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  1. It's not exactly the same as the Farve situation. Brett would wait until training camp was over b4 he decided to comeback or not. The offseason just started two weeks ago.
  2. church PPl on this board need to understand that Ray Edwards wanted out of his contract. He didn't want to be here. Nobody is saying he was a great DE. He was a good one that didn't give 100%. He got his guaranteed money and said Fvk it. There is a lot of things that went on behind the scenes that he didn't agree with. He was unhappy and wanted to leave.
  3. I try not to think about it. With that being said, I don't think Julio would ask for a Megatron type of contract. Even if he does, he won't get it. TD won't give that much money to one person not named Matt. TD will offer him a little bit more than what Roddy is getting now.
  4. Chris Hope John Abraham Harry Douglas Stephan Nicholas(may not start) Will all still be on the roster. TD will sign another MLB for the vet minimum before he drafts one. They just drafted Akeem Dent and won't spend another pick on that position so soon. TD doesn't like to give up on his picks. Him a veteran will be competing for the starting job like last offseason before Tatupu got injured. Snelling will not be starting next season.
  5. Honestly, it's a weakness but it's not a huge concern. With the changes in the placement of the kickoffs, it's not too many huge kickoff returns throughout the league. Just focus on the defense, RG, RB, and TE position. If we don't get a special teams returner, oh well. It didn't prevent this team from making the superbowl. Horrible 2nd half performances by the offense and defense in the playoffs did.
  6. But why would they do that when restaurants and hotels are already built downtown? The city is set up for those businesses to profit year-round. Not just during football season. Why would they make all of these small businesses(mostly foreigners) shut down so they can build hotels and restaurants that would only thrive during the football season. People aren't going to pay $100-$200 a night to stay in a hotel room in Doraville during July. There is nothing in Doraville but Amigos and gas stations.
  7. I stay in Gwinnett County. There is no hotels in Doraville, no restaurants, no tourists acttraction and a flat out $hlt hole. You think traffic is bad in Atlanta. Try sitting in hwy 285/85 traffic for an hour. It would be too much that would need to be done to have the Dome in Doraville. Doraville police department are some dip$hlts. PPl would stop going to the games just because of the police.
  8. I just don't see any team giving him more than 5 million a year. Like you said, he's pushing 30. He did just have a career season and still didn't get picked up by Miami. It is what it is though. I hope the best for him. He's not a Falcon so I won't put much into this.
  9. Pretty much That plus guarenteed money and bonus incentives that would motivate him to have another 1,000 yard season. He knows he's talented but he also knows that he just came off of an injury and he's playing a position that isnt as appreciated as it used to be.
  10. Miami had Bush on a 2 year, almost 10 million dollar contract. That's not as much as I thought he was getting. I think him and TD can work something out. Turner is getting just under 6 million a year. I'd say put him on a contract similar to the one he had with Miami but slightly a little less with bonus incentives. About 3.5 to 4 million a year and 3.5 million guarenteed. I'm no GM though. Bush could fit this system well. He's everything that TD was looking for when he drafted Quizz and he can run between the tackles if needed to.
  11. Pretty much sums it up. Any rookie RB would be fine with a decent O-line.
  12. I agree but I do believe that the defense is just as important and both aspects of the game has to be vastly improved.
  13. I don't see him being cut or traded this season. The Falcons have been looking for a pass-rusher for 4 years. I do believe they'll have a lot more emphasis than ever before to find his replacement and once we do find that guy, Abe will be let go next season.
  14. He wants too much money. He's alright but he's not that nice.
  15. I don't think he's the best but I do feel that he's solid. There is not 10 Strong Safeties in the league that's better than him. He can easily go to 22-28 other teams in the NFL and be a starter. Pro Bowl Safety by the way. He was a fill in but he was still there. They could have picked 28 other strong safeties to be in Hawaii but they chose him. Obviously other ppl appreciate his abilities. So Willy Mo, Thank you thank you thank, you're far too find.
  16. Yea, music doesn't have any type of edge anymore. Too pop in my opinion. There used to be a balance. Now it's just all "happy and bubbly" music in all genres.
  17. The live band at the inaguration asked Beyonce to lip sync because they didn't have enough time to practice with her before the event. The sound checks were off and would not have sound right. The White House added the band to the event at the last minute. I'm not trying to defend her or nothing. I just think that the truth should be said. She's taking a lot of unnecessary criticism for that. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/beyonce-lip-synced-inauguration-official-414994 I'm still Hulk smashing regardless The Camel won
  18. I'm really not a fan of Beyonce's music. I never seen her look as bad as she did on that pic you posted though. She's fine as he!! IMO. I didn't watch the halftime show. I can't do 15/20 minutes of "All My Ladies" "Survivor" etc. etc. I went outside and smoked a square. I do like looking at that @zz though. The Camel won
  19. You know I joined this message board at the start of this season. When Grimes got injured, my first ever thread created said, it may be a good thing that Grimes got injured so we can see if we have someone on the bench that can step up. I got shi++ed on by about 98% of the message board. They thought I was happy about Grimes being injured. That wasn't the case. 2 weeks later Robert McClain emerged. That's was the purpose of my thread. Right now we're not shi++ing bricks hoping that we get Grimes back because we have McClain on a 2 year, 1 million dollar contract.
  20. I said it Palmer on blocking situations and Coffman on passing downs. Tony G wasn't that great of a blocking TE when he first came into the league. That's something he improved on as time went along. With the right training from Pat Hill, Coffman can become that consistant TE that we need. I still say we draft a TE but it's no guarentee that he'll be ready his rookie year. Let him develop on the practice squad and give Coffman a real opportunity. With his injuries, I don't think he's had a real shot since he was drafted.
  21. I wasn't on this board then but I wanted McFadden. I'm from Arkansas and a diehard razorbacks' fan. I thought Ryan was an okay QB but not franchise worthy, just a filler until the right one came along. With McFadden's injuries and Ryan's 5 str8 winning seasons, I was wrong. I still think McFadden is a great player, he just can't stay healthy.
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