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  1. Thats all it is though. We've known for a while now that Quinn is going to be DC.
  2. Came for Saints trolling, stayed for that ***.
  3. Couldn't have happened to a better team. All the Saints fans are doing is showing the world how stupid they are. Which Falcons fans already knew about.
  4. Who cares where they trained ffs lol
  5. Honestly, I dont understand why most if not all don't have these kind of people on their sidelines. Clock management is very very important, and I won't be surprised if in the next 2-3 years every coach ends up with one on their team. Just one extra thing to not have to worry about.
  6. The 3 am crew, classic. I'm still part of that IRL, not so much on here though
  7. Favre or Sean Payton?
  8. No clue, for the most part I have been a lurker for however long.I liked Tuggle, miss Gritz and Supes art, god that **** really was the best. Remember when rivals central was more entertaining and wasn't dead? I actually preferred reading that board more than this one I've heard a lot of old timers hopped ship to other forums, but those one's just don't feel like home like this place does.
  9. Stick with Koetter, I don't want to imagine the karma that would come if we somehow got out of the Koetter contract for Kubiak at this point.
  10. wahhhhhhhhh they didnt sign who I wanted. So lets all post the same **** complaining.
  11. Id rather Alex Gray blow up than Saubert. Did Gray get any play time in pre-season?
  12. this is thebiggest news of all, I've been asking him to do this! A couple less things he doesn't need to focus on during the game, and we all know his game time management is iffy.
  13. I was always a lurker, but the way Swift got the board riled up was hilarious
  14. We still need to address the big ole boy that can get those 3 and 1s or 3rd and goals. Don't think LF is that guy tho.
  15. Finally, will be able to see the Falcons being a fan in Indiana!