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  1. I doubt it’s being shown on anything besides the channels, and if that’s the case then nflbite is your go-to. Once you’re on there looking at the different options Buffstreams at the top is typically the best, you’ll initially get two ads to exit out of and then rest of the game you’re good to go Edit: or use Adblock like athell said and you won’t have to exit out of any to start it
  2. If these games deliver what they’re capable of, could be one of the best championship weekends. I’m stoked I got a Rodgers Mahomes SB
  3. Man I only got like 2 seasons of forensic files left I’ve been taking it slow to savor the last bit lol. I saw forensic files II back when quarantine hit, was hoping it would be newer cases with newer techniques and technology but that sadly wasn’t so
  4. Yeah we really need another first round Olinemen lmfao. Especially considering we have two good tackles (3 if Gono retained) and none of them have the skill set to move inside OL are stressed in Koetter’s scheme just as much as QB
  5. Bruh I remember this dude’s kid pointing out his dad getting run over in one of the preseason games or some sh** 😂 kid had a good eye
  6. I didn’t know enough about him on draft night cuz I don’t do much college scouting whatsoever so kept my mouth quiet. But I posted after game 1 he was gonna be good (when a lot were roasting him simply because the #’s looked bad, but the characteristics he displayed were there and they were good)
  7. He didn’t commit at all but not sure we can really take anything from it. At the very least, not announcing your unwavering commitment to Ryan potentially increases value at #4 if a calling team thinks we value the QB available at 4, and thinks that they’d have to blow us away to make us accept (when our only goal may have been getting most value in a trade down all along)
  8. I like this guy. To the point but still relatable. Honest but not a d***
  9. Bro how was Quinn so bad.. the more time passes the worse his influence on the defense here looks. I mean my god, as soon as he’s gone all of a sudden we’re actually bringing Debo on occasional blitzes, Foye blitzing and rushing off the edge, a corner blitz here n there. Actually shaking it up some. And that’s just the elementary stuff I noticed, I’m sure there were other changes I’m unable to recognize Quinn stuck to the “we play our style, everyone knows what look we’re gonna give on D and that’s ok because we’ll outplay them” to an absurd degree
  10. You would be correct. It’s a myth you have to be a good running team or “establish the run” for PA to be effective. This is one where the numbers very clearly tell the story. Most announcers have not caught up to this I’m sure you’ve heard on game days That said, his notion that there remains a certain fundamental element to running in football is correct. A good run game has value. You obviously never want an ineffective running game.. it’s just that if you do have a bad one you don’t need to abandon PA whatsoever, it will still work
  11. “Michael Thomas was only four catches and 36 yards shy of his playoff career-best.” 💀
  12. We are in a much better position than we were the last time we were 4-12 (2013). At this point that year, we had Ryan, Julio, Roddy, HD, and Blalock on offense and Babs, Tru, and Alford on defense as the only players avg or + This team, using same parameters, has Ryan, Julio, Ridley, Gage, Hurst, Matthews, Lindstrom, McGary on offense and Grady, Debo, Foye, Terrell on D. While the defense only has 1 more player listed than the 2013, each one of them is significantly better than the 2013 defenders
  13. Yeah moving him or Kaleb would be very foolish. Good tackle doesn’t guarantee good guard and vice versa. Matthews skill set far better suited for tackle. I would definitely be good with trading down and taking Slater
  14. Closer we get the more I think we trade down
  15. We’re not getting Watson, but we do need to hope that the Panthers/Saints don’t get him either. Rapoport said not to overlook the Panthers in the running for Watson.. and I mention the Saints because we know the magic they can work bringing in guys and I’m sure they’d have no problem gutting their entire roster to fit in Watson and tell him the first year will be rough but after that anything is possible.. if he’d agree to it We’ve already seen our division be QB strong for most of Matt’s career, and as soon as Brees the HOFer is getting ready to hang it up in comes Brady the GOAT. Wouldn
  16. Feeling more and more confident that trade down is the way to go. Unless they see QB of the future at 4, we need contributors on rookie contracts as we move forward
  17. Gee we must be real lucky to have gotten the hottest candidate while being one of the least attractive openings Smith definitely took this job because all the others were too easy. If ESPN says we’re unattractive then by god we’re unattractive
  18. Carolina literally did this with their GM yesterday Twitter has it all if you know where to look. Our leaks are not remotely unique
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