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  1. Because he forced a ball down two possessions with 40 seconds, nice dude
  2. very nice appreciate what you do, and keep it up
  3. i mean obviously if they accept that itd be straight, but thats just reaching to me, owens blows lol
  4. wtfs going on here lol, hes eating crow and showing he was wrong, let it be lol
  5. i seriously cant read anything you write without hearing LeBrons voice, and i hate it lol
  6. im jelly, i will make the trip up from indiana sometime though :|
  7. I watched the whole game, then hit rewind and watched the first quarter again...very excited to be a Falcon Fan this year
  8. oh well crap i didnt know that! lol, I bet Ovie had an evil grin on his face when he found out
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