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  1. I'm a Cowboys FAN. I don't claim to hate the Cowboys. You don't see me talking about the Eagles every day do you?
  2. JB doesn't go a day without mentioning him...just saying...
  3. I do like that there's a NFC East subforum there.
  4. If you all want to hang with those morons that is your right. That is a headache I don't need. Nothing could make me deal with Serge again.
  5. Serge joined rivalscentral.net...all the "good internet crew" did. Screw that.
  6. Said "no one ever"...clever...
  7. I'm not involved in the "us vs them". I'm just a poster on two message boards.
  8. 5 of the first 25 threads on rivalscentral.net is about this board. BTW JB has a huge hardon for WFW it would seem. Can't keep his name out of his posts.
  9. I just want to be able to talk football and that not be the focal point of every discussion I post in.
  10. Just one year I'd like for this board to be more about football than drama...
  11. This is what I've been thinking...half of the posters over there I either have blocked over here or have blocked in the past over here. Most of them are more interested in personal attacks than football talk.So why did I follow them...
  12. As of right now.
  13. The berating of this board (and the posters that were left) over at the new board suggest differently. I'm not saying you in particular but some posters. I'm just hoping those that feel that way will stay over there. No need to jump back and forth causing unnecessary drama.I like some things about both. Like the other board is much more mobile friendly than this one. However it takes forever to load on my phone.
  14. Being a part of multiple boards is one thing. Leaving a board and creating another out of frustration with the other board is another. If you felt the need to create a whole new board out of hatred for the previous board, then why continue to visit the previous board?