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  1. Falcons were thin at CB. TD addressed most other needs with proven commodities in Free Agency. Terrell has been ranked this high and in the 2020 draft and to The Falcons. TD was not going to able to pay a lot of $ for a CB. Falcons defense is better with Kazee at FS. Quinn can keep him there, and move Neal to Nickel OLB/SS hybrid and hat Simmons could have been. T.D. and Quinn may be Executives of 2020
  2. Trade for DE Montez Sweat trom The Redskins for much less. Morebthan likely, they will be keeping Young.
  3. He looks like he can anchor vs. The run.. I like Boise State DE Weaver better though..He does one thing well, but that one thing is outside pressure. Weaver looks like a terror. He has "get-off", but does not "the body"....er He is not in the SEC, but if he was on an SEC team, He would have more sacks and pressures.
  4. A guy named Andrew Luck retired Houston was on Luck's time-table for a Superbowl run. Ryan's time-table is now.
  5. Falcons, TD, and Quinn need a DE. A well-scouted 1st-rounder or an impact vet (I feel that is a trade of a lower pick for Justin Houston from The Colts who signed him to make a Super Bowl run for their retired QB) They need a sure DE, and some interchangeable undee-sized piece of a 2-down OLB who is blasted against the run. If it is a rookie, he has to be selected at #15-16, and prepared to start immediately
  6. Trade for DE Justin Houston from The Colts and draft a DE I. The 2nd+4th. L.S.U. had the lead early against more teams. He could have a St benifited from large leads, and being in under-sized and faster in the NCAA. or is Beasley not the problem as most say locally? Falcon need a real DE was can toss a "refrigerator of an O-Lineman" during Quinn's stunts, and recognize and diagnose offensive plays pre-snap. The new RE has to be able to "anchor" against the run. This regime does not have time to swing and miss on a starting DE Just trade for Justin Houston.
  7. "Sleepers" from smaller NCAA school maye help - if the local Falcon "nation" were fully is support of TD and Quinn. The RB and hat they draft must warrant the starting job is immediately after the draft. If their jobs are on in danger, why should they looking to unheralded players like these? Both need to draft or trade for instant pay impact (Swift or Taylor are the only ones that hat I fell that start) QB? They only carry two/season on the Falcon. Again there is not the me to develop a QB right now.
  8. To: Falcons RB Saquan Barkley To: Giants #16 Pick it up n 2020 NFL Draft. TD and Quinn have some heat on them 1 Season to prove somerhing. It has s too late for this semester defense to carry The Falcons durrying Quinn's tenure. A dominant offense is a quicker fix. Teams are still doubling Juliio. Barkley will make them pay
  9. This regime has little time for drafting Safeties in the 1st round. They really have a lot of pressure. These picks have to put them over the top next season. With Allen, Kazee, and Neal returning under contract, the positions of Safety are crowded already. Delpit is more of a SS.
  10. Falcons may trade-up for a second 1st Rounder for the RB they want. They "need to hit a home run" there. Dirk tends to stick with the established and experienced RBforbmost of the snaps. Whoever that will be, he will start.
  11. Fix D-Line and secondary first. No more quasi-DEs and DE/DT tweeners.. I can believe that this staff may see a Bruce Irvin comparison, but Irvin had 2 great Pass-rushing DEs in Seattle.
  12. I agree to this extent. There is no NFL Free Agent who can help. Thanks for there was one, The Falcons have a o re-sign Hooper. Beasley is gone..probably. McKinley, and the rest of The Falcons defense may not improve until there is a scheme change there Too much pressure in one season. One off-season! This regime cannot do "business as usual" This regime havedrafted well on the O-Line and Secondary recently, but they have to "ace" this draft and off-season Then, they have to start-fast next season That is a lot of pressure
  13. Kubiak runs Shanahan's scheme in which Ryan was MVP.
  14. Kinlaw: I am beginning to agree with this pick. The Falcons are less like likely to find a dominant DE who they will start immediately.. Kinlaw harrassed UGA's vaunted NFL O-Line Factory... Pressure inside. Help MLB Jones
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