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  1. Gurley letting Atlanta down
  2. Lmfao Saints really gonna win the Lombardi in our house
  3. Beasley is not worth being brought back even on a reduced salary
  4. Bizarre since we want to keep with the outside ZBS
  5. Momentum doesn’t carry over to the next season, but I also don’t concern myself with draft position. What actually matters is proper evaluation of coaches, schemes, players, and prospects
  6. lol knew it
  7. Gotta evaluate the process and not the results. Sark was never good from the start, pretty clear to me
  8. Hooper blocked him from getting any more depth in his set
  9. Shanny is a god-tier OC. Ryan is a near elite QB on his own. Together they were almost unstoppable, but we’re the Falcons so of course we didn’t get more than a year of it once they were on the same page
  10. I love DQ and think we can win SB’s with him. Great talent evaluator and I think guys love playing for him
  11. Must be awesome for united fans. Hope falcons can do this one day
  12. 13/16 indoors would be ridiculous. My dream schedule. I hate football in the elements I just wanna see talent vs talent
  13. “I don’t mind Sark” lol
  14. Didn’t even notice. I’ve tuned tf out this season
  15. I’m gonna laugh so hard if we bench Schraeder for Ty
  16. To be fair looks like the top 2 pics are in the middle of the games, where the Falcons one is before the game has even started But yeah we have no home field advantage and there’s plenty of empty seats during our games. Atlanta will support a winner though. Would it be nice if we had hardcore fans all the time? Of course but it is what it is and I can’t blame a transplant city for being bandwagon fans
  17. Y’all just fired McCarthy so you have that “fresh” feel that comes with it.. much like Hue in Cleveland I’m sure plenty of GB players felt like McCarthy was holding y’all back. So you have a free spark, you’ll most likely dismantle us