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  1. Do not $#@& your big opportunity. Do not lose your big break for anyone or anything. Do press a woman to a wall to make her listen to you in an argument.
  2. Intimidation. Talent needed at CB though... Falcons DK's WR screen never generated love ng TDs here before (maybe in Tampa). That last one was quickly as possible executed. That changed some coverages now.
  3. I knew some of this...Crazy to hire a different scheme without trading Freeman. They don't play starters in the preseason to know early. Whole staff careers are at stake here...
  4. Dirk hardly rotates 2 RBs.. Remember people here wanted Dirk and Coach Smith to sit Steven Jackson for (more of) Freeman and other backs then...2014.
  5. Do not under-estimate Payton and Bridgewater.
  6. Offensive Guards. That position should be settled now, and they are big. They should run more, and Freeman and Smith should be difficult to see. Linstrom was better at pass-blocking though..They should call runs more in not-so-obvious situations. And Dirk is not Shanahan. Not a run game guru or run dominant OC. Freeman was rookie under Dirk. Some familiarity should be there.
  7. That was a very-good play-calling by Dirk and Ryan though..
  8. It is getting more opportunities every week. Ito is smaller smaller blocker though..
  9. Basically.
  10. Added bulk hurts quickness. Quickness is Freeman's best asset (not a RB lowering his head, and plowing and hrough would-be tacklers. The NFL does not seem to want that from RBs anymore.) Team should have a training plan that fits what suits the players skills. I am sure that he worked his butt off, but maybe bulked-up too much.
  11. Stubborn Coaching It never works... Division is on reach, but no hope for this season.
  12. He's played well tonight....He's been double-teamed by 2linemen Red-Zone this game... He played better than Ryan.