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  1. You tagged me to watch a 4 hour video? Aint nobody got time for that. Im just here to show JB what kind of hypocrite he is, lol.
  2. In the name of the Father (Jerry Jones), the Son (Stephen Jones), and the Holy Ginger (Jason Garrett).
  3. Gregory was hurt last year, but I'm more concerned with his decision making.
  4. Sigh...you called me out, got shown your ignorance, my job is done here...
  5. Show me where I even inferred Gregory is bound for the HOF. Unless you think Beasley would have started over Greg Hardy then you have no argument. Once again you are babbling about a player without knowing the facts behind their stay line. You just look at the stats and assume they tell all. You are as ignorant as they come. You barely even know what is going on with your own team. As for blaming me calling you out on another board...God, you can not be this dense. Oh, right, it is you. You really should get over this "us vs them" victim mentality. I belong to no one. I am my own person.
  6. I really should not even respond to this. However, I am. You are still the same ignorant old man you always were. There is a reason this place is a ghost town. Gregory missed 4 games because of a sprained ankle and was on a "pitch count" for the rest of the year. He was a rotational player on top of that. When are you going to get your head out of your ***? Randy Gregory played 208 snaps last year, an average of 17 snaps a game. Vic Beasley played 539 snaps last year, an average of 33 snaps a game. Gregory had 11 tackles and 0 sacks. Beasley had 26 tackles an
  7. From what I hear Jackson was picked up for his ability to pass protect.
  8. Actually Odom is the HC, I don't know why 92.9 said Bobo is.
  9. I'm worried Eason could go to Miami.
  10. Richt won't last long at Miami. He won't look the other way when boosters pay recruits.
  11. Mike Bobo is Mizzou's new coach.
  12. Hines Ward wants to join Smart's staff.
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