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  1. yes he had something to do with it but i think 3 elite targets help a qb more than a qb helps 3 elite targets. unless you think we traded 5 picks to get julio so ryan could make him better.
  2. this year its the defense. last year it was the oline. the year before was the receiving corps. when do we come to grips with where the problem lies? the team you guys want for ryan doesnt exist. we cant have pro bowlers at every spot. the type of talent at each position you guys keep pining for would make any qb successful. you already have an elite receiver corps, definitely better than any other team. you already have a top 5 defense. money kicker. more than adequate oline. at what point do u say this kid needs too much help?
  3. we had the 5 th ranked defense. its our offensive firepower outside of matty slush that makes us good.
  4. IF u wanna play the IF game we shouldnt have even been playing this week. IF carroll doesnt ice the kicker matty melt is a 4 time one and done loser
  5. yes he played well enough to win for 2 qtrs problem is we play 4. he did NOT play well inough in the second half. he buckled like a choke artist. if his name was romo or joey ice flacco youd be tearing him down for choking. ryanettes have pretty a low bar for ryan which is understandable considering how terribly incompetent hes been in prior playoff games.
  6. was matt ryans play in the 4th qtr what you would consider enough to win?
  7. if you think ryan did enough and is free from blame im going to assume youre trolling for the sake of stirring trouble.
  8. hey the only reason we were even playing is pete carroll trying to ice our kicker. so lets talk about ifs.
  9. since im not a big barkley fan i think okafor would be a good pick at 30. we can get a qb in next years draft. this is the weakest class since 08.
  10. 400 yds and 3 tds is great until you look at the 4 th qtr statline when the game was on the line. matty wasnt ice he was ***.
  11. youll never win with theze guys. delusional.
  12. was pete carrolls timeout a cosmic stroke of luck?
  13. yea you were thinking kaepernick and joey "ice" flacco. its ok we all make mistakes.
  14. the problem is we spend so much on matty ***** toys and crutches.
  15. this is hilarious considering pete carroll handed us a win the week before and essentially saved matty melts job.
  16. its hard to win when your qb cant generate a single second half score. brady will be replaced by mallet sooner than later.
  17. 8 years? td you suck. how bout we dont go bargain hunting dumpster diving for once and get some actual talent on that line? stop trying to be a genius and just do your **** job.
  18. ryan is ice. how dare you blame that fumble on him. i bet you think he threw that pick too huh
  19. the ignore feature is something that you have to lack testicular fortitude in order to use. then to brag about it takes a rather large level of estrogen flowing through your body.
  20. has joey ice signed an extension with bmore yet? if not i think it would be wise to look at a proven playoff winner.
  21. thats nice and all if you have someone who knows how to draft. tommy boy sucks at drafting.
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