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  1. He got drunk celebrating he'll be ok. Probably just a hellava hangover.
  2. Everybody on the team seems to have gotten bigger. Even Free looks bigger.
  3. Here's mine, im bored at work don't judge. 1. Julio of course 2. Matt "fuu fukin" Ryan yeah boys he is right there under Julio as most important as well. 3.Tru has to be next in my eyes I almost never get nervous about the ball going his way. 4. Freeman at this point has provided TD a precious day 3 jewel that he can take selfies with and post them on here for years to come for his living fans. 5. I really wanna put Vic up here but he has to show it first so I'm going with a dark horse here. Robert Alford! *drops mic*.
  4. Yall were saying the same thing about free last year and look what happened. No should judge based on rookie years.
  5. Yeah I think they played him there alot. Aron Donald type of Player
  6. I am excited about the LBs this year, no matter who starts it will be a strength this year definitely against the pass. Hopefully we can still stuff the run game tho that's wat I'm hoping. I know we will have more tipped balls too this year.
  7. I think he can give is a little bit tho. I think he can make the team
  8. You guys know if we make the playoffs you not gonna be thinking well maybe we can win it next year we just gonna sit down this year. We are all gonna believe Julio, Matt and the boys are gonna beat everybody else. I don't know about you guys but I love my team and no I'm not delusional but I believe we have good enough talent to win now. And I mean this year contend for a championship because I think we make the playoffs this year and that means a chance. Plus Cam won't do what he did last year to us. Our team learned a lot last year I don't care if you believe it or not we are going to be a force trust me. We have a chance.
  9. If Spoon is healthy is he the best cover linebacker on this team. This is something that just came to me. I think he might even be. But even if he is not the best he will help a lot if he is just healthy. I feel he has been humbled a lot the past 2 hears and is hungry to take his team back. Spoon is a good player who I was sad to see go I am very happy to have him back and believe he will have a great season. He has an opportunity to prove his self.
  10. You guys are crazy. We can be in the championship next year how can you say 4 years. Julio probably won't even be the same by then. Lol we can make a push this year imo. Maybe not superbowl. I can see NFC championship tho.
  11. I think we will be a lot better than a lot of ppl think this year. D# got so much better this off season. Look out for Hageman this year too. I'm been waiting for him to break out of that shell he has.
  12. Honestly I was thinking at least 11 wins this season. So we are on track but we need to get it together
  13. I like going for it as much as we do. It's an extra down why not use it to our advantage.
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