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  1. yeah its not bad ,but as with most s.king adaptations the book is way better.
  2. agree to disagree, j.jones would be ahead of hernandez, so ryan of course would be. Hernandez wasnt even the best te on his own team.
  3. 1.calvin johnson 2.a.peterson 3.a.rodgers 4.jj.watt 5.flacco 6.manning 7.j.jones 8.aj green 9.brady 10.ryan
  4. Recently watched this on Netflix and found it riveting. I know most of you are from the atlanta area maybe you have more insight into Snow. I found him to be very captivating ,capturing realism exceptionally well.
  5. I live in Berlin, GA not sure if you know where that is lol.....................been a falcons fan entire life
  6. oh because everybody knows height in the redzone =touchdown! derr!
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