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  1. If M. Ryan could lead his reciever on the deep throw, he would be the greatest QB of all times.
  2. Keep your head up high and never let anything get you down. The Most High makes the decision on life and death. I'm going through a lot myself, but I stay focused on the things I have control over and I keep my faith at an all times high. Let your Faith be the key for miracles do happen. My prayers goes out to you and your family, my brother please stay prayed up, for you are worthy.
  3. Grady. Baby born and raised. Never been to New Orleans or care about the Saints.. I enjoy football, real football.
  4. Brees been doing it way before Kamara and Ingram got there. And it sad that your heart is in this to the point you have to be so offensive. I'll be that idiot if it helps you sleep at night.
  5. No! Brees is not kicking butt because if running game. Brees is elite and teams game plan for him, and he still comes through when needed.
  6. No I'm a Atlanta Falcons Team. Team being the keyword, Fan 4 Life. Win or Loose.This is to nomak.
  7. Unbelievable MR Nutz hugger. It's fans like yourself, that makes people criticize MR the way they do. Face it MR is human and he has faults. Sheeze.
  8. That leading with the helmet is a momentum changer for ref's
  9. Administration is there any kind of way to retire Slappy's forum page. RIP Slappy AFMB are holding it down for you.
  10. AFMB This season is for Slappy. Rise Up.
  11. Prayers and Blessings to the Family. RIP Slappy we Love you your AFMB for Life and Beyond.
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