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  1. Training camp is going to be fun this year.I can't wait!!!
  2. STONE MOUNTAIN,GEORGIA all the way still here at the Rock baby. Season Ticket Holder 4yrs straight
  3. My wife and I were having a discussion about this in Jan. The fact we may get priced out of the game day experience we have been STH since 08 an we love downtown on gameday we are a little worried so we are creating a BIRDS NEST for sundays games just bought my 50" HDTV in case our days are numbered going to the games. I'm Just Saying!!!!GO FALCONS
  4. I am happy he got his money in the AFC as well. I would have been pissed if he had gone to the Bucs.
  5. Hey you know what was going to happen the minute they found out where he went, once again they got egged so dont hate them laugh at them thats what I do.
  6. Last year when TD got samuels for peanuts he was considered a genius now all of a sudden after a few cuts he is an idiot. Y'all should know by now TD has a plan. I will hold judgement until i see what it is.
  7. I like it and it should be around for along time.when we Win a superbowl it will be synonymous with Falcons. Rise Up!!!!
  8. What's the best BBQ spot to go to in the Atl? I hear dreamland is good any suggestions?
  9. I had to work last night so I didn't see the game but if you do believe karma then "whoop there it is" LMAO
  10. Who you guys will be looking at and why since I am not a fan of college football.
  11. I am down with Matt Ryan like Four Flat Tires on a monster truck that my QB some of y'all are a bunch of lil b#itches when Matt don't come through with a win I really don't like bandwagoning groupies or you lame a$$ trolls all y'all can suck mike cox!!!! Okay I feel better.RISE UP MUTHERF@#ERS.
  12. 1980 all over again. You have to be strong to be a FALCONS FAN it's not for the weak at heart keep your head up Falcons Nation.
  13. I say keep it until we reach our destiny anrhoist that Lombardi Trophy and it's cool to say kinda like roll tide.
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