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  1. VIDEO EVIDENCE OF THE HIT IN QUESTION: Skip to 2:07 for a clear look at who hit who and when. If the NFL was really trying to suggest that news of a broken leg (that wasn't actually broken) led to a player demanding payment, then they highlighted the wrong player. I halway agree with some of the Falcons posters - this whole deal sure is a lot easier to accept if you simply take the NFL's word for it and don't ask any questions.
  2. Haha, yeah, the cardboard cutout of Dog the Bounty Hunter, of all people. By "Payton's buddy" are you referring to the dude in jail who pledged 5k in a joke email? JUst so we're clear.
  3. Shred, there might be a middle ground between what you're saying and what you're saying that we're saying. Strawman arguments might float up in TATF, but you're dealing with an educated poster now. Try harder.
  4. Your post is NOT spot-on, sadly. I never said anything about conspiracy. I have a feeling some of your followers might need this spelled out explicitly, so here goes : I don't believe the commisioner conspired against my team. I do, hoever, think his ivestigation was a rush-job, despite the whole "3 year" descriptor that has been mistakenly attached to it. If he'd have actually spent 3 years looking into this the case would have been one of two ways: 1). 100% air-tight. 2). Dismissed. This is just my opinion, but I feel that if his intent was to protect the integrity of the game and punish tho
  5. Actually, I've been banned from this site since the MNF game last year, and this is my first post on the subject. BUT SINCE YOU ASK... I don't know that he has proof. I don't even know that the Saints didn't have a bounty system in place. How can any of us know that for a fact? I do think that it's a little disturbing how quickly certain people seemed to accept it as gospel truth without any hard evidence but I guess that's just the football climate these days. The NFL may well have proof that we ran a pay for injury program in place, but if we're being 100% honest all I've seen so far was re
  6. I know most of you guys (and girls) probably don't think there's anything strange about the way the NFL handled their investigation but this thing could potentially get very ugly for the commish:
  7. You realize that tape was handed out after the investigation was conducted, right? Does Shred realize things?
  8. Jesus that only took you a lifetime to admit. Incidentally I hope this time we REALLY run the score up on you guys
  9. Kinda incredible to go from not even playing the sport to being mentioned among the cream of the crop in less than 4 years. Go on witcha baiyud self JG
  10. Strange, seeing as how much they were crying when I left. So I take it there's no hard feelings and we're good now?
  11. So this was the post that got me banned...?! Well I'm back now. Did I miss anything?
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