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  1. It comes with the life of being an Atlanta sports fan... **** or high water we still gon' be here
  2. Wow Dunta, god even back then we ripped on our corners lol
  3. Alford has been struggling. Good opportunity to see what Oliver has and the game time will help?
  4. Wow, what a recap. 10/10 would read again
  5. Wow a first for Cooper is a W for Gruden. He’s playing the ten year game I respect it
  6. May I ask why?
  7. Ryan Schraeder looks huge, if only he could use that body to block better.
  8. Didn't you know you can't give Duke any sort of props? Coverage was good, and it ended up as an interception. I know the chances are slim but I would love nothing more than for Duke to show out
  9. Yeah.. this mean Bryant isn’t coming back this year or we hoping Bryant can teach him some ****
  10. I was wondering the other day, when was the last time we have had an offensive minded head coach? With how our offense over shines our defense I just wonder what we would be like the other way.
  11. The only time I feel absolutely safe with the game on the line? When Bryant trots out for a field goal
  12. That's a whole different topic i'm not trying to have on a nfl message board, but if you believe in that stuff, so be it.
  13. help you realize that the whole rivalry thing isnt that serious to actual nfl players? Sure. Yeah, I hate the Saints, but acting like a fellow player congratulating another player about becoming the NFL passing yard leader isn't normal is weird to me.
  14. I swear I remember guys wanting him in the draft but that feels like a whileee ago