler? One of the LBs. Gurley? The new TE? Upheaval in the Front Office possibly? (Personally, I do not belie
  4. Ryan is going to still be here. Probably much like Rodgers and the Packers' rookie QB. Either that, or The Falcons are going to making redundant picks at OT and DE. If The Falcons select to OT from Oregon for Matt, then they will have "dead money" from releasing Jake Matthews..Just less of it. They will have to hire a Shananan assistant to be HC for Ryan to succeed here. Their O-Line cannot run the ball without Shanahan. They cannot pas-protect to give Ryan the chance to perfect his deep throws-without Shanahan's scheme. They cannot "Take-it-easy" with a lead and settle for
  5. Unfortunately, with these injuries, the Falcons will have that pick. I wish no misfortune just to get that pick. I knew other organizations were trading players away just to "tank" for Trevor. I knew, a team that people did not expect, would actually have a good chance at that pick. Even if The Falcons end-up with the #3, they should trade-up to #1. There are no Chase Young level defenders in The 2021 NFL Draft.
  6. I keep Julio, Ridley and Gage for Trevor next season. With these injuries on defense, the Falcons will have the #1 or #2. There are no NCAA prospects who are comparable to Chase Young's in the 2021 NFL Draft. Need some excitement while the defense is being re-built. I like Matt, but Falcons won't have much of a choice.
  7. Move the team, and use the Dome for Soccer only or a Quarantine facility.
  8. Too many injuries on defense. Falcons offense stalled, and let this defense down. On to the offseason moves!
  9. Goodell: With the #1 pick in The 2021 NFL Draft, The Atlanta Falcons select Trevor Lawrence, QB from Clemson.
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