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  1. If this is a legitimate trade I would be up for it. What did the ones from last year look like?
  2. I have a 2011 and and a 2013 ornament but I missed out on last years. I was hoping to get one every year for my son so when he moves out he can take them all with him. Does anyone have an extra 2012 they would be willing to sell nor trade. The player does not matter to me. I did get a Worrilow this year if someone had somebody good from last year.
  3. Where are you tailgating. I'm going to the game as well. Coming up from Madison.
  4. http://www.ztraveltours.com/packers-vs-falcons-bus-trip/ if you are going up from Madison you could hop on this bus if you don't feel like driving I will be on this bus and at their tailgate. Hopefully I won't be the only Falcons fan in the group.
  5. I saw some of the bobbleheads going for 100 bucks. As much as I want them I won't pay that kind of money.
  6. Anyone heading to the Miami game from the Atlanta area that wouldn't mind picking me up whichever ones that are on sale?
  7. You could have at least followed it up with Will Smiths "Welcome to Miami" video
  8. That bad? Or is it cause ill be in Falcons gear? I've never been to Miami I have no idea what to expect.
  9. I know I will be making some noise. I'm sure I won't have a voice after the game.
  10. My g/f and I are going we are looking to meet up with some people down there. There is a couple topics in the road trip section. When are you heading down there?
  11. I'll be there section 113 row 1. Making the trip from Wisconsin anybody know any good bars around the stadium?
  12. I'd definitely purchase a couple I can't get anything like that here in Wisconsin.
  13. Can anyone with the flyer tell me how many there will be all together? My friends sister lives in Atlanta and I wanna have her pick them up for me.
  14. haven't found a bar use to have Sunday and PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL off the iPad or the ps3 but ps3 doesn't get Sunday ticket and you can no longer hook up an hdmi to an iPad the nfl blocked it. I wish there was a falcons bar in madison though. You going to the Green Bay game?
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