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  1. If M. Ryan could lead his reciever on the deep throw, he would be the greatest QB of all times.
  2. Keep your head up high and never let anything get you down. The Most High makes the decision on life and death. I'm going through a lot myself, but I stay focused on the things I have control over and I keep my faith at an all times high. Let your Faith be the key for miracles do happen. My prayers goes out to you and your family, my brother please stay prayed up, for you are worthy.
  3. Grady. Baby born and raised. Never been to New Orleans or care about the Saints.. I enjoy football, real football.
  4. Brees been doing it way before Kamara and Ingram got there. And it sad that your heart is in this to the point you have to be so offensive. I'll be that idiot if it helps you sleep at night.
  5. No! Brees is not kicking butt because if running game. Brees is elite and teams game plan for him, and he still comes through when needed.
  6. No I'm a Atlanta Falcons Team. Team being the keyword, Fan 4 Life. Win or Loose.This is to nomak.
  7. Unbelievable MR Nutz hugger. It's fans like yourself, that makes people criticize MR the way they do. Face it MR is human and he has faults. Sheeze.
  8. That leading with the helmet is a momentum changer for ref's
  9. Administration is there any kind of way to retire Slappy's forum page. RIP Slappy AFMB are holding it down for you.
  10. AFMB This season is for Slappy. Rise Up.
  11. Prayers and Blessings to the Family. RIP Slappy we Love you your AFMB for Life and Beyond.
  12. I don't" post much, but am on here reading hours at a time daily. My family and I send our Prayers and we then put it in God's hand and leave it there, for He has the final say in the matter. Let's focus on now and beyond and do what we do best and that's Rise Up. We dedicate this season to you Slappywhite. Your AFMB Family Loves And Supports you to the fullest.
  13. So no one is subject to change.If Vick was your son would you forgive him, it's been how many years? Your quote shows your no better than Vick or the rest.
  14. Teams study games on Matt Ryan and game plan accordingly Stack the line shut down run game and make Matt beat you deep Take away the short routes When Matt started out teams were game planning for Turner Then once the got enough flim on Matt they slowly started figuring Him out now he fools nobody and his weaknesses are brought to light
  15. It's pure ignorance to even compare M.Ryan to P. Manning without posting the team's they faced during the 2013 - 2014 years Why can't M. Ryan put this team on his shoulders and lead us to victory D@'m stats we want wins. Take away short field and M.Ryan sucks plain and simple.
  16. Indeed. But it consists of several plays and not just wr screens and short routes
  17. What is our record since we lost M. Turner? With the WR we have why can't M. Ryan spread the field. To be good against the blitz one must be able to read defenses as well as get rid of ball quickly. People scream offensive coordinator, if Matt is as good as everyone claims, why doesn't he read defenses at the line and call for an audible does he not have that ability sure he does 100mil QB that can't read defenses and change plays at the line get real. You video game only football player. Learn the game before you call someone's post ignorant.
  18. Why should teams spread their defense out when they know that crowding the line puts fear in our QB. Matt Ryan has been figured out 8 of 10 if you crowd the line and blitz our QB usually has a bad game and also is the reason our run game sucks teams figured that out when we had M. Turner. Stop the run and let Matt Ryan beat you and chances are we loose more than we win.
  19. You cannot compare MR and SBartkowski. SB had no rules protecting him from certain hits. There was no QB protection none what so ever. Most of todays QB would not make it playing from the 1950-1990, people claim to be fans of the game.
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