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  1. Wish we could have kept him, it does kind of worry me though. We signed Free then he pretty much missed all season. Would have liked to keep him another year at least incase Free is a no go, but Free should EAT this year with an actual O-line.
  2. Always gotta be that one person, congratulations, its you.
  3. Why is the sky blue?
  4. I've never wanted a guy to succeed more. Hoping he can be a JJ Watt type rusher. Hoping for the best, expecting the worse.
  5. thnx 4 input
  6. Don't like trading up to 3 for Oliver, would rather Bosa, Williams, or Allen.
  7. Don't recall Ortiz making a meaningful play all year, not a run or a third down catch, can't think of **** for this feller
  8. I always like IIoka, some vet presence and going to be cheaper than berry, incase Ricardo and Keanu arent ready to go at the beginning of the season.
  9. Cardinals really about to take QB's back to back huh? Wild.
  10. I really do respect a man willing to put it his money where his mouth is. I got a feeling Dan knows if Vic hangs a stinker this season. he might be packing his bags with Vic on their way out of Atlanta. I really hope our defense transform into the potential we've all been hoping for. I do feel better with Dan at the helm of our defense.
  11. Thats all it is though. We've known for a while now that Quinn is going to be DC.
  12. Came for Saints trolling, stayed for that ***.
  13. Couldn't have happened to a better team. All the Saints fans are doing is showing the world how stupid they are. Which Falcons fans already knew about.
  14. Who cares where they trained ffs lol