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  1. It’s ok brother I wouldn’t expect you to identify something such as the value Sanu brings
  2. nah I’m talking since 2016, like I said in my other post it’s not as egregious as some others on the roster so I don’t rag on him much
  3. Yeah I’m not just talking about this year. Can’t do a whole lot of analysis off a single season sample
  4. The value relative to his contract. Read
  5. Sanu actually hasn’t brought the value relative to his contract, but fans love them some swagger we have other larger net negatives than him so I don’t focus on ragging him too much
  6. At least rip his head down if you’re gonna hold his face mask bro
  7. Who cares if it’s a stress relief laugh or a idgaf laugh he switched the ball to his contact arm right before the hit loool
  8. I fcking hate this team lmao
  9. I love how much fun other teams have playing us lol
  10. The Takk talk reminds me of what I was seeing about Shanny in 2015 and Beasley in 2016. The opposite of how feel. Takk is going to be a monster for us for a long time I have no doubt
  11. Beasley’s most promising season was actually his rookie year. Dude won pass rush snaps against Peters, Williams, then Tyron Smith. During the second half of 2016, even during the “breakout”, I saw what he really was I was 100% certain we would not extend the fifth year option to him. When we did, that certainty was about DQ losing his job
  12. Georgia sports are gross lol
  13. “That’s normally a mistake he doesn’t make” yeah I generally expect my NFL quarterback to be able to walk forward without falling over
  14. I love that our scoring drives always require so many plays let’s try to execute perfectly for as many plays as possible lmao
  15. Quinn’s potential firing couldn’t come at a worse time. The Falcons have invested a lot in veterans Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, who will take up nearly $54 million of cap space in 2020, $59 million in 2021 and $58.8 million in 2022. “That’s a difficult spot, guys,” La Canfora said. “They’ve got half of their cap tied up in five players who aren’t going anywhere – and not everybody likes those players as much as they do.”
  16. I have little doubt the secondary will manage to look even worse in his absence
  17. You don’t replace a mind like Kyle’s, he’s a savant that grew up around professional football, two variables that rarely come together It’s a virtual guarantee we never match the level of productivity we’d have on offense with him at the helm, the deficiencies must be made up in other ways, namely on the defensive side of the football
  18. Nah like legit tho..
  19. This was after the colts game and before the Titans game, which was even worse at -41 defensive EPA. Can only imagine what the Texans game is going to be the defense is worse than it’s ever been under Quinn. We’re gonna have a new coach next year